Restoring Our Connection with Spirit

How’s your connection with Spirit?

Been freely nourishing others?

My Spiritual Connection needs an overhaul in a few areas. 

  • I am furious about North Korea.  Did you happen to read Heart – Live and Let Live?   She exposed some facts about N. Korean conditions.  My tears turned to dander as they landed on my over-heated keyboard.  Wish they could transform the spirit and the ego of N. Korea’s leader.  Does he know that being the head of a broken people makes him Chief Brokenness?
  • I’m suffering from writer’s clog.  I have tons to say about making one tiny decision:  Gentlepeople!  Please be Loving instead of denigrating, defying or denouncing.  Every millisecond is an opportunity to Love another living entity.  It’s merely a decision.  Each decision makes a difference that can transform this world.  Remember studying permutations and combinations in Math?  That process kicks in whenever one of us has loving thoughts.  Here’s one I can start with: “Please transform Chief Brokenness into Chief Fed and Loved.”  Well…as I said, it’s a start.
  • My two Soul Journer sisters, Joanne and Carol, applied Love to a wound I’ve been carrying.  They listened and heard.  Is there a greater demonstration of Love than being honest with another?   Their tender technique touched and transformed a pain that I was able to set free.
  • A well known author declared he holds the key to spiritual survival through the uncertainty of 2012.  However, he is charging $4.99 for it!  This same man wrote numerous books containing God messages over the years.  He is a rags to riches story, which I appreciate, but how can he dangle a carrot off the commercial bandwagon while he enjoys a good dose of abundance?  I could not be silent.  The cost is irrelevant; it’s the principle of the matter.  I emailed him asking how he felt about withholding one of God’s messages for payment.  If it truly is a major contributor to overcoming fear, would his actions please the Creator?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               He’s not the only one “working the fear card”, but I think I can have an affect on him.  His work has helped many people who used to be angry at God.   If I have him on a pedestal, I want him to stay there.  The others?  I don’t buy their shtick.  The tried and true make all sorts of information available.
  • What about people, “religionists” especially, who feel they have the only answer?  Since there are extremists in all faiths, I’m grateful for wise people like Deepak Chopra.  He spoke about it:   “The height of the Crusades ended seven centuries ago. But it’s not history that is at stake. Embedded in the worldview of many devout Muslims is a defensive and hostile attitude toward Christianity. The burning of the bible by a mullah somewhere in Iran wouldn’t incite mob action in the West, but a single extremist in Florida with a following of less than fifty led to violence and murder in Afghanistan.

How can the Spiritual connection be rejuvenated?

Loving gestures and gratitude!

  Graham Hancock, who wrote the Fingerprints of the Gods along with other excellent reads, shares messages that come from ancient days.  You may choose to watch the whole video, but the section that especially lifted my spirit today begins at 1:17:00.  A reading from Hermes and Graham’s humbleness punctuate this 8 minute message:


Now, I’m off to confer with my Guides.

I’ll share their wisdom.

Do not send money!

43 thoughts on “Restoring Our Connection with Spirit

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The money for God’s message is very good. God and his diciples don’t need our money. His real diciples are like musicians, they all have day jobs. Part of this whole mindset comes from leaders and diciples that think only certain people will make, so sacrifices must be made(like Money). To people like you and I, we think that real spiritual knowledge will help ALL OF US, RIGHT NOW. I especially liked you ending sendoff “I’ll share the wisdom. Do not send money.”

  2. When someone claims to have information that will save your life/soul, how can they live with not sharing it for free? If they have a shred of conscience, it ought to be made freely available. In these days of e-books and instant sharing, how can it not be so? Maybe sell hard copies, but e is free. It calls into question everything they have ever written before.

    • That’s the very question I ask, Viv. His print books sold/sell on their own merit – I had no qualms about buying them. However, the ebook feature may have caused him to do a marketing approach that not his usual style. I may give him that… Depends if/what/how he responds.

  3. Greed is a bad thing, the desire for money has ruined many, I don’t get it myself, i rather be poor and happy. Of course we all need some money, I am for example unemployed and if I don’t get a job soon, I’ll be in trouble deep…but I only want something to help me pay my rent, and eat. As long as I have time to write, a roof over my head, and food, I’m a happy bunny 🙂
    I’m not religious because of allt he trouble religion has caused in this world. I choose to be spiritual instead…

    • There’s certainly nothing wrong with having money. It’s how it’s obtained that tells a story. It really is an asset to be able to accept life and enjoy it without desiring a bunch of money. To me, that’s serenity. Sounds like you have some, Alannah.

    • Thanks, Naomi – I’ll take both those big hugs. I’ve been wondering about Dave and how he is doing. Good to see you have had time for blogging. That’s a good sign.

  4. When I see some ‘religious’ folks almost demand that you send money to be saved…I think of ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar…” I send you ‘love’ which is the real currency of life.

  5. I had to sit and let this post wash over me, Amy. I feel a tightness, mostly in my heart but some in my throat as I swallow some of what I cannot comprehend and ask myself to “be still”. There are some things I have to see that I don’t much like and that I can’t seem to have an effect on. Tears well up at these times. I can but pray the light to be shed upon these things and ask it for the highest good, at these times. Yes I read Heart’s post. Yes, I was very upset. I was also upset by the burning of someone else’s religious book and the resultant growth of that negative act. How horrid that, no matter the size of the negativity, this is one example where witness of its’ growth was immediate and sadly, sadly tragic. It is without a doubt that the evil energy from that act has fueled numerous others. …and what evil spawned the burning to begin with? ..I would think, but another evil. I have differing views about the endtimes and do not know if mine are what are correct so I will not talk on that. I do know that we, in our own small way contribute to setting examples and contribute to the type of energy we resonate by our deeds and choices. I do believe that, through kindness and anything positive we can do, we begin to make help make the changes necessary in our homes and communities as well as our contries and world. You are sharing a good message, here, and one that takes energy to share with us. Thank you for that. I will anxiously await the message you will share with us from your guides. I visit and I learn. There must be more that visit, here, who you fuel and that is like fingers of light flowing outward into other lives. I have much to learn or I would not be here.

    • Leslie, if the tightness in your heart results from any concern over my trust and belief in Source, please be assured that they are steadfast. Taking an inventory of my spiritual conditioning, ie. meditating, praying, walking the talk – that needs to be done daily for me. When negativity seems to be whirling around me, I remind myself to practice putting my attention on that Love even more fully – with fewer distractions. My spiritual teacher laughs when I tell him that all is going well. He says, “So you think you are giving God a rest? Maybe God is giving you one!”

      I like others seeing that none of us are alone in having to gird our loins during challenging times. Those times do not have to be a trap or a prison. When I write about these issues, I want to assure others that the power of co-creating with the Creator and our own abilities turns us to the Light so we receive all we need to continue walking in Love.

  6. Wow–excellent that you’ve connected with two soul journeyers who love you so well. And excellent that you make the time to inventory what’s what.

    I give G-d a break every now and again. LOL I’m almost sure He appreciates it. (mostly cuz I know I’m a handfull!)

    I’m not too up-to-date on the doings of other leaders–I’m not sure the fella would qualify as a ‘true leader’ in my book just from what little you shared.
    I’m thinking if I investigate, it’ll get my dander up……..which is why more coffee is required and a ‘lemme BREATHE’ moment on the patio is in order!

    As for the person who suddenly has a twist on his gift–we all wander a bit. Could simply be the shipping costs of the information, though I’m not certain why one wouldn’t e-share it to avoid all that. I like to give people the benefit of doubt–and I’m glad you asked for clarification. We can all get ‘side-tracked’ and ‘a bit off the beam’. This is why I surround myself with people who’ll tell me the truth, even if it makes me cringe sometimes. LOL None of us do this deal perfectly and we all need people who’ll stretch us past our comfy, complacent spots which we can find ourselves in every now and again.

    I once considered publishing the secret to a happy, fulfilling life–
    I just figured no one would bother to pay big bucks for a book that simply said

    L O V E


    We do tend to complicate the simple……

    Looking forward to a moment with your Guides.
    And darn grateful I don’t have to challenge you OR whine about not having the five bucks. LOLOLOL

  7. Hi Amy .. I absolutely agree with you despotic people are awful. People are people .. and your guy charging $4.99 – as you so rightly say .. is completely unnecessary – it had’ve been better if he said he’d give the money to charity …

    I have to say I don’t waste too much energy on things I can’t control .. Ineed to sort myself out and live as best I can here .. being as civilised as I can .. giving where it will give pleasure, and freely giving where I can .. smiles, flowers etc etc etc

    Be at peace .. with thoughts – Hilary

  8. I simply dont have time to watch a feature length video so i’ll take your word for it. lol
    The fear card, so many people use this.
    I suppose my spiritual connection follows on from my previous response.
    I feel a deep happiness and connection with nature, especially the sea.
    Forces of nature can wipe us out in a heart beat, interesting how we have also in the last 100 years invented our own self destruct button.
    Kind of saved nature the dirty job.
    North korea is a complete mess but we in the western world have to be careful about how we handle it.
    North korea is a much harder back to break than iraq and afganistan. we may regret the middle east but North Korea would destroy us

    • Few people have time for a long video…that’s why I named the start time of the 8 minute segment that was poignant to the post.

      Ah so…your connection is the sea. Mine is the forest. Living on an island, I love the sea, but it’s a mightily powerful force. I see the forest as a protector and the sea a challenger.

  9. Great post. I don’t many other people who could write about North Korea and religious fanatics and Deepak Chopra in the same blog. (I love the Chopra quote).

    I also feel happy when I’m out in nature especially if I’m out on a hike.

  10. Wow! Well you’ve addressed several different issues here and yet there is one common threat: Love or lack there-of.

    Listened to the entire vid. Nice! Thanks for the intro.

    Bug virtual hugs!

  11. It’s very important to have a good connection with your spirit, I hope we can all achieve it.

    I’ve read Rachana’s article about North Korea and yes, it’s insane what happens all over the world and nobody is doing anything about it. Sad that one more time innocent people are the one to pay for the game of the leaders.

    And yes, loving is the answer to many things. I agree on this and support you completely in your message of this post!

    Happy day Amy!

  12. I just reread this and visited Heart’s blog. I’d wondered for awhile what happened to her, but her posts are sporadic … she takes the time to work them out pefectly.

    The situation in North Korea gets worse. It’s so sad. One of the many places we keep in prayers.

    Many blessings, Amy.
    Happy days.

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