Is This Your Purpose?

Welcome, my Beloved Guides.  Meditations have been filled with the word…you have a message for us. You say it calls for courage.  Here we go!

We welcome the courageous hearts who meet our request.

Thank you for this outlet.  It has a participatory attitude.  This brings an opportunity for all to lift the veil and look into the mirror.  Each of you are meant to discover this message and share it with your confidantes and other beloved connections.  Such souls understand the concept of One, the connectivity woven by Love.  They too sense the transformational energy that is being released and received.

Beloved Guides, we may be imperfect, but we welcome the insights to help us prepare.

You know we are going to talk about Love.  No need for concern about repetition or whether this subject has been repeated sufficiently.  Love’s message has been shared many times on your planet.  It has yet to be fully embraced and lived to the point where it is no longer necessary to reinforce it.  Love is perpetually fresh and re-freshing.

Thank you, the concepts we share have been sanctioned by the Divine Source through your mentor, Metatron.

( A NOTE from Soul Dipper:  I’d been “told” a few times recently that my mentor was Metatron, but I needed to research this great archangel. Having done so, I am in awe.  To those who know about Metatron, I’ve been using “Enoch” as a mantra for some time after being told it is Aramaic for “I Am” – two most potent words one can use. I chose it before knowing about Metatron’s impact on the messaging.

I just read in “Angels and Miracles”, “People sometimes ask for Metatron’s help to discover their personal spiritual power and learn how to use it to bring glory to God and make the world a better place.”   That has been my underlying hope without having used those words.

With the research, I realize that I have a choice to live up to the courage with which I am being endowed.  So do you, dear reader.  I’ve long questioned what causes us to need more courage to use our power to do good work than to use it for selfish purposes.  Have you wondered this as well?)

We appreciate your studies of the Law of One.  An understanding of concepts provided in that material does enhance the provision of information.

First, please be assured that as your planet approaches 12-12-2012, the location of individual souls will have no bearing on the full benefit of receiving this evolutionary energy and understanding.  Those who wish to celebrate from specific locations on your planet will enjoy the collective energies of like-spirited souls.  However, all who desire the 5th dimensional thrust will benefit no matter the location.  The All Loving Source permeates even the smallest particle of the entire Universe.  It is not possible to overlook any being having the desire to receive and who is other-serving. 

There will be those who decide to stay outside the realm of Light.  As free will is an uppermost component in the existence of all in this incarnation, their decision will be respected.

On 12-12-2012, you are free to receive the outpouring of Divine Energy.

These events have occurred previously.  Great strides were made by the people who were subsequently drawn back into old belief systems of a negative nature.  We urge your planet to grasp this surge and allow it to move you forward.  Hang on to it, keep believing and move forward with power and potency.  Advance with confidence and feel the Divine Power.  Crawl or stride with pride, but embrace your loved ones and move forward.

In these messages, simplicity does not mean simple.  You are grasping the reins of your purpose in this incarnation.  You chose to be here now for this Divine Event.  You have been building your soul for this reason – to stand visibly and shine with Love.  Words, lectures, directions or any other form of worldly communication can catch attention.  Love will maintain it. 

You can now fully release the Love you have carried discretely in this incarnation.  You have longed for an outlet through which to give it.  There is no outlet except through you.  Let it shine from within.  You will be like a torch passing through a cave.  Your silent, reliable, Loving Light will transform the darkness.  You are Love. 

Let those be who choose to stay in the cavern of shadow and dank.  Judge them not.  They, too, are living their purpose.  They are living their chosen densities.  Hold your torch without self-righteousness. Let it radiate with Loving acceptance.

From deep within, you have known you are Love.  A vibration resonated within your soul and asked you to remember.  Thank you for your attention.  While you could not see, your soul has never forgotten. 

With our Love, sent to strengthen and encourage, we celebrate your spiritual companionship and support.  With you and the Agreements you have Lovingly created, we are able to fulfill this Divine Transformation.  Bask in the Light, Knowledge and Love of Our Divine Source and Creator.

37 thoughts on “Is This Your Purpose?

  1. Thank you from the heart for this beautiful message, Amy and Guides. It brings a tear to my eye, being so attuned with the ocean of love I felt on waking just now. I have a little question, re the third to last paragraph: “They are living their chosen densities”…or “destinies”? Either way is wisdom 🙂

    • Good morning, Naomi. You are so welcome. The word is definitely “densities”. Think “feet of clay” as opposed to being of the light. Apparently some decide to be at densities which assure them of staying at an immature level of spirituality. If this level of being wants to evolve, they need to elevate animalistic behaviours to a more universal perspective. Basically that means moving from self-serving to other-serving.

      Fifth dimension energy is about compassion and forgiveness. Remember the forgiveness focus Ainsley shared with us? And the exercise for forgiveness? In case a reader would like to know what we were taught:
      1. Visualize the person.
      2. Say, “I forgive you and I love you” three times.

      Amazingly by the third time, I actually have a degree of authenticity! 😀

  2. “Let those be who choose to stay in the cavern of shadow and dank. Judge them not. They, too, are living their purpose. They are living their chosen densities. Hold your torch without self-righteousness. Let it radiate with Loving acceptance.”~this paragraph truly speaks the message of what love is.

    • Great, Jacqueline, the Guides have been urging and reminding us to meditate all along. It is especially important now if we want to receive this energy. They’re showing me that it’s a time to be diligent about clearing the clutter and old belief systems. 🙂

  3. I like your reply to Naomi, above, Amy. My sister helps me because I don’t recognise my guides. She reminds me to send light and love to those who have poked their fingers in my ribs. She is forever asking me if my discomfort is about those I think caused it or did I, myself, bring on these feelings of negativity that I seem to want to wallow in. Because of her reminders, it becomes easier to recognise these times on my own and start sending the light and love instead of wallowing in a chasm of blame. I have a lot to learn but embrace the idea that each day creates an opportunity for me to grow in the love. I celebrate the fact that we will all be able to receive a “booster” of love in 2012.

    • You are such an example for all of us, Leslie. It’s a great achievement to be able to look at one’s own part in any altercation. It’s our split second of being humble. But with practice, it becomes easier. It’s actually freeing to be able to look at what we ourselves have to take care of instead smoldering over something the other person has done. The latter is a double wallop to our well being because we relive the issue AND have no control over it.

      I ask for that booster in each of my meditations. It’ll be grand to observe the gradual permeation of changes throughout the world and hopefully within me.

  4. Good morning Amy: I have just read this most beautiful and powerful message. Thank you for sharing. I just did the exercise and it’s made me cry. I have always said I will forgive this person. I am realizing that I need to do this more often. Maybe the tears are releasing and cleansing of the hurt, anguish, and anger that I have kept inside for far too long.. I have felt a change within me in the last several months, I feel more loving and compassionate towards everyone, even to those that have hurt myself or those that I dearly love, I know that there journey has been very rough and I find myself saying that they have been hurt and they can’t seem to find a way out of the vicious cycle they are in. Actually, I think I have been this way as long as I can remember.

    • Cindy, what an great comment. Phew! What a gift you have given yourself. You’ve taken the cup of poison and transformed it into fuel for loving. It truly is an amazingly simple and effective process that heals phenomenally. Go gently and let that tender spot grow strong.

  5. The timing is perfection. I thank your guides … and your “open willingness” to listen and hear them as yo do. I guess that second bit of thanks is really to you, encased in just so much gibberish … yup, thank you Amy.

    • Thank you, Raven. You are so astute. I have to squirm, whinge, and wiggle my way through these messages. My ego flares and I doubt. I can’t believe the patience of those offering the messages. I continuously bump into reminders about trust. For example, the date 12-12-12. Since I’m not a student of numerology, a niggle erupts: well of course that date is going to conjure attention. But a big download?

      I have to put my ego aside and say: WRITE IT ANYWAY!

  6. Today of all days…..

    Heavy hearted because I know the truth in the message.
    Too many lives lost–too vivid of a memory.
    We truly are one, children of G-d….

    Yes, I know–today of ALL days.

    I know I’ll cry again…….perhaps it will be a healing one, eh?

    • Mel, will you believe that I did not think of this preceding September 11th by ONE day?! Knowing the way the Higher Being works with us, it was likely on purpose…I would have wanted to step over it and leave it in draft. Honestly, I’m reeling from this.

    • Glad you double-dipped, Leslie. There are no rules about it whatsoever. Thank you for thinking about the post and the readers by sharing the video! I especially like the concept of going home to share more love than we have ever known before. To me that Love we sense truly is “home”. Much appreciated.

  7. Hi Amy,

    Coming from the ranks of the uninitiated, I remain somewhat confused about the ‘outpourings of energy’ and the surrounding mysticism you have alluded to in your post.I did check on the “law One” and found that intriguing. Though I have many questions on that too.

    Amy, I have a question. How can I get some background brief on this great awakening you are speaking of?



    • Shakti, I’ll give you a link to a scientist, Gregg Braden, who was the first to capture my attention after a friend read one of his books, The Divine Matrix, years ago. There are many videos, by Mr. Braden and many others, but in this one, Greg gives a good overall view of what is motivating the transformation movement. Mr. Braden’s scientific mind makes room for metaphysics: Here’s a good “starter”:

      I’ve also referred to David Wilcock’s newsletters (Divine Cosmos): He also has many videos on YouTube:

      David’s presentations (in print and on video) include proof of his claims and/or statements about events taking place on our planet. This includes some information that is unpleasant. For example, David’s been living under threats on his life because he has been exposing the group of power mongers who control world wealth and who have blocked mankind from progressing in any way that means profits have been siphoning into the pockets of the few.

      It’s a study, Shakti, and there are many opinions pro and con. I leave it with you.

  8. Oh, this is powerful, reminding me wha I have to focus on. My sister~in~law lives in darkness, refusing to move into the light. Knowing that she chose that density is a great relief, because no words or encouragement can shift her at present. It leaves me free to practice unconditional love towards the sweet person underneath the rage and not dwell on her sickness. Thank you, so much for sharing this, Amy! 🙂

    • Those of deeper density recoil from light. As a teacher once explained to me, “We must let them lift the blinds themselves. If the blinds are opened too much too quickly, the brightness hurts and is blinding for them.” Denser energies help pull out our compassion – an opportunity to catch ourselves in self-righteousness and judgement. However, it’s important to discern the toxicity level we are able to withstand if the energy is abusive in any way.

      I’m with you, Jacqueline. Understanding gives love a chance to bud and flourish. There have been times that I’m amazed that I can feel compassion and it IS because of realizing this soul chose this experience. But I choose whether or not – or how often – to be one of their learning tools! 🙂

  9. Let those who choose…….Judge them not…They, too, are living their purpose…
    Therein lies one of the greates tests of mankind… The prayer is that we can all tap into the courage needed to accept, understand and live up to this wisdom…
    Many thanks and God bless Amy…

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