The Beloveds – A Force of Source

Soul Dipper:  I wonder what you want to say to us today, Beloveds.  Please give a message that will be of service to any who are ready to receive your words.


For the observant: A.N.D. is my old signature.

Beloveds:  Thank you.  We are prepared.  As you have been learning so diligently, the response has been waiting for this opportunity to be served.

We will address the giant learning steps you have been taking.  You are finding simplicity in a sea of complexity.

SD:  I thank Sheila Gillette and Esther Hicks for their work that feeds and validates what I learn.  Recently I’ve found comfort in the knowledge that so much we have created is “on hold” until an opening for expression is found.  This opening comes when a person lets go of negativity and is vibrating with positive feelings.

Beloveds:  You create with your thoughts.  You create positive outcomes with a positive demeanor.  This means, however, that you can also create more of the unwanted conditions with a focus on negative conditions.

SD:  This makes it imperative that we observe ourselves and check-in with our feelings.  It can be hard to see our negative contributions.

Beloveds:  Yes, the Universe is composed of magnificent contrasts due to Universal Law.  You know light because of dark.   You know happiness because of sadness.  Both ends of the spectrum need to exist.  The challenge many humans have is realizing thoughts about what they want or need is, in fact, focusing on the negative i.e. scarcity.  If you dream of owning a particular car and keep thinking about it, you are in fact highlighting the “not having” – emphasizing the fact you don’t have that car.

SD:  And so, when we CAN see this subtlety, how do we change it?

Beloveds:  By focusing on what you have now that gives you joy and happiness.  For example, it’s possible to think of all the good aspects of your current car; how it’s taken you to so many places of enjoyment.  How it has allowed you to give to others by offering rides.  How it comforted you when you needed time alone.  If you begin to think of the reasons you want to give up the old car, you’ve gone to negativity again.  Get back to goodness – on any subject that gives you joy.  Think of driving the new car and reveling in its fabulous ride.  Or, on another topic, think of playing with your pet.  Or a view that filled you with delight.  Or being with a loved one.

It’s within your control and ability to think of a joyful experience and feel it now.  As we teach, hold that positive feeling for 17 seconds and it’s yours for longer and longer periods.  Hold it longer than one minute and you’ll begin to notice amazing results that appear in various areas.  Leave yourself open to receiving…results will appear in unexpected times, means and ways – big and small; complex and simple.

SD:  In a small way, it’s like my finding a popcorn popper.  My day was good – I was in happy mode.  I didn’t spend time thinking about needing or wanting a popper…I simply decided to go to town and buy one.  I was excited about it.  I believed the Hardware Store would be less expensive, but when I approached the village, I decided to stop at the Pharmacy first.  Since the Kitchen Shop was next door, I scooted in.  What did I find?  Not only the kind of popper I wanted, but a 30% off sale!

I was thrilled not only by the purchase, but also by the way all details fell into place.   It was a confirmation that I was living positively, unencumbered with negativity.

Beloveds:  Open and receptive.  Your receptivity was evident when you listened to your intuition to stop at the Pharmacy first.  Whether a popcorn popper or revelations of one’s purpose, it works in the same manner.  Triple A:  you Ask, Source Answers, you Accept.  Asking does not require perfect words; we know the meaning you give to them.

SD:  Do we need to be highly disciplined and focused all the time to stay positive and have this great state of receiving?

Beloveds:  Check your feelings and you’ll see when you feel happy, there is no effort.  When a thought, person, or thing gives you joy, there’s no effort.  When you slip out of that state, think a thought that brings back the feeling of positive energy.  In other words, change the focus when negativity creeps in.

If you are “making it work” or “making it happen” or “pushing the river”, you are putting too much effort into it.  Effort means you are outside of positive mode.  Even affirmations can mean too much effort when the focus is on getting it said on time or saying it correctly or using the perfect words.

We are not saying you need take no action.  You are co-creators.  If you feel good about your healthy body that carries extra weight, you know appropriate nutrition and exercise are essential for weight loss.  Staying positive, you’ll find your attitude changes about what food you place in your body.  You’ll find new respect and more care come naturally.  The weight will reduce, you’ll love and respect your body even more and the effect will be a sustained level of weight.

Disliking your body and/or begrudgingly going for walks will not work.

Therefore, those who have an understanding of who they are and who are connected with their Higher Self are the ones who are able to experience this inevitable energy that is waiting for a positive opening.

SD:  I believe Operation Blind Spot gives insight into the True Self – and it leads participants to live within the described creation of positive openings.  Do you agree?

Beloveds:  We take tremendous delight in the experiences of your participants.  Gaining insights into their negative belief systems and seeing the ease with which they can transform beliefs gives them access to tremendous self empowerment and personal fulfillment.  It grows exponentially from there.

SD:  I especially love seeing them practice their style of connecting to Source.  In a meditation the other day, I was given a name of my graduates:  The Force of Source.  Amen!  They are a fearless Force.   Though their discoveries of self-love is powerful enough through the Operation Blind Spot process, what a bonus when they also realize the Universe is the limit.

Beloveds:  We thank everyone who reads these words and whose Higher Self responds with a keen desire to share in raising the evolutionary state of your planet.  We support one and all with Love and Divine Nudgings.

21 thoughts on “The Beloveds – A Force of Source

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Amy. While I thought I understood the power of attraction I hadn’t taken it one step further
    “If you dream of owning a particular car and keep thinking about it, you are in fact highlighting the “not having” – emphasizing the fact you don’t have that car…”

    • Apparently if we’d been able to keep the enthusiasm and positive perceptions we were born with, we wouldn’t have such a time trying to “get” this. Or is it about “getting it back”?

        • As I point out in the blog (and this is taught way more fully and clearly by Esther Hicks/Abraham. Go to her many videos): The three As are Ask(us) – Answer(Source) – Accept(Us). You want a car. (An “ask” can simply be dreaming about it with pleasure.) Source knows your heart and therefore knows that you want the car. We’re taught that preparations are therefore underway according to our feelings. (Did you focus on the car with pessimistic or optimism? i.e.If your thoughts were on how horrible the old car is, Source can only respond with an old car.) Their “answer/response” matches our focus. Then…Don’t keep asking and don’t dwell on not having it. “Acceptance” is keeping the connection open – by staying in happiness or joyful feelings…about anything enjoyable – doesn’t have to be the joy of new car. It can be about your time with your Trainer. This, Rosie, is where the Orphan work in Operation Blind Spot works in your favour. Learning to be an observer of one’s thoughts and feelings is critical for staying positive.

          Now go on … listen to Esther Hicks. I know and LOVE the experience of “being in the vortex” – staying positive so as to be in “receive” mode. You see, some of the “receiving” may be nothing more incredible than a perfect table in a favourite restaurant. Or being reminded somehow that you’ve got something on the stove, etc. etc.

          See? You really have to be Operation-Blind-Spot-honest with yourself to see when you are actually being negative. “This probably works okay for others, but…”

          • Thank you Amy. I guess I read the post too quickly and missed the three A’s and the “Asking does not require perfect words; we know the meaning you give to them…”
            I look forward to hearing what Esther Hicks says on the topic.

    • Hi Barb…I just went over and visited you. Long time no see! What a treat to catch up with what you have been doing – besides battling deer from the tomato plants or researching doggy-doo septic tanks/fields. Congrats on getting the first part of your trilogy done. Your writing is so much fun – witty, humourous, informative and picturesque. I loved your post about your grandma being able to use every part of a cow except the moo. My childhood had the same sort of “prideful cooking” with wild meat. One of the blessings I find in adulthood is not having to eat meat! Well…except for poor ol’ chickens. But I bless them as I prepare the feast.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful validation of what amazes me on a regular basis. I don’t know why it should amaze me, I “know enough to be dangerous” is how WPIML used to laughingly point out. I remember how gleeful I was when I started TO get it. I felt like a kid in the candy store….certainly it couldn’t be THAT simple. Certainly the omnipresent, omnipotent had to have a more complicated way of working than THAT!?!
    And then life happens (cuz there’s no promise it won’t) and you let that STUFF creep back in and you start forcing the unforceable, and you eek further away from all things that bring you joy, which moves them further away. We create it. I create it.
    I know where my focus will be for the next while.
    Thank you.
    And thank your Guides for me, too. *hugs*

    • Wow, Mel, did you twig onto this on your own or did you find a good teacher? It’s amazing how we can live in this downpour of manifestation. Some people would find us ridiculously positive…but the alternative is like walking through jello.

  3. Soul Dipper

    Thank you for the information regarding the memorial for Tess. I wonder would it be in order for me to attend the May 6th ceremony

    Appreciate your advice

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • Hi Ginny, The Beloveds are probably cheering in agreement. I’ve been getting nudges to share them more frequently. However, I am really, really interested in how you are doing post-op! Lots of good news, I sense.

  4. Dear Amy,

    As I read your post, what showed up for me was the following linearity in terms of movement.

    Our Situation —- Our Identity —- Our Values — Our Identity —- Our Spirituality ( Life Purpose)

    Would you say I have understood you right?



    • Shakti, my intellectual friend, readers are free to claim meaning as they see fit for their lives, their understanding. Some responses from people – in writing and/or verbally – claim an interpretation that is uniquely theirs and not for me to claim or facilitate. Filters are ours alone. While mine give me much to think about, I am appreciate of the opportunity to see how others think and feel. Your response appears to show a meaty analysis!

  5. dear Amy,

    I lost my husband very suddenly 21 months ago while he was in remission from multiple myeloma and i was also in remission with Stage IV metastatic breast. just 8 weeks after my Beloved’s death i was diagnosed with uterine cancer. i was devastated to find the spirituality i cultivated, that brought me to a place of great humility and gratitude, assisted during my 30 years of being an RN caring for hospice patients, had completely failed me. the combined pain, the trauma, the enormity of so many losses were not assuaged by all that i had nurtured, believed in, and cherished. i wondered how that could be possible?

    then i began a quest to rework my spirituality and i came upon a wonderful quote by C. S. Lewis:
    “you do not have a soul.
    you are a soul,
    you have a body.”.

    so much to think about, and i did for a long time. then i found your site and i read nearly every post. i came to the conclusion that my desire is to live through my heart (soul). but it is hard, so hard to be gobsmacked by grief, the triggers that leave me feeling nothing, just numbness and lost and broken and i couldn’t keep up with the work of trying to resurrect a spiritual path i felt would work for me. profound and traumatic grief is exhausting and i would often lose track of the steps i had taken, baby steps – just breathe, just BE, just live in the now. but the NOW is often scattered into sharp pieces that pierce my soul and bring me to my knees, aching and longing and missing him. and there are so MANY questions, so many. a few weeks ago, during the most horrendously, hideous grieving (it was the holidays – blech) i came upon a quote that i want to share with you:

    “be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them. and the point is to live everything. live the questions now. perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answers.”, ____the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke

    it seemed to make it all come together – that now i feel i have permission to do the work of grieving for as long it takes as i go through the rebirthing myself into a new me – grief has stolen who i was, and i will never be the same woman i was before death, before cancer, but i can love the questions – the quest -ions. and now i feel so relieved. and so many of the questions are really quite beautiful, coming as they do from Love, and oneness, and light, and compassion; the compassion to love myself, forgive myself, living it, breathing it, owning it just as i do with my grief. i am beginning to understand what it means to be enough.

    i wanted to share my story with you to let you know how much you have helped me, and also with the hope i may help others who read your blog. thank you for listening, dear Amy.

    much love and gratitude,


    • Karen, your comment moves me a great deal. I’m grateful you found part of your comfort here on your journey through grief – the losses you have faced. Take all that has given you joy, remember every one of them and hold tight. Let that joy fill you again and again. All those times with your Beloved that filled your heart with love – hold them. Let them be medicinal. Therein lies the healing, Karen. One of the entries to the Soul Dipper page on Face Book is to accept what is, but live in the becoming. That means trusting that we are loved beyond understanding. It means trusting that our beloveds are only a veil away – with even more love for us than when they walked around in their dirty socks and grumpy moods!

      Nothing has stolen you! You are in your metamorphosis. You have just forgotten how beautiful you are. I promise you that!

  6. dear Amy,

    thank you for your wonderful response to my story! it has uplifted me and thrusted my spirit into a “can do” with the power of love, the power of learning and receptivity to all I am hoping to achieve, along with a more refined notion of trust and becoming. I started a new ritual that has so fully changed a great deal of the loneliness of grief for my Beloved. I have wished so dearly to hear his voice as I once was able, back in the early stages of bereavement. I’ve mourned that I cannot conjure the sound of his voice – though have held out great hope that after receiving treatment for PTSD along with EMDR, much of the memories that are still below the surface, embedded in my entire being, will continue to surface, and not just the traumatic ones, but also the gorgeous and life-affirming ones I have so treasured. and since I have had very few and brief dreams of him,
    I comfort myself each night as I slowly fall asleep. I consider our bed, where he took his last breath, silently, next to me, sacred ground; it is the place I feel most peaceful, most close to him. I talk to him in my head, and knowing him so well, I create (maybe, maybe not!) his replies to me. these conversations of love, of hope, of gorgeously happy memories when I talk to him and know exactly what he would say to me (and in my own mind, he responds with the familiarity of his words, urging me to continue to stay true to the path I am paving to live through my soul) is unparalled; I do not speak of that loneliness, that aching, that longing, but of what I am learning, how I am growing into myself, and thanking him and the Universe for affording such marvelous possibilities. I acknowledge his presence, I thank him for his tenderness, and I can FEEL his wisdom, the whisper of his stroking my brow, of the reassurance and confidence in me that I can rise above being stuck in the same ‘ole, same ‘ole misery of being left behind. it has left me feeling more empowered. even though grief is still present and will be for a long time, that I can be happy, find contentment in ordinary days, and that at the end of each day, we will always come back to one another, our two souls, being who we REALLY AREA, can meet again in that soft place we land in to love, to hold one another close, and share the very best of what we were blessed with and can still build upon the love we were so fortunate to have, enlarging and re-envisioning that miracle of long ago when all the stars were aligned for us to find one another, and both of us still growing and seeking and enjoying the contemplation of what more the Universe has in store for us. and yes, Amy, he has re-affirmed just what you stated – I had forgotten how beautiful I am!

    much love to you,


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