THE TRANSFORMATION. Everyone’s talking about it.

What is it?  Partly it’s a corrective adjustment.  Partly it’s a curative, evolutionary process. Largely it is a major shift in the evolutionary level of awareness of human beings.

You can be a part of it or you can be left behind.  Either you care or you don’t.

If you do care, this blog is dedicated to sharing directions that come from a Source beyond our ability to prove scientifically.

Here’s the key:  The only way for you to be prepared is through your inner work and your spiritual condition.

So…how’s your soul today?

54 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Seeking. My soul is still seeking.

    It wants to “let go” more. Wants to flow with the hope that people, activities and events will all serve as guides to where I am to go.

    The outcome does not really matter, does it? Just the process that is transforming.

    Scary. But so open.

    michael j

    • It’s been scary writing this blog, Michael, but the encouragement I have been receiving from people like you make me feel I am on THE path…where ever that is going!

      • We can lift up the other! No matter where the road leads. Boldy go where no seeker has gone before . . . at least, in my neck of the woods.

        Lions, tigers and bears.

        We can make it an adventure for the ages!

        michael j

        • You are correct, Michael…there’s no adventure like the one that takes us inside. It’s endless and it’s full of goodness. Thanks for the encouragement. – Amy

  2. Amy, my soul is no longer lost but is encouraged and growing due to the dedication of people like you to help with this shift. It is nice to come to a place where everything is not doom and gloom. Thanks for spreading love and positive things about the transformation. Love, Kadian

    • Yeah, Kadian, and it’s through a whole series of life experiences, such as the ones we soul sisters share, that we can sweep gloom and doom out of our lives. Whatever the connections in past lives (and we’ve been told we’ve had many) we sure are benefiting from them in this lifetime. Your support is so appreciated. Thank you. Love, Amy

  3. Hi Amy, my soul is trying to find a balance between my two passions: social services and technology. They are not the two most likely candidates to co-exist in any presentation or forms, separated by the word “profit”, and only witnessing a ever widening gap. Find a balance between the two is so difficult, challenging and yet, intriguing. I don’t know if the two can really exist in harmony in the end, or that one must be compromised for the other to flourish. But I will try my hardest to build a bridget between the two. Thank you for providing a community where love and peace are free to be expressed and spread.


    • Hi Lucas, I just visited your site. I am so impressed and have no doubt you will find a way to ‘couple’ your passions. Stay open and keep using your technology to be heard. Today, we are given promise that profit and spirit can co-habit. Some large corporations quietly join forces annually at a major conference where “spirituality in business” is the theme. I understand these corporations were brought together through invitation, but since this will inevitably grow, they will hopefully feel safe to open their doors. Look at TED.com…all those brilliant scientific minds are demonstrably open to brilliant spiritual minds and vice versa!

      I recently learned about the young man, Christopher Poole, who started the incredibly successful (but negative-based) 4Chan. He was a presenter on Ted.com and I wrote him. As a young person with a huge success on his hands (that does not make him any money) and who is going to study “community” in College this coming year, I challenged him to create an equally successful vehicle for a POSITIVE community. I suggested it could be called 4Life and be the hub of global unity. I, of course, have heard nothing back, but a seed may have been planted. Perhaps you are the one to do it! There would be a way to earn money with it, I am certain.

      I believe in you, Lucas, where ever your passions are leading. One step at a time, you will stand tall in your Purpose. Thank the Universe for people like you. – Amy

    • Great to feel connected in yet another manner, my talented friend! Amazing how the Divine does such incredible work! I’ll be thinking of you at your car show and hope you come home with at least one commission. Your paintings are awesome… – Amy

  4. hi soul dipper! seems the synchronistic universe has led us to each other! thanks for you kind words. i too had a life changing trip that changed the way i saw the world and my life. i have added you to my blog roll and will check back with you often! i appreciate your insight and humor!

    • Love it! More promises come true. Look forward to strengthening our connection…or rather, our connection building and bonding in spite of us! That seems to be the ‘ley’ of the land!

  5. Love and Grace are given to us each day freely, even though we do nothing to earn it. too many of us are too busy to stop and embrace it. The answers to any struggle can be found easily in the greatest book, the bible.

  6. When you refer to the Devine, are you refering to God? You know that God says that to advance his kingdom, often we are just the instrument to plant the seed.Why do you suppose that a lot of people have trouble with forgiving? I have witnessed it so often, where the anger and the hatred prevent acts of love or compassion or forgiveness. I think it is because they are not at peace with themselves.
    How come you all have websites? Is that hard to do?

    • The Divine – As it seems to you as you read, let it be for you, Dee. And indeed, we are all instruments.

      Forgiveness – One of the most effective and recent posts I’ve seen about forgiveness is at: http://www.nakedpastor.com/archives/5873.

      Blogs or Websites – The reason you see people with websites or blogs is because we love to write. We write about many different subjects as you can see. If one is familiar with computers and understands the technical language, setting up a website or a blog can be a fun, creative challenge. Otherwise, it is a good idea to ask for some help.

      Thanks for your visit and blessings on your travels.

  7. Thanks, I had a chuckle about the Naked Pastor, never quite thought of ours that way. May be smiling to myself in church next Sunday while he’s giving the sermon. I am elderly, think I may pass on the blog thing.
    I think we should all try to walk in humility, if only we could mimic Jesus, As he said, love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself , what a world that would be if we all did!!!!

    • I agree, what a world it would be. I think it can be. It’s worth each one of us working consistently at Love. We will notice the difference. And I believe that more of us than ever are willing to create a change in ourselves by giving Love instead of some negative response. Imagine how that is putting Jesus’ intent back in place!

      I had a giggle over you possibly thinking of the Naked Pastor during the sermon! Hope he’s handsome! David, The Naked Pastor, explains that he so named himself because his blog is displaying his soul, bare naked, about his ministry and faith. It has not been easy for him to be so honest, but God does work in mysterious ways. If you read his various posts and the comments that follow each post, you will see how he has helped many who have huge problems with their churches. People who have been deeply hurt, for various reasons, have found forgiveness and peace through his words. The Naked Pastor may truly be a wonder to behold.

      But, Dee, I am very impressed with you being “elderly”, as you say, and finding your way around these blogs. That is fantastic. I strongly suspect you are part of the transformative force that is causing world changes. Who says this format isn’t a form of unified prayer?

      Are you a writer? Would you love to have a blog? What would you name it? I’d love to know – Amy

  8. I am so glad that I brought you a smile also, isn’t that what each day should be about, bringing happiness to others. I read your writings on Jesus in blue jeans and loved it. Jesus today would be very different looking from long ago. I liked the tattoo thought. You are so talented. I agree with the Naked Pastor about churches, ours is no different but I think that it is those who are not truly secure in themselves that get hurt by the established church and then leave it. if they were content and tranquil inside themselves, they could be the instrument to effect change. It is possible to serve and teach others about love and compassion by your life and doings, others are always watching, and when they see your life of service and your passion and dedication, they wonder what is it inside you that makes you this different from them.We have more young people come to Christ at our evening service and the whole sanctuary is dark, has candles, a rock band, and very little tithing but you know I think Jesus is smiling about that. We should always be open to chang, but that is so hard for many. I believe that often we are the best Jesus that someone will see in this world. Oh, I am not a writer, I just have a lot of thoughts. I am so enjoying your writings though and as for a blog I wouldn’t know how to do one. As for what I would call it, I’ll have to think on that one, I am all for the truths that we find in God’s book, every answer is there. I am pleased to get to know you, souldipper

  9. OK, so now I HAVE to do something! What an inspiration you are to putting it out there. I began soul writing a while back, and as you know am doing my masters that includes it as part of the transformative journey BUT now is the time to walk the talk, and become more public. Oh, thank you Amy, what a gal you are. xx

      • Anyone can write from their Soul.

        All you gotta do is open a vein and let the inner you come out for you and me to see how all alike we really are.

        Strange. It feels like I’ve been here before. Kinda like a home away from home. Thanks for the welcome . . .

        michael j

  10. Impermanence is what the Buddha teaches about Life. All is impermanent and we must face many changes.

    Particularly, after that second glass of wine. Or was that only the first and now I get to pour another?

    Love you!

    michael j

  11. my soul is good… it is off waiting in the stars for my mind to let go of this false reality it bears… perhaps one day I shall be at peace with them hand in abstract hand…

  12. I thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us. Your thoughts, your writings are inspirational.
    I know my days on this earth are limited and I daily try to work on the inner me, the real me. I am glad we have connected, I realize, I need a shake up. My daily routine has become just that a daily routine. I find I am more just going through the motions without really putting the work or effort into it.
    I thank you, I have needed to read your thoughts both here and over on my blog. I am keen to learn more about the transformation.

    • The Transformation, in a nutshell, is the coming together of Science, Religion and Consciousness (Universal) Energy. The transformation is the process, currently underway, that portrays inexplicable, positive events that we are experiencing now. ( e.g. How did the Berlin Wall suddenly come down?) The Transformation is helping us accept a level of consciousness that has been denigrated, denied, deformed and swept away by different sources and forces in the past. However, many people are no longer willing to be shoved aside. More and more human beings want to look behind the veil that has kept us from the progress that is ours. We are not willing to believe blindly – we are asking for, and receiving, the evolutionary “food” that has been rerouted, redressed and denied our civilization – through various means.

      One of the people who best explains all of this is David Wilcock – who provides scientific proof, embraces the Christ/Buddha/Mohammed teachings and explains Universal Energy. He wanted to talk about this process, but not without being able to back it up with facts. That’s why I appreciate his work.

      Here’s the first of his series that explains that 2012 is a time of a very positive upgrade that will effect our world incredibly:

  13. Hello, just wanted to pop and introduce myself. I just happened upon one of your posts (amazing by the way) and I love your blog and that you are intuitive and meditate. I have been going down a long spiritual path and am just getting back to meditating and it’s changing my life again in incredible ways. So to read that you talk to your guides really struck a chord with me. I just finished Reiki level two training and am getting slowly back in communication with my guides as well (I’ve lost touch over the years!) Anyway, what a lovely blog you have! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    • A big welcome to you, Miraclemama. It’s a bit of a long bleak road without our Guides – whatever ‘that’ is to any individual. When I have let other people, places or things take priority, there was a definite gap in my soul. Mainly it shows up in being restless, irritable and discontent in so many tiny, negative ways. The separation allows negativity into life. The love that comes from our Guides is so overwhelming at times, I wonder how I could ever stray or be distracted. But Love never strays. My Guides are constantly a mini-micro-millimeter from my attention!

  14. Hi Amy! Lovely blog, and such a needed topic! I would love to know more about how you got in touch/stay in touch with your Guides. I have just recently broken through with a Shift of Awareness of my own and it is mindblowing! 🙂 in a way that is euphoric and magical yet deliciously mundane at the same time. I am working on getting to know my own Guides better, too…

    • Thank you for visiting and leaving your welcome comment, Anne. I am so glad that you have been able to experience the “knowing” of your Guides. The way I finally realized and allowed the connection with my Guides has been through meditation. I tried different methods of meditating, discovering which approaches suited me. In the very early days, I used guided meditation a few times – then found it was too distracting. When that happened, I trusted that I was on the road to finding my way.

      I have meditated with angelic visitations bringing me virtues. I do walking meditations. I contemplate – thoughts, a Bible verse, a spiritual reading. Before writing, I sit and open myself to receiving what my Guides want to message.

      When I need a realignment with life (!), I predominantly sit on a riverbank with a divine being (who I believe is the Christ presence). I love this experience because as thoughts roll in (it’s inevitable) I put them in a boat and let them float away down the river. Then I am able to sense the incredibly beautiful messages from this “presence”. Often tears of deep, quiet joy come. The message often surprises me. The “solution” is always loving. In fact, I am awed at how win-win the response is when I’m agonizing over a relationship issue.

      There are two crucial ingredients throughout any meditation for me: Say a beginning prayer – for quality and safety. (An example is noted in the “Intuitive Sessions” tab.) The second important issue is to”lay a fleece”. When I receive a suggestion or consideration, I sit on it. If the same response comes from three other places, I have confidence it was not my ego. The fleece is especially important in the first stages. We all need time to get used to the process – the communication is not always clear or specific.

      I hope that is helpful, Anne. It is very much a summary of many years.

      • Thank you, Amy! I love your beautiful river image. What a loving way to deal with those stray thoughts!

        Last spring I began to study Reiki and am finding it to be an incredible portal. I was taught to begin with a prayer very like what you describe and in fact have begun to use similar prayers to “open” many daily activities – I have found it is making a huge positive impact on my life.

        Isn’t it true how the guidance that comes in such a way seems to always resolve in the direction of peace and mutually positive solutions?

        Thank you for sharing your insight – it’s definitely a joyful affirmation!

        • It’s true, Anne, it is so simple to simply ask. Prayer is so easy. It is so easy that people cannot fathom the power it holds. If we can influence our day with a few second’s attention to the sacred, why do we put it off?!

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  16. I love talking about Soul…… I believe i can feel it……
    I get greatly inspired when i go to places where they emphasize on meditation or read books about that. In fact by reading books of swami Vivekananda, i could come out of a depression state and face the challenge which i had.
    It feels really great that problems can be well handled from inside us, rather finding a way asking others. Its like learning to fish than to get a fish.
    I have a bigger challenge in my life, i have an exam leading to my masters in Feb 2012 which is one of the toughest exams in India. I don’t know how will i perform but I am sure that my performance will be boosted up by the inspiring thoughts i have read.
    I strongly believe any inspiration is taken in only if the soul senses it and we feel the soul.
    I feel still haven’t grown up that much to talk about soul, but i love to learn about it.

    • Pram! I’m very impressed that you are studying for your Masters. Well done and keep believing in yourself. I hope you’ll mention it when the date is closer so I can meditate and visualize your ease and success. (And you know that success comes in many forms…not just the one we picture! 🙂 )

      Having the gift of being in the presence of soulful people – who share theirs – is invaluable. It boosts, builds, encourages and supports without a lecture or fine speech. It’s sharing “from the heart” rather than the intellect and, as you said, we can feel the difference. My spiritual teacher does the same for me – after listening, I feel more evolved. He teaches me that I am to learn to go to my “inner place” on my own without relying on outside “props”. But it is glorious to take in the beauty of a soul and let it become part of mine.

      Pram, we know the age of our body, but do we know the age of our soul? If you have the urge to speak with love, surely that is ageless.

      Thanks, your presence today has been a gift.

      • Thanks a lot 🙂
        I don’t know what to reply, i am soo happy. I feel extremely lucky to be here. I will surely mention when the exam dates get closer. Its soo kind of you.
        Yes you are right, age of the soul??? ha ha, we never know 🙂

  17. I’m back! And decided to check in with Soul Dipper to get started off on the right foot! Your intention page really speaks to me… I have gone through so much transitioning these past few years… quietly though… most people would not hardly notice at all… but I do… and so want to get reacquainted with like minded folks out there! Namaste, Diane

    • You speak my language, Diane. It’s heartbreaking to stay away too long from like-minded souls. At times I listen to an interview that makes me feel like my soul is being wrapped in silk. I exhale…”Oh yah. That’s what I’m missing.” The minutiae of life can grab my ‘intention’ faster than a blink and put me in the midst of its chaos without effort.

      I’m far from prolific at posting on Soul Dipper; publishing is sporadic. I’ve begun a Soul Dipper page on Face Book and it shows a good response. If you’re inclined to take a look, I’d love to have you on board.

      • Yes… me too mostly on FB… I’ve gotten into creating secret groups for those of us who are drawn to the teachings and trainings of Dr. Brian Weiss at Omega… I connect those groups of us from all over the world and that is thrilling! year after year I go and year after year I connect… I am The Connector! It’s a bit of a challenge for me now to remember how to blog! I’ve created a new blog called mynameisdiane and just have 2 posts… it is more “me” now as I’ve been transitioning greatly… I’d love to see you there too! Namaste, Diane Will check out your Soul Dipper FB page! I too have a Facebook page called Soulstrand! That is how we help the others to grow along with us!

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