A Beloved Teacher

After receiving the Guides’ message which appears below, I was hesitant about posting it. 

In a separate meditation, I prayed for guidance and discernment.  The response was, “Have we not given you direction on other concerns that have been fully validated?   (Yes, they have – many times. Without understanding the full purpose, we ask you to share it.”

While the Guides provide the important content, I provide the venue.

  I stand aside and the message appears.

My Dear Beloveds.  I look forward to your input during this significant Easter season.  Love-filled events and life celebrations temporarily took me away from meditations with you.  I am here now, fully attentive, heart in hand, open to receive your message.

We know your concern about priorities.   While you were at that crossroad, we knew you would chose appropriately.  Fulfilling a commitment to recognize and celebrate a milestone achieved by a mother needing validation of love and support was appropriate.   There is no priority above Love.

We know you are bursting with Love today.  Please share this fullness.

Thank you.  I do want to calm down and simply receive your message.  I am feeling very full because, on Good Fridays, I find myself imagining the horrific journey that a man named Jesus made to his crucifixion.  I think, what if it was me doing that walk?  Was there any part of the human condition that was not cast on his soul?  Could I endure even a minute?  Did Jesus have even the tiniest moment of hope that his purpose would shift and so lift the horror?  Did he ever think, “Help me”?  Was it the Good Friday story that presented the overlay of compassion that I felt today?

I saw this steadfast mother, living through a painful ordeal with a daughter, walking that same walk.  Her tears confirmed she felt our support, but she still has to complete that walk with this child.  I am reminded that there is nothing like a parental role to understand the Unconditional Love we receive from our All Encompassing Source.  From God.  The Creator. Our Universal All.  What name can be placed on no beginning and no end?

My heart chakra pushes my chest.  My lungs are hurting.  I’m going to listen to you now.

Thank you.  You are also receiving the Love that we have been given.  Our Beloved Source has given direction to share this message from the Christ being.  We joyfully share this transformative message:

Thank you, Dear Children.  I continue to walk with you throughout your life and living.  My walk to “The Place of the Skull” may have seemed horrific to the world, but the walk meant the world heard:  The time for change is now.  The world had lived within misaligned conditions.  It was time for realignment.  As a human, the memory of being with the Universal Source stayed with me.  While I lived on earth as the Son of God, I remembered the truth of God’s Love.  Thus the walk to my crucifixion was fueled with the remembrance of the glory that awaited my ascension.  While my love for humankind was boundless and expressed through my incarnation, I anticipated my return to The All Loving Source.  The same longing exists within each of you.

As you contemplate my walk, my crucifixion, my resurrection, think of your own.

Let these be your symbols of hope and renewal.  Renewal means your transformation from the negative to the positive.  Renewal means placing yourself in Love and Forgiveness.  Renewal means opening to the abundant Love that is available to all who ask.

We encourage all to continue to pray and meditate.  Become devoted to your daily practices.  Consider all that you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel so you can put them aside.  Let silence and stillness envelop you.  Let it be a comfort.

Have no expectations for this experience.  Simply sit in the presence of the Divine.  Be still.  Come to know the Love messages that are waiting for you.  Live in awe and be grateful for a union with the Divine.  Accept Its Presence and Grace.  It is real.

Thank you so much, Beloved Guides.  I have to muster the courage to post this.  Is there such a state as fearful awe?

We understand that many in the world resist messages of Love from the Divine.  As you know, in all ways, we respect each soul exercising its own will.


From the New International Version Study Bible  –  Page 1524:

“Resurrection – Sunday

Early in the morning, women went to the tomb and found that the stone closing the tomb’s entrance had been rolled back.  An angel told them Jesus was alive and gave them a message.  Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in the garden, to Peter, to two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and later that day to all the disciples but Thomas.  His resurrection was established as a fact.”


22 thoughts on “A Beloved Teacher

  1. I found a smile–and a question.
    What brought you fear about hitting the ‘publish’ button?

    It is a message filled with divine love.
    I am perplexed why there would exist hesitation.

    And I’m graced to be just one of the recipients of the HUGE soul hug received.

    I’ll go now.
    A patio awaits.
    It is there that He and I will continue the conversation we started.
    It’s a pretty cool to get hugs from G-d.
    But I’m thinkin’ you already know that……

    (((((((((((((((((((( Amy ))))))))))))))))))))))

    Peace be with you.

  2. I must say that I have been awaiting this message since your last post, Amy. The line that resonated the most with me was, “The same longing exists within each of you.” I thank them for that. It is often difficult to stand, here, in this dimension and witness the passing of a loved one and embrace the gift we are told will be given. To find that spot in our own understanding while we continue our education, here, at times, seems overwhelming. I thank the guides for their guidance and their advice to face each day lovingly and meditate and their encouragement for us to understand, that while facing these things, we too, are moving to the light, the longing. To wrap my arms around the fact that death and defeat are not one and the same. Thank you for sharing these messages, Amy.

    • Leslie, thank you for your dignity and strength. What a response! We certainly are moving toward the Light. I believe each one of us who receive any part of this Wisdom will be sharing it with people in ways we cannot imagine or may not notice. I am awed by your ability to shower others with comfort, Leslie. Look at what and how you give through your teaching. These are very, very significant gifts that will not be hidden.

  3. What a beautiful, peace-filled message for today. Just as then, so now we are in a time of enormous change and we are a part of it in ways beyond our understanding. Easter blessing, my friend.

  4. This is a beautiful and timely message for all who read it … thank you for having the courage and taking the leap of faith to post what is divinely inspired. Happy Easter and Easter week!

  5. Read it the other day and came back. It’s lovely. This is indeed a time of year that is charged with the spirit of unconditional love.

    Thanks to you and your Guides for this.

  6. Hi Amy .. I keep your posts to read when I feel I can concentrate on them .. I need to be able to read them properly .. this certainly resonated and puts life into perspective making me realise that I can move forward and come through and my own message will be heard and appreciated .. we all have life stories and we all learn from each other .. the Easter story is reassuring to me .. there is a future and there are souls to guide and help us through.

    Thanks – just what I needed to read now .. Hilary

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