After a life-changing trip to an incredible country, South Africa, the longing in my soul to release concepts about the magnificence of ordinary life has blown the typical writing blocks, corks and stoppers.

Through meditative processes, I am being prompted, pushed, nagged and nudged to become a “spiritual exhibitionist”.  I pray for courage, discernment and any other virtue needed to assure me, and you, that these contributions are, indeed, divinely inspired.  Many thanks to all my spiritual directors and teachers who, from this life and beyond,  have given me seasoning in my soul, the tools to write these pages, the inspiration to use them and the trust to pass them on.  The strongest directive, “say what the world needs to hear; especially right now” is a thread common throughout the various directives I am receiving.

Please walk with me, my patient teachers, my loving guides and my steadfast, supportive friends through this mosaic of new momentum.   – Amy Nora Doyle

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  1. Hey Soul Dipper! (are you the BIG soul dipper, or the little soul dipper?!?!) You left a comment on my blog the other day, which I really appreciated. I have “sniffed” around on your site a bit, and feel very enthused about what you are offering! I am excited to dig deeper. I shall put you on my blog roll! Will you put me on yours?
    Standing ovation for you.
    And many blessings,

    • Yes, Athena, I’ll be delighted to put you on my blog roll! Thanks for your comments and welcome aboard…these Guides of mine are relentless about reminding us to go deeper and look behind the veil. So many blessings to you, too and I look forward to more from you. – Amy

  2. My Soul Sister, I am with you all the way on this journey. Your blog is inspiring, encouraging and spirit building. Thanks for the great insights I get from reading it every time. Love you lady, Kadian!

    • Kadian, since you are one of the Soul Journers, do you think anyone is going to believe all our mush-talk? Well, if they are skeptical, they can just sit back and watch what happens! Right? With a group of seven dynamite women all standing at the helm of their vessels, the skeptics may find a whole flotilla anchored right in their nay-saying hearts! Wishing you many blessings – Amy

  3. Hi Amy,
    Just checking in on your blog since you left a message on mine. Nice to hear such a powerful voice for the cause. Keep it up and I will be back. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note.

  4. Hi Amy!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a note. It led me to your site, where I read the wonderful post about Intimacy. I searched for you on Facebook, so we can be friends and communicate closer there, and share of our lives – but did not find you.

    I intend to share on my wall your last post, as my friends highly appreciate talks about Intimacy, Love, parenting. We can also exchange links if you wish. If you have a book, we can include it in my E-Library “Words Of Enlightenment”.

    I am a freelance publisher (for only 3 months), following my heart’s dreams. We are Kindred Spirits and Soul Sisters.

    Love and Blessings! ♥

    • DEAR Leila, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, encouragement and support. I have been receiving your newsletter for a while now and ooze in the familiarity of what is being received by one and all. Indeed we are Soul Sisters and Kindred Spirits.

      I would gladly have you include my book in your E-Library, but it is still in my E-Soul. 🙂 I am more an essayist than novelist. Blogging suits my rhythm and comfort level. So if I ever end up with a book, Leila, it will need to be some sort of unique format that hasn’t presented itself just yet.

      On Facebook, I just found your site and joined so you’ll find me now.

      Interesting that you are a publisher for 3 months only…experimenting? stress control? fab vacation coming up? (writer’s brain curiosity…)

  5. Hi Amy!

    Yes, I found you on Facebook, on the fan page of my publishing house. I don’t understand why they don’t show you when I search by your name?

    I have another friend who writes in her website, and asked me to make an e-book of her “musings”. I am definitely most “out of the box” publisher, because I’ve never been inside the system. I learn and follow my heart. I meant I am a publisher since 3 months ago, when I got officially registered. Before that, I quit my ‘real job’, and was unemployed for more than an year. Like most Lightworkes, Transformers, Way-Showers, Forerunners, feel myself somehow stuck in this yet not supportive for co-creation energy. Of course I will continue with this, it is my purpose in life for this time at least.

    • Thanks, Leila. Now that I know you are there, I will ‘sit’ with the idea. If a book is meant to be, it’s still sitting deep in my soul. I haven’t seen it yet! Many many thanks.

    • As I follow your posts, Amanda, your writing and presentation show that you are a soul of precious depth and breadth. What more can we ask than to have people like you as a friend?

  6. Beautiful words that life inspires, through Amy. I thank the gods for bringing your presence into my life and that we share the same earth, breath the same air and walk the same talk. Oh, and eat the same scones (to be continued!)

  7. Hi Amy ..thanks for popping over to my blog & leaving a comment .. good to meet you.

    I lived in South Africa for 14 years .. so I can understand your feelings ..

    Good to be here .. and see you around .. Hilary

    • I hope we can meet more. Being a Hospice Companion, my heart is very much with your mom and you – in fact all of your family. Plus Barbara’s comments on the Writer’s Blogk concept give me cause to want to read more of your writing.

  8. Hi Amy ..thanks for replying .. appreciate that. My uncle died a year ago .. he’d just been moved up to the home where my mother is .. and died in 12 days time or so .. I spent a great deal of time with him too .. so I’ve been stretched to put it mildly .. but now with just my mother … life will get easier & I will get busier with other things ..

    I really want to put more back – but I need me time too .. still I’ll try and bring both in …

    Thanks for the interest .. the ‘letters’ arose from trying to take stimulating ideas to London to talk to my mother about, when she was first ill .. we had hysterics at times .. and so the mix and match of my posts was born – originally in letters to friends and family .. who kept on saying don’t stop your positive letters .. my uncle too – couldn’t do without his ‘daily’ letter .. at that time I was doing a few more than one a week .. I’ll get back to more sometime soon. I posted him his!!

    The hospice said they thought they were a good idea .. so now I’m a little freer .. I must investigate and see if they’d be interested in some format ..

    I keep trying to think of another name .. & came up with Interactive Letters .. or something .. they are difficult to describe! Not letters, nor articles .. but they amuse – I’m pleased to say & educate .. me too .. I’ve learnt so much ..

    I’ll be back to look around with you – I’m sure I subscribed .. so I’ll keep in touch .. with thoughts – Hilary

  9. Dear Amy,

    Just to let you know that I’ve built a link to your site into a website that I am about to launch. Theresa Bond was a very good friend of mine, and I was very touched and moved by what you wrote about her. Many thanks. If you are still looking for photographs of her, I’m sure I can find some. In the meantime, to check out how I have worked your link in, got to http://patremoirpress.com/ and click the greyish “friend tribute button.” Clicking on Theresa’s name in the introduction will take you to your site. I hope you are OK with what I’ve done. If not, let me know and I’ll have the link erased. Again, thank you so much for your piece. Reading it was a very joyful and painful experience. Tess is still so very alive and yet so very dead.


    • Thank you for making contact, Andre. I have visited your blog a couple of times and have now subscribed. I see quality and look forward to following your posts – and exploring some of the blogs that you name as ‘favourites’. I’m delighted you have linked my article about Theresa with your site. As I said under comments on your blog, I would very much appreciate a photo of Theresa. I would love to post one with my article.

      Yes, it would please Theresa immensely, I feel certain, to know that people in her life continue to connect and appreciate each others’ offerings.

    • Hello my sweet friend. Good to hear from you. I hope you are all aglow with plans for your family’s gathering and gobble! 🙂 Thanks to a healthy wood pile, I’m staying toasty. Tomorrow is supposedly a reprieve – a smidgeon above freezing! Hope so. I’m getting cabin fever!

      • Oh gobble I did, the guilt is so great, you won’t believe, I have tried to survive on fruit today and I am starving tonight.. And that is a regular with my grandmother.. I dont know how her frail self can keep up with that.. !
        BTW, I can smell tea and cinnamon here on your site, it is that cozy!!

        • With your zest for life, Rachana, it follows naturally that you love to eat. Is that how your grandmother stays trim? It sounds like a good plan. I must have opened the door to my tea cupboard while you were visiting. I’m after some Chai!

  10. Hi Amy,
    When I first stumbled upon your user name, I knew at once that you’re spiritual. So I was a bit surprised when you took interest in my site which doesn’t dwell much on spirituality (although It’s one of my interest and practice and have links to sites on this). Bless you and Namaste.

    • Thank you for commenting. I appreciate a blog that is written with intelligence and professionalism. Not only do you write about news that interests me, your technological leanings are a great stretch of good value. Many thanks and blessing to you, too! Your pupil…

  11. Namaste, Amy! I am so happy to find your blog through a comment on Spirit Lights The Way! I look forward to reading more on your site and interacting… It seems we have a lot in common, and certainly share Guides [:-)] I’ve been receiving material for almost a year now, and have recently discovered blogging as a way of sharing it… Here is my link, if you have the time to visit: http://allaboutenlightenment.wordpress.com/
    May countless blessings light your path!

    • Namaste to you as well, Leslee. I took a quick peek at your post and am delighted to make your acquaintance. I am going to wait until the morning when I am fresh to read through your material. This makes me very excited!

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    Good life and I hope to soon

  13. Hi Amy,

    thank you for your Facebook request, I will for sure explore your blog, it’s always nice to meet new people in the blog world! Greetings to Canada from me and Greece.
    Happy days!


  14. Hi its River –here is the poem for your friend 🙂

    Am I Drunk

    I look in your face as I
    stumble from the car,
    forgetting to grab my cane.

    Instant, unmistakable judgment
    is scribbled across your starring
    glare as you hold your phone
    frowning towards my daughter.

    I laugh and turn back to the car
    parked in the Handicap zone,
    grab my cane to pass you again
    and watch you stop the call.

    A smile spreads across
    my face as I stop
    unable to resist muttering,

    “So, you think I’m drunk,
    Well sorry, I have MS!”

    © River Urke 2009

    • Oh River – this captures those questioning, judgmental stares, glances, and “long-eye” looks. I will make sure my friend receives this poignant poem. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

  15. At a time when I need words that heal, comfort and inspire, I read your beautiful comment. You are a true soul healer who’s words flow with kindness and understanding. I wish I knew your blog sooner but perhaps fate has its reasons. One of my Christmas wish is the gift of inspiration and encouragement. Some how I already know that I got my wish. Happy Holidays. May peace, love and joy be with you and your family today and always.

  16. Your words are comforting. A true source of healing. I needed to hear them at a time when I felt a lost with my everyday trials recently. Thank you. I’m blessed that our path crossed and a new blogger friendship is born. Wishing you and your family love, joy, peace this Holiday and everday.

  17. Dear Miss Soul (do you have another name?).. my poor old Mama Sheep has been standing up and boo hooing about being left in the house all day today and that was BEFORE we gave her the shots this evening! and quite possibly AFTER you started to send her Good thoughts.. very interesting. and many thanks..Now, honey, no thinking about quads.. twins is fine!! c

    • I’m Amy, Celi. Yay!!! I’ve visualized her shivering a few times – she’s being tickled by energy as it pours through her body, down her legs and into the earth. It’s pouring through her – I sense no blockages which is very good. IF madam is preggers, I’ll only do small, infrequent treatments.

      By the way, I was yakking with my vet the other day. I was bad-mouthing people who feed antibiotics, hormonal meds, etc to animals being raised for food. He insisted that those meds go through the animal’s system and clear out. He said that is what inspectors are on top of – I hope he is right. The producer has to stop all forms of meds a certain amount of time before slaughter. So maybe Mama has a chance of being organic again soon. (She’s already won my heart!)

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  19. I think that this could be my first visit to your Space, though I have seen you commenting on rather a lot of Spaces that I frequent… Have a very nice adventure my friend 🙂


    • Likewise, Androgoth, I’ve caught comments from you many times. I have visited your site and each time I felt a comment would be like someone’s grandmother crashing a grandson’s coming home party! 😀 Many years ago I wrote a futuristic gothic and most of the features came true! I decided to just be inituitive! Thanks for visiting and I’ll keep dropping in on you. You are one of the people who will keep me from getting totally out of touch.

  20. Amy, I am really looking forward to connecting with you. We have much in common. I am reading / practicing the lessons in the book, “The Intiuitve Way.” Have you read it? I have a feeling I will be learning loads from you.
    Thank you so much for stopping by at my site and commenting on my post on Mindful Speech. May I ask how you found me?

    • Hi WH Mind, I’m delighted to know that we do have much in common! Priya was the instigator of our introduction. She sent an email out to her friends who she knew would appreciate your experiment. So we can thank her. I have not read The Intuitive Way…but it sounds like something I would appreciate. I will email you to ask for the author’s/publisher’s name.

    • Hi 10 – thank you for your visit and your comment. I visited you – am interested in your essay about the difference between the IOS and Android. I want to learn more and will be going back to re-read it.

  21. I love your ‘spiritual exhibitionism’. It feels as real as one of my intentions for my life – to be ‘creatively rebellious’. Thank you for having the courage to listen and be you. Love you, amazing lady!


    • Thank you so much, Healthy Warrior. Just finished my breakfast after my hour of prayer and meditation. It’s such a great way to achieve peace and deep, resonating joy! Seems the best way to encourage others is to just be an example… like with all the other healthy things you are doing!

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    • Thank you Deirdre. A nomination coming from you is welcome indeed. Your blog is quality through and through. I’m asking you to pass the award along to a newer person since support, encouragement and love is most needed in those ranks of writing.

      Much appreciated – thanks for “feeding me” with your writings.

  24. Dear Amy, After your first visit (or comment, which brought me a broad smile) I had been meaning to stop in and figure out a little more about you, but alas, out internet was down and I was out. (yes, both do happen quite regularly up here) Today, I found you. I do not know where to begin. Your writing is a gift for which I have just touched the ribbon wrapping up the treasures within. I can’t wait to expolore more. Thank you…

    • Gin, when I read your posts, I long to be standing there. Just being there. I’m well aware there are demanding aspects to living in such beauty and peace, but I’ve loved every minute when I’ve been able to experience your kind of raw nature.

      Once, up by Yukon, during an 8 hour road trip, we stopped for a bite to eat at a cafe on the Alaska Highway. I listened to two rugged, bearded outdoorsmen talk across an empty booth with raised voices. They discussed the cabin that a third man, Ol’ Baillie”, had built in the mountains. They shared a verbal blue print including interjections of this 3rd man’s incompetence. They laughed about his quirks without acknowledging they could probably match the checklist.

      As we jumped back into the truck to resume our trip, my Maintenance Manager – who’d lived in the North for about 25 years – laughed and asked, “So. What’d you think about the entertainment?” Since I was Southerner, I was ever a student.
      “Hell, I guarantee those two old codgers couldn’t find Ol’ Baillie’s cabin even if they were starving. Baillie could have been sitting in the next booth and they wouldn’t have known him. Neighbours are so far away that the only way to remember you have them is to make up whoppers about them.”
      “Really? You think they’ve never met him?”
      “Not only have they never met him. They don’t even know he’s been dead for three years.”

      It takes what it takes to make life interesting! 😀

      I may visit erratically, Gin, but I don’t want to lose someone who feels like a twin soul.

  25. I have an enormous love for South Africa too – and I resonate with the transformative work you are doing (and inspiring) here. I feel moved to send you this link to a poem I shared with Poets United today, simply because it goes along with what I read just now – the story of Dan and the hamburger……..I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your site and am now following you……..each by each, every positive word helps shift the consciousness of this planet which so needs our help. Bless you for the work you are doing……..here’s the poem: http://stardreamingwithsherrybluesky.blogspot.ca/2011/12/epistle-to-downtrodden.html

  26. Amy,

    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for commenting. I spent some time today browsing through your blog and see that we have many ideas in common, although your expressions of those ideas are far richer, and run much deeper into the inner realm. I continue to write and search in earnest for the direction of my own path, but your kindness in reaching out to share your thoughts with me is a wonderful affirmation of our mutual efforts to arrive at a destination in understanding.

    The one urgent thought that occurred to me upon reading your comment was how much I love my children, and how I might readily answer your question, “Can there be any greater love?” It seems so unlikely that I could love them more, but it started me to wondering about how much I have loved all those others in my life, including parents, siblings, extended family, and a handful of dearly beloved friends and lovers, for whom my love also feels enormously “great.”

    Perhaps, the question might be more broadly framed to include all forms and manifestations of love by asking, “Can love be any greater?” However we love, and to whatever degree we love, the connection between two spirits who share love can blossom and grow, but all love is great, in my view.

    I still get tears in my eyes when I look at that photo. I hope to elaborate more on both the connections of love and the importance of nurturing children as a spiritual beings in the postings to come. Please visit again and often……John H.

    • Thank you for your comment, J. Through my spiritual studies, I believe that love is love. Quantity is immaterial when quality is a priority. Once a United Church Minister with 3 daughters was asked by them, all at once, who he loved the most. He was dumbfounded, never having considered such a situation. After a pause, he said to them, “But that is impossible to answer for such a state does not exist. You see, I love each of you UNIQUELY.”

      The wise ol’ fella gave me a blueprint for living. 🙂

  27. What can I say? I am a girl looking for a truth seeking journey, not just crazed fun and booz! I have known some of the worst things that can happen to a person who is a free giver, but now I have know that I need to value myself and take time to know a person and put my trust in them. This changes makes me feel more happy and in connection with the voice inside me. Since I was a child, I wrote because it helped me a lot.

    your words are very inspiring dear, I am going to follow your blog and get some more insights… Thanks 🙂

  28. I would like to say I love your blog and the wonderful and beautiful things you share as well as the inspiration and smiles you bring in doing so! Thank you for being you and I hope even if you do not accept awards you will accept the sentiment expressed as I honor you with one. There is no prize that comes with the award other than my appreciation and being grateful you are part of our world and making a difference by sharing in such a positive way…
    I have posted the award and link to it here I hope you will accept it or at least the sentiment behind it! http://artisticlyxpressedthoughts.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/awards-and-shared-gifts/

    With love,

    • Many thanks, Joe – I will accept with great appreciation. It takes someone with a great heart to take the time to express a comment like yours. Thank you for helping me continue…

  29. Thanks for visiting and following my page, your pages are just so wonderful. If you have time, visit mine again for fun: trinhmanhdo.com, i am happy to hear ideas, very nice to know you too 😉

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