Blind Spots Revealed

“Intuition?” I used say.  “Pshaw!  It’s just common sense.  I must have heard that somewhere.”  I took great pains to deny my intuitive abilities.  Thankfully I stopped.

After letting myself out of the closet I’ve been amazed at the help I receive.  I’m not special.  The same possibility is available for you.  It does mean practicing and keeping the focus on you until you’ve tested yourself thoroughly; not laying unsubstantiated skills on others.  Egos love grabbing power over others.

To keep myself from falling into the trap of thinking I’ve got some marvelous skill that puts me above others, I subject myself to lots of personal testing, lots of re-asking and visiting lots of folks who have passed the tests.  For those inclined in certain religious studies, I lay the fleece to determine authenticity.

When I realized I was meant to bring a highly successful psychological process to those of us who are lay people, I meditated and asked for help.  I knew I needed to put an academic process into a language that we can all grasp, enjoy and apply.  I sensed direction and encouragement from my Beloved Guides; then dared believe in the birth of a program that would uncover the Blind Spots that stop us from doing something we really want.

“We’re here because it’s been your asking,” my Beloveds said.

“You have our energy as you called upon us.   You’re calling upon the angelic presence that is there in support of you as well.”

Then, in addressing resistance and fear, they said, “Don’t run away from them.  Becoming friends is to acknowledge it is there.  In the acknowledgement can come the understanding of who inside has the resistance and fear.  What is the belief?  It is a part of the fear.  At times many fear they’ll find out they are as bad as they think they are.

And what occurs is a falling in love with self – loving the self  – seeing that goodness, that richness within the soul.

And that only old held beliefs visited upon one adopted, accepted, for survival sake that no longer are necessary and can be re-framed, rewritten in the sense of loving self and recognizing one’s beauty, Divinity and worth.”

Then I asked the Beloveds about the fear that causes my resistance.  I needed to know – was it a fear of criticism?

“It is.  Your Harvard course has led you well to help you discover this.  You have here the psychological model that is part of the educational institution.  They use models academically and in Psychology and Physiology to bring forth that which you speak about.

They will not use our terminology (soul integration), but you have definitely brought about the connectivity of the two and that is why you are drawn here – the affirmation and confirmation of that and to have the language that fits your experience better.

As for the other (meaning Harvard’s course), because it is quite lofty at times in its language, it’s unclear, yes?  So what you bring is a nice blend, isn’t it?”

So I sat down and wrote the language I knew would help those interested in helping themselves come through a blind spot that invisibly permeates every aspect of their lives – needlessly.  It’s being tested by participants who are achieving amazing results through the insights gained by following the instructions. Some of the comments received are captured in the Operation Blind Spot site.  Click here.

The enthusiasm from participants means the material is doing its job – which pleases me immensely.  However, I wanted to know what the Beloveds had to say about how the program was going.  I took the opportunity to tune into a live radio show where Sheila Gillette of Ask Theo was channelling Theo – who is one of my main groups within the Beloveds.  Their response was most assuring:

Shine a little light on that blind spot and discover the treasures.

Shine a little light on that blind spot and discover the treasures.

“Operation Blind Spot is evolving as it should.  Interesting terminology – “blind spot”.  It is excellent and less off-putting to many because each knows when one is in a vehicle and moving forward in a direction and wants to change, there is a spot of blindness where you cannot see what is coming from behind, yes?

So that is what your reference is, yes?  To be able to see what is coming from behind. 

But it has always been there. So it is a matter of recognizing and looking at  – and some are very resistant to – that of what it is that is the pattern that is limiting and blocking them from full realization. 

Do what you are doing and it will evolve.”

What a joy.  By offering a program that helps many to come into their Divine Masterhood, I’m finally realizing my Life’s Purpose.




12 thoughts on “Blind Spots Revealed

  1. Intuition))))).
    yes. yes. yes.
    God gives us this for a reason. Why don’t we belive our instincts?
    I believe if we would have LISTENED to this gift we (all) have, Kay would still be alive.
    Great post.
    You seriously rock like Gaga, Amy. xxxx

  2. Wonderful affirmation of your Life’s Purpose, Amy! I also take courage from your comment that you are trusting in how growth will unfold ~ I am learning to trust my intuition too! after denying it for a very long time! 🙂

    • Good for you Jacqueline! I see more and more people who are willing to accept – and try out – a little more weight given to their intuition. It isn’t always easy to discern what it’s saying. We can so often misinterpret. But the good news is that we are given as many opportunities as we need to finally “get it”. That’s Love in action!! It’s been patient with me.

    • Lorna, you may be responding a little “tongue in cheek” – and I don’t plan to turn my blog into a pitch for this program – but I certainly am impressed with the results gleaned from this very unique process.

      Hope your move is well underway and that you are excited about it. I have a healthy respect for change and all the good stuff that it brings.

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