For Theresa Bond – The Unveiling of a Memorial

Blogging holds powers I never anticipated.

 I blogged about my friend Theresa Bond, a woman in Northern Canada who piloted her beloved Beaver into adventures only few could have undertaken with such courage.  Writing about her caused many feelings to surface and I discovered many unanswered questions about her life.

Tragically, (spoil alert) in the spring of 1990, with an uncanny twist of fate, Theresa took her last flight as an ambulance attendant.  The plane hit a mountain.  Theresa, a young boy and the pilot were all killed.

After I finished the three-part story of my friendship with Theresa, I was delighted to discover a comment from Theresa’s brother.  On March 11 of 2011, Brendan wrote that he was writing Theresa’s biography.  Finally, I would have more pieces to a puzzle with far too many gaps.  I could hardly wait.

In March of 2012,  Atlin’s Anguish: Bush Pilot Theresa Bond and the Crash of Taku Air Flight , by Brendan Lillis was finally published.  Reading it was a visit with Theresa.  Like a dry bespectacled sponge reveling in the spray of a welcome waterfall, I absorbed many missing pieces that finally gave more of a 3D visual of my friend.

That wasn’t the end.

Again, because of my blog, in August of 2014 I received an email from Lynn B Klein, Chair, Fallen Paramedics Memorial of BC.   He informed me that a memorial was being planned to honour fallen paramedics and Theresa Bond was to be included.  A plaque was being prepared and correct names, spellings, etc. had to be confirmed.  Plus they wanted to contact family members.  I referred Mr. Klein to Theresa’s brother Brendan.

Today, I received another email from Mr. Klein.  Because of my blog giving them the opening to connect with Theresa’s family, I’ve been invited to attend the unveiling of the Memorial in May of 2015:


RE: Fallen Paramedics Memorial Monument Unveiling

On behalf of the Fallen Paramedics Memorial Committee I wish to inform you the Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of the Province of B.C and the Honorable Linda Reid, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of B.C. have announced Wednesday, May 6, 2015, as the date set for the unveiling of the above noted memorial.

The committee extends an invitation to you to join our colleagues of the paramedic profession, and help them as they pay tribute and honour to their fallen members. If you will be attending the official dedication it will commence at noon on the day of the ceremony. You should be on site by not later than 11:30 am. Dress will be casual attire. Please be aware parking in the immediate area will be very difficult to find.

I hope you can make this historical occasion

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Lynn B Klein

Chair, Fallen Paramedics Memorial Committee


Theresa in her beloved Beaver.

I’m so grateful that Soul Dipper was able to assist in honouring my friend, Theresa Bond.

Here’s a video of the Memorial on May 6th, 2015:

18 thoughts on “For Theresa Bond – The Unveiling of a Memorial

  1. I’m sure she would have been so grateful that you ensured her brother would be able to be at the ceremony and glad that you and he came together so that you could see the book.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Theresa and her brother were raised in England, David. They were very close and enjoyed calibrating stories to get them through a number of shenanigans. Being a fellow countryman, you’d probably have an even greater appreciation for their (youthful) courage.

  2. Hi Amy – it’s good to be here to read this … I’m sorry about Amy’s accident – but how amazing that the Memorial is going to be erected and Amy will be remembered with it .. and you get to go to the Opening in May.

    The blog world is amazing isn’t it .. and I’m so pleased they contacted you and you contacted them .. Theresa’s brother etc …

    So pleased for you … wishing you well – cheers Hilary

    • Hi Hilary. It’s such a treat to hear from you. It’s time for me to pop over for a visit with you again. My schedule these days is such that reading blogs has been taken over by the various activities of the program I so enjoy offering – Operation Blind Spot. But I want to keep up with the folks who became my blog family so I’ll be over soon! Yes, I’m so pleased that Theresa is part of a memorial for those who have our love and appreciation for all they did.

    • You know, Linda, when I run into blogging naysayers, I hear a thread of fear. Rather than face their reticence to learn about this form of reaching out and communicating, they chose to find reasons to put it down. I confess to telling them stories of phenomenal connections. Here’s another one: I joined a FaceBook page dedicated to writers. A roguish man with a battered cowboy hat submits phenomenal poems – he’s a musician who loves to write. One day he added a poem written by a woman friend of his. It smacked me! I had to see if I could “friend” her. When her wall appeared on the screen, guess what! We had THREE mutual friends: the musician and TWO bloggers (who don’t know one another). And the orb shrinketh.

  3. Hi Souldipper – it has been too long since connecting with you. I was so pleased to read this! It just emphasizes for me that we are all truly connected in some way. Hugs to you – I have missed you.

    • Thank you, Liz – and it’s always a joy to hear from you. I’m pleased some of us have been able to connect on Face Book so the connection isn’t severed while we are away from our blogs. All the best to you and each of your beloveds throughout 2015.

  4. Hello Soul Dipper again

    Thank you so much for the information regarding the Memorial

    I wonder would it be in order if I attended the unveiling. Do you have an email address for Mr Klein? It would be an honor to be there



    • Hi Brendan. Did he not write you some time ago to ask about the names/addresses of Theresa’s sons? I gave him your email address a couple of times over the past year or two – the gmail address from which you wrote me. It was the only one I had. However, here’s the latest email I have for Mr. Klein:

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