34 thoughts on “A Love Letter from Men to Women

  1. That was very interesting Amy. I loved what the men had to say, but at the same time I was unable to completely let go of my cynicism. I believe that they believed what they were saying, but I have doubt that there are enough ‘conscious men’ in the world to make their words a reality. Thank you for sharing that, it was beautifully done.

  2. wow! what a day to return to my blogging! the video must have called out to me through the internet! thank you! i will go through the day with my head held high! Diane

  3. Thanks for posting this Amy. I was very moved. It’s a great start. The apologies are needed and it takes men who are awake to be able to do it. The next steps can follow from this. The present Earth predicament is a collective one and we need men and women to move together into a new way of being. It is so affirming to find the early seekers. It gives me hope.

  4. To be perfectly honest the video is creeping me out so i turned it off.
    It reminds me of a newpaper article i read years ago where a man went to africa put himself in chains and publicly apologised for slavery. why, he didn’t trade slaves?
    Over the last fifty years human kind has come on leaps and bounds, oppression of females by males is a lot less common.
    In the western world it is actually quite rare.
    I respect women as much as i respect men and i detest male chauvanism as well as feminism. we should quit the power struggle. perhaps the video was getting to that point and i cut out early. lol
    Masculinity to me is accociated with strength, loyalty and pride.
    Femininity is love, compassion, tolerance and respect.
    We all have these traits within us and as much as i try to follow the feminine in me i hold onto the masculinity, so seeing men abaste themselves before women and apologising in this video to me is nothing short of creepy.
    Lol, what a ramble, i hope you dont mind me putting my ten cents in, i know its probably not what you were expecting

  5. Ok, i forced myself to watch the whole thing and actually it wasn’t so bad.
    I had to, i dont like closing my mind to something just because i dont like it.
    A few points.
    Women i find are often capable of being as if not more competitive than men and i dont believe masculinity can take full responsibiltity for that.
    “In our move to step beyond aminalism”, as soon as this infrastucture that we call civilisation crumbles animals is what we will become because truly that is exactly what we are (and i know that is a contraversial statement)
    To me it is in instinct that this conciousness exists, the universal understanding of family, bonds both sexually and intimately. it’s why men are automatically aware unconciously when a woman is on heat, hormones and brain signals make the woman more attractive, appealing.
    Men are physically stronger but often need the care of a woman when they are hurt or feel threatened same as they understand to protect when a woman feels threatened.
    It’s not a school of thought, its nature in its most beautiful form.
    Finally i wonder how many women this video will creep out, the whole thing has a feel of occultism about it.
    Lol, this whole thing has really got me hooked.

    • I respect that you came back to take another run at it, Richard. There are all sorts of ideas that come to mind like “explore those areas where you discovered button” or “lay some of these concepts out on the Conscious Men site – http://consciousmen.com/ – to see what other men say”. However, I first want to declare that some men friends told me over a year ago that there is a movement underfoot that will bring the feminine to the fore and facilitate an outgrowth of peace and a more loving planet. He had been at a spiritual workshop in Arizona.

      As a man, it may be natural for you to think in terms of competition. It’s not about competition. It is not about control. It’s about working with the feminine more – using a loving, nurturing approach in our affairs. Men may trouble trusting. Some women may need to have their testosterone-influenced hearts revisited so they can check their mimicking male responses. The tough chick who can out-curse men may actually turn some men on. How does it work for international stewardship and trade?

      Your response reminds me of some of my feelings around our First Nation’s receiving an apology from our Primate of Canada in the Anglican Church. He apologized and promised the 1st Nations a large financial settlement. I was pissed that he made an assumption that Anglicans across our nation felt the same way he did. Anglicans take great pride that we have the right to interpret our faith the way we want, yet here he was in our pockets. It was the Church that made the decisions that hurt these people, not me, so I wanted to absent myself. It wasn’t my family! It wasn’t any of my churches! Yet I have to pay?

      I had to ask myself what those buttons were. The issue forced me to face a part of my life that had nothing to do with the 1st Nations situation. It was an uncomfortable, but worthwhile process.

      Many years ago my career included making sure doors were open for qualified women to grow and progress if they wished. When men made their attempts to label me, I was very adamant that I was not a “woman’s libber”. I was a “People’s libber” and still am. That means, for me, that no human has the right to abuse power or hurt anyone or anything else. No one.

  6. Great tribute to womanhood by great men, Amy! In this same context, you might have some strong opinions about an article that Poch published, with a subtitle inside it.. “Avoid dressing like sl*ts”, by a Toronto constable.. Never mind, I just realised that you had commented on that one 🙂
    In your video, I tremendously enjoyed, “expansion will not prevent us from encroachment” and “women have a natural sense of nurture and abundance..” .. Of course the guy at 1:41 is too cute 😀
    Hope you have had a great Easter holiday!

    • Happy Easter to you, too, Heart of Rachana! Re: Comments on Poch’s site: Yeah…we all have “stuff” to learn from each other. Man, the world gives a lot of energy to negativity. That’s why I love a breather like this video.

  7. I was moved to tears by this, and while I respect Richard’s response, I feel there is much healing that needs to happen. While abuse of women may be reduced drastically in the last century or so, thanks to the hard fought battles of many women and men, there is still far to go, as recent studies have shown about women in the work place. Just as race relations seem better on the surface, there is still a good deal of prejudice under the skin, within all races. More than anything, the men in the video make me feel that they want to be part of something whole that is moving us forward. Thanks so much for sharing this, Amy.

    • Well said, Ruth. Men who stand and make a statement such as those given on the video will do a profound job of asking all people to look with sincerity and self-disclosure.

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