It’s a Wrap…and Operation Blind Spot Participants Protest!

Some Operation Blind Spot programs are approaching the finish line.

Fourteen weeks of diligence.

Each person amazed by incredible discoveries.

They found their blind spots.

So what are these graduating participants saying?

But I don't want this to end!

But I don’t want this to end!


At first, trust led them to take-off – they sincerely wanted to fly.

Okay!  Here goes!  Off to find the Blind Spot.

Okay! Here goes! I’m off to find my Blind Spot!


 And they lifted.


They found a new life,

a new attitude

was only a blind spot away.


Aha!  Free to soar.

I sought, I found, I am.

As one participant said, “Even years of therapy didn’t give me what I’ve achieved in 14 weeks.”


Dear Readers,

Yesterday, I hired an Angelic Marketing Committee.  Selling is not my forte.  I asked for help and turned the whole concern over to the Committee.  I spoke with bold sureness, “I am fully prepared to let you do all the work necessary to take this freeing program out into the world.  I’ll gladly do what you direct.”

Then, two hours ago, I wrote a post.  I slogged, pushed, heaved and sighed.  But I had to get it done today.  I included brilliant insights and included supportive comments from participants.  It was looking just like all the other hundreds of sales pitches you find on the Internet.  Then something happened.  For the first time in six years of blogging, I lost everything.  And I had even saved it!

Dreading having to do it again, I laid my head on my desk.  Then I remembered…the Committee.  Where were they?!  I stopped everything and went inside to my Beloveds:

Since you’ve taught me – ask and you will receive – where’s my Marketing Committee?

You wanted the help of your committee?


They have been here – eager to be summoned.  They want to help.  They were concerned about the lost post…you’d asked for “original”; yet you had a sales pitch.

I’m running out of time.  I wanted to capture the fact that all the participants are dreading finding themselves at the end of the program.

Good.  The Committee suggests you put just that fact into a tiny post.  Perfect.

Be careful what Committee you hire, Amy!

I’d completely flashed ahead and began writing without even considering their guidance.  What do you think?  Would they have caused the graphic problem that froze my computer?  In the past, I asked about their sense of humour.  I was told they welcome lightness!  Does that include impishness?

So dear readers – just a thought – you may want to reconsider having these pesky beloveds helping you.  Their brand of humour can create a jungle of challenging feelings.  I hope they laugh over expletives!

15 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap…and Operation Blind Spot Participants Protest!

  1. You’ve got the best supportive committee: “you wanted to be “original” yet you had a sales pitch” so they deleted it.

    It sounds as though you’ve come up with an amazingly successful program for Operation Blind Spot if all your participants don’t want it to end. My sincere congratulations Amy.

    • To keep the connection and support, Power Circles can and will be formed. I already used my Power Circle for a major consideration. Using what we learned in the Program gives us the ability to really support one another with the kinds of questions that hold dynamite.

  2. Ah yes, cheers to “more lightness of being” 🙂 Congrats to you Souldipper and all of the Operation Blind Spot participants . . . and warmest wishes for a wonderful festive season!

  3. I’m so glad for you and your participants to hear of the great successes you’ve all enjoyed! And it seems your Beloveds are not about to let you get stuck in another blind spot! Hooray for them.

    • Last week, at the local sessions, every one of the people reported the ways in which their dreams are underway. No more stopping themselves! We’ll support these efforts in our power circle – set up to retain and sustain. Exciting times.

      I wish you and your loved ones all the best of the Season, Linda.

  4. Well you certainly got what you asked for! Isn’t it amazing when that happens? I often ask myself…why do I ask and then not expect to receive? Just human nature I guess…we’re all so conditioned to steel ourselves against disappointment…are we really steeling ourselves against the potential for success? Good for you that you worked through it! ~ Sheila

    • You’re right, Sheila, it seems we fall into the trap that we’re “separate” and on our own. Cheeesh. Thank goodness we can change in an instant simply by remembering.

      After my completion of Operation Blind Spot, I know that success a reality and that my connection with Source is undeniable Yet, I can still forget that these Divine Beings WANT to help us. And they are waiting to be asked!

  5. ROFLMAO!!!! Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the sole recipient of “gotcha”. Impish….I’m convinced I’m not the only one laughing when “those” moments happen. I’m still chuckling. It’s sooooo good to have such good company!
    And congratulations to all those who dared to take that 14 week journey. Sounds like it was successful for teacher and students alike.
    And congratulations to those Guides of yours…LOL…..they done good!! 😀

    • Have just been around to visit you, Mel, and catch up on your health and well-being. What did I find? You still have that great attitude I so admire and respect. The best of the Season to your sweetheart and you!

    • Thank you, Dee, it was a great time – the weather held so I was able to enjoy Christmas Eve with family and Christmas afternoon with friends. Felt as though I had “my cake and eat it, too” this year!

      I hope some of the sting has lessened for you. I know Rob still figures in such a mighty way throughout each of these holidays.

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