Intuitive Sessions

***NOTICE Update*** –  I apologize – I’m still not able to make time for these sessions.  While the meditation itself is an hour,  writing the messaging takes much more time so it can be as clear as possible for the recipient.  (April, 2021)

To help you see who you are and the divine power you may need to discover,  these intuitive sessions contain a theme of “helping you help yourself”.

We all have the power to live fulfilled lives; usually we just need reminders and encouragement from powers greater than ourselves.

It’s Universal Law:  Source connects with Love and clarity when our vibration is “joy”.  We just need to ask and we can receive help defining our desires and our life’s purpose.

Intuitive Sessions with Amy.

Intuitive Sessions with Amy.

Here’s how it works:  I ask my Guides to connect with your guides.  Together, they determine and provide you with loving insights and wisdom that can help you manage your life with a deeper understanding of who you are.

You maintain control. For each session, my Beloveds, with your permission, connect with your Guides.

What is required of you?

How do you begin? Simply note in the comment section, below, that you would like to receive messaging. Your request will not be visible to anyone else; there’s no need for you to include your email address – it will accompany your request.   The comments currently in the section below are there at the request of the commenter.  Messaging requests, on the other hand, are confidential and not published for public viewing.

After you make your request, I’ll ask you for three questions.  I’ll take your questions into meditation and ask my Beloveds to respond.  The meditation is about one-hour long.  I record the message in writing.  It will be emailed to you within 24 hours of my meditation.

Before each session, I ask Source/Creator/God/The Universe to protect all of us.  My prayer may be customized for different sessions, but the general wording is:

I ask for the support and guidance of my Soul Group to serve from my Highest Self. 

Thank you, Beloveds, for helping us fully connect with (xxxx’s) Guides and with his/her Higher Self.  Please create and maintain a clear and pure connection between the physical and spiritual self; allowing us the insights and Love you abundantly offer.  We seek the clarity needed for  (xxxx)  to understand his/her soul’s purpose and, therefore, to help him/her understand his/her life plan.  May (xxx) create the life his/her soul intended and know joy and peace as he/she continues from here to walk in the light of Truth.

Thank you for assisting us as we participate in loving service to this promised shift of higher evolutionary consciousness, vibrancy and dimension.

What does the session provide?:

  • a one hour-long session with my Beloveds through your Guides,
  • a written copy of the messaging received and
  • one follow-up email, if required, within seven days of the date of your emailed intuitive session.

Follow-up questions generally address matters of interpretation.

Thank you – giving from the heart is also a gift to yourself.


13 thoughts on “Intuitive Sessions

  1. Have you ever walked around with nudges in your heart about things and needed confirmation about what you are feeling? Well, that’s what happened to me a few weeks ago, still ignoring my intuition as usual, when speaking with Amy confirmed and validated all that was urging me. Amy and her guides’ honesty, forthrightness and loving approach was what I needed to get me over that hump and in the meantime helping me to get clarity and understanding with what was right in front of me all the time. It gave me the courage to face the things I’ve been putting off. Amy thanks for that kick in the butt. I have not looked back since.

    • Thanks, Kadian. I agree! These answers are within us all the time. Sometimes, however, some impediment prevents us from hearing it. I’m delighted that our Guides could clear the debris. BUT THEN it takes a willing and open heart to accept the truth. You recognized it when you heard it and acted upon it.

      And the result of your willingness? This is a great opportunity to reference your website offering Distance Healing: Thank you for your accurate assessment of my health, the rejuvenating treatment and the welcome energy boost that resulted. (My right kidney has not bothered me since the treatment nearly three days ago.) I didn’t dream I would feel blanketed in loving energy, but that was the by-product of your gifted treatment.

      Thanks for your comments about your Intuitive Session, but even more, thank you for your welcome gift of healing.

      With love, Amy

  2. Hi Amy,

    How wonderful it is to be given a view from another vintage point … one that is your own but one that has not come to the forefront yet. I am so very glad that I did a session with you. This is to be honest, something that I rarely do (engage one in an intuitive session).

    The session opened me a bit more to seeing what was in front of me. The loving wisdom of my guides just kind of lifted a little veil … showed me something that I knew, but didn’t see. This bit of knowledge enabled me to have more clarity about an important piece of writing that until now I have struggled with. So, my friend, thank you immensely!

    • Thank you, Raven, for presenting this opportunity to serve. When an individual obtains clarity and opening, the purpose has been realized. I am pleased to have been a conduit and look forward to the writing when it’s ready to be shared. May the clarity continue…

  3. I have been meaning to write a “review” of sorts for Amy’s Spirit Guide work, words and messages for anyone, who like myself, has an open enough mind to try to learn from such opportunities, but a closed and fearful enough mind to want to make sure we’re doing the right thing and not being foolish. Meeting Amy as I had only recently done through the internet, I knew enough to trust her and love her and believe that her motive is to help others connect and learn and grow. Good enough for me.
    Then I had been waiting until I fully understood the messages Amy shared with me that day – all of it, in all its depth – and truth is, I’m still not there. And that is a good thing. The message Amy shared is far deeper than one can grasp in a day. Or many days. You need to live it, breath it, walk with it, and feel it. Then look back, read the message again, and you will find there is still more you can learn… That’s where I am now. Still learning. Though hopefully I always will be. Open to new, to messages, to growth, and willing and able to absorb.
    I thank you, Raven, for your recommendation… And I thank you, Amy, for this wonderful opportunity for personal growth, and the beautiful, rich messages you shared with me.
    With love and gratitude,

    • Many thanks, Gin, for your very kind words. My Guides, who combine a Divine sense of humour with all the Love they deliver, are appreciating your gratitude with a wry twinkle. They know as you grow, so deepens the meaning, and therefore insights, for you. You are not alone, Gin. They do the same pesky high frequency luring with all of us who connect to this Divine Love energy.

      Trust that you are in their radar…you, too, are a conduit. As you open the door and listen in meditation, may you grow comfortable sensing their wisdom in your heart.

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