Little Grandmother’s Wisdom

The five Archangels are still visiting.

(See the previous post for an explanation.)

They remained invisible at the Woman’s Circle and seemed to accept my having Chinese dinner with a friend.  It’s a cold night on the West Coast with a forecast of freezing temperatures.  Snow may appear on Friday and/or Saturday.  I have extra toques and mittens.

Coming home tonight, on a steep hill, in driving rain, with a stream of traffic in both directions and with no street lights, I quickly passed a woman who was hitching.  She haunts me as I write and I need to ask forgiveness for not going out of my way to turn around and give her a ride.  I was only a short distance from my home, but I still could have driven her to her destination.  I realize that many others who were traveling further could have stopped as well.   But I must deal with my selfishness, not that of others.

Therefore, it’s bittersweet to be safely tucked into my warm house, watching Duc-la-chat sleep peacefully on a bright yellow chair beside the blazing fire.  A single candle burns by the white flower on the altar.  The prescribed apple sits atop an envelop of three wishes.

I believe this video was sent as a gift with precision timing from the Archangels.  Please watch it with your soul and listen with your heart.  Then you decide:

Kiesha in Zurich on Vimeo

Wait until you see  one of my wishes in the envelop for the Archangels!

I’ll share it with you on the last day.

Four more days with Archangels MICHAËL, GABRIEL, RAPHAËL, URIEL and METATRON.

Already I ache over the thought of them leaving.



25 thoughts on “Little Grandmother’s Wisdom

    • Perhaps there is nothing to forgive.

      If she needed YOU to stop, you would have been inspired to turn around. Maybe it was someone else’s turn to STOP and lend a helping hand.

      We must listen to the guidance from within and heed it when we can, but others have a similar role to play.

      If there are no mistakes, then you need not judge your failure to act ~ you did exactly what YOU were intended to do.

    • Yes, the prophet Elijah-now-angel. Sandalphon must be on a different assignment. Because he “supposedly receives the prayers of humans and sends them to God”, he’s relying on these Five to look after that part of the visit. Interesting energy all about my home today. Will write about it.

  1. I found Little Grandmother’s words “troubling.”

    There is an inherent inconsistency in the message she is attempting to convey.

    If there are no mistakes, why the fear, sadness, pain, and dismay in her voice?

    If there are no mistakes, then BP did exactly what it should have done by polluting the Gulf of Mexico with its oil spill.

    If there are no mistakes, and we are to hold no judgment, then all is exactly as it should be at this moment in time.

    But if it is exactly as it should be, she should be rejoicing, not sounding full of sadness when considering the death and destruction in the Gulf of Mexico.

    If it is exactly as it should be, Little Grandmother should be pleased that jellyfish have taken over the China Seas, and that the Polar Bears are losing their habitat.

    If it is exactly as it should be, then we need not heed her message of love at all.

    • Moreover, Little Grandmother is incorrect in her assessment of the Gulf of Mexico. It is not dead. Far from it.

      Likewise, I am inclined to believe that fish continue to exist in the China Seas, despite her pronouncement that only jellyfish remain.

      To me, LOVE does not coexist with FEAR.

      If we exist in LOVE, we feel no FEAR ~

      Why then did Fear, Pain, and Sadness fill her eyes and spill out into the world in her message?

  2. This link is to postings by Archangel Michael:

    I wish to have a voice, and my partner, Rev. Col, has kindly volunteered to be that voice.

    I assure all who may read this, that this is not some attempt by Col to gain any notoriety. In the coming months, I will, through Col, bestow various teachings upon those who will listen and be willing to learn. This is not a channeling, as some may assume. Col is dictating my spoken word to this medium for the benefit of all who wish to hear.

    • I’ve read the Wisdom Teachings of Archangel Michael and this blog sounds nothing like that delightful book.

      Rev. Col. swung by SLTW today and left 8 messages. I have not approved them yet because his link seemed “fishy.” I’d love to have your thoughts on the messages at the link.

      Thanks, Amy!

      • The internet is full of people who are intuitive, psychic, etc. Who knows who is valid and who is not. I have been taught from different seasoned sources (one being an Anglican Priest) to let our Divine Power guide and affirm, i.e. through meditation and prayer. One of my prayers is for protection from any influence that is not about love.

        I have friends and acquaintances from various spiritual paths. For many years, I’ve practiced ‘live and let live’. What some other person believes is his/her own business. The only time that it becomes an issue for me is when I sense they are attempting to ‘serve it to me’.

        May you be blessed with Divine discerning powers as to what to do with 8 messages.

    • A close friend of mine listens, bi-weekly, to messages from Archangel Michael. His messages, especially of peace and love, resonate throughout the sessions and into the community through those who gather faithfully to listen. I enjoy what my friend has shared regarding some of those messages. However, that is his path, not mine.

  3. Thank you for the video link, Amy. At moments, I all but hummed aloud, so strongly did I resonate with parts of her message. (I reckon that tells me a lot about what I planned for and agreed to before taking on this incarnation!)

    I particularly enjoyed the reminder that answers begin with vibration, not task forces or scarcity diets–that if even a small number of those of us who have been leading with our minds can make the switch to leading with our hearts, it will be enough to sway the future of us all.

    • I’m sitting in a world of snow, Granny. If you can imagine, when I went to bed, ‘outside’ was its usual natural self. When I woke up, everything had about 4 inches of snow. No wonder Duc le Chat went out for a 5 second pee – I opened the window without looking outside. When I let him back in, I looked…the world had transformed into white. I know I won’t be able to convince you, but it is glorious. Except the power was off. Later, I awakened to bring in more wood, light the fire and pray for the power to come back on. It did…just in time for breakfast. Used to island living, I had prepared a thermos of hot water last night so I could have my Yerba Mate tea regardless of power.

      Hope all is well with you. I’ve missed you.

        • Wow is what I say, too. I “ran into” Little Grandmother” some time ago thanks to a California friend. LG wowed me then, but I let her rest to see if, when, where and how she would reappear. The friend who sent me this clip is very discerning and will not send off items unless they hold credibility for her and her belief system. She’s a Reiki Master who lives her spirituality through and through. She checked with one of her very seasoned Intuitive colleagues and felt free to forward the video .

          Over the years, as I discovered all sorts of spiritual materials and people, I’ve comforted myself in the knowledge that anything or anyone speaking of and with love is worth hearing. I don’t have to lay down my life, my wealth (!), or my soul to listen and discern.

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