The Loves of My Life

My Visitors will be here for Two More Days:

Archangel MICHAËL, Archangel GABRIEL,

Archangel RAPHAËL,

Archangel URIEL and Archangel METATRON.

Yesterday Before the Snow Began to Fall

Friday Night.  The eve of my third day of hosting the Five Archangels, the world transformed into nature’s snow sculpture.  From four to six inches of snow covered everything outside.  The world, a color photo yesterday, now posed in black and white.  The power of nature: Chapter 2010, Verses Alpha to Omega.

Saturday:  This morning, I opened my door to three deer taking shelter in my grove of trees.   Silence brought me to a standstill.  I listened for one sound.  There was nothing to hear.  Not a vehicle, not an airplane, and not one hint of someone’s labour.  The leaves of the arbutus tree, usually rustling in winter breezes, now snuggled, silent and motionless, against one another under their dressing of snow.

Discovering there was no power, I thanked the Archangels for reminding me to boil water last night to put in thermoses.  Thankfully, it was the perfect temperature for my Yerba Mate.  On our Island, a snow forecast alerts us to be prepared for extended inconveniences.  As bare necessities, we keep stashes of water, food that can be enjoyed without needing our electric stoves, dry wood and candles.

Tonight: Snow Melted off Large Branches and Full Moon Rising

What has been the effect of my visitors?

One overall effect seems to be the softening of my heart and an overflow of love.  That means that tears flow over the smallest demonstration of beauty or love.  Friday, the moment I began my meditation, I wept.

My meditation spot is on the bank of a river with a forever view on the other side.   I am never alone.  The presence that waits for me to arrive and stays behind as I leave is an energy I know as Jesus.  Yesterday, when I arrived, there stood the five Archangels, chatting with Jesus as though they were enjoying a discussion about the latest hockey game.  When Metatron saw me, he left the others and came to greet me with a warm hug.

At first, I had a sense that I was intruding.  Metatron said, “You are here because you are one of us.  You are not to stand aside.  We are here because you sit with Jesus the Christ.  It is our joy to be with both of you.”

I took my usual place beside Jesus.  He stood up and joined the Archangels who stood in a huddle over and around me.  Though I do not recall words, they prayed over me.  As I sat inside the energy of their spiritual power, I wept.  A release proclaimed my freedom to speak my truth.  I was filled with a knowing that all is love.   I felt the power of Divine Support and Wisdom.

Metatron said, “There’s no need to dread our leaving.  We are always with you.  Always have been and always will be.”

Hopefully every reader understands that this message is not only for me.  I am not some special human being receiving special messages that only I am capable of receiving.  The message is that every one of us has the ability to learn how to hear and see the Divinity that has always been within us.  One of my prayers is that I see with more clarity and live more from the heart so as to love more deeply.

The message is to simply make a decision – to be willing to live with love.

If the decision is not a definite “Yes”, then it is “No”.  Sounds ridiculously simple and that is exactly what it is.  Yes or no.

One of the Archangels said, “If even a trace of fear arises from making this simple decision, it’s the intellect wanting to rule.  Hearts know that fear has no power over love.  Your loved ones and you can stop being afraid of love right now.  Any who can’t accept love easily can start by giving love.  Do it whenever moved to do so.  Do not stop love.”

After that fabulous meditation on Friday, I met an octogenarian friend, Joyce, for one of the best coffees I’ve tasted in some time.  Joyce grew up in England, raised by her father because her mother died in childbirth.  He never remarried.  A retired registered nurse and a grandmother, she raised her children while her husband worked in various parts of the world.  Due to shingles that attack her eyes sporadically, there are weeks during which she lives in partial darkness.   Joyce accepts challenge with a resilience that puts me in awe.

“Joyce, does having Shingles  mean your driving is under suspicion?” I asked.

“When my Doctor brought up the subject, I told him to mind his own business unless he wanted to switch careers and become a chauffeur.”   We laughed, but I know her freedom to drive around on our small island is as important to her as attending Mass on Saturday nights.

“You let me know if you can no longer drive.”

“Well, I am losing my sight.  I’ll have to start accepting rides.”  She’s typically the one offering rides.  Her acceptance puts me in awe.

Then I dashed off to meet Robert, the glass artist I wrote about some time ago. After a sincere hug, we ordered our lunches and chatted about our individual lives.  So well groomed, accessorized with a perfect scarf for his topcoat, I could not guess what prompted him to visit from the city on this particular day, Friday, November 19th.

When Robert announced that it was his mother’s birthday, I saw his attempt at nonchalance.  She died a year ago so last year, he was still numb on November 19th.  Living through the painful “firsts” that go with grief have filled him with feelings that confuse and wound his gentle soul.  I felt the honour he bestowed by asking for some of my time on this significant date.  He knows I loved his mother, too.  However, I know, when he left to catch the ferry, he would still have that huge hole in his soul.  It would not have been filled.  He probably felt as though he took a huge puff off a long awaited cigarette and never got to inhale.

Grief allows no shortcuts; it demands its time.  No wonder I dreamt about Robert being chilled and shivering, unable to warm up unless he was touching me.  Turns out he’d been chilled to the bone for two weeks, unable to feel warmth in spite of layers of clothing.

Duc le Chat Before His Latest Battle

Duc-le Chat limped home after a major spat this week.  Some creature put one fang in his right ear and another under his jaw.  Thankfully it missed his eye and thankfully I already had an appointment with the Vet for annual shots.  The Archangels must be ministering to the little patient.  Duc’s recovery seems well ahead of the medication schedule.

The last love for this post wants to be pulled out of me.  A long time friend, May (not her real name), and I had a lengthy phone conversation on Wednesday night, the 10th of November.  She shares her family with me which means I can revel in all the latest news of health, relationships, weddings, fights, divorces…all the stuff that makes family life real and inviting.  At the head of the family, Sarah, her mother, amazes me with her positive attitude and ever vibrant love for her family in spite of pain and fatigue as she deals with being in her eighties.

Just before we hung up, I asked May, “How are your eyes?”  I nearly kicked myself.  I simply blurted out the question.

“How did you know I have something wrong with my eyes?” she said.

“I didn’t”, I confessed.  “My intuition kicked in and I didn’t catch it in time.  What’s going on?”  May reads voraciously and works in the accounting field.

“I’ve been seeing double for weeks.  I’ve been reading with one eye.  After several different trips to different doctors, I was finally sent to the Children’s Hospital.  They had the answer.  I have a lazy muscle…a condition that usually only affects children.”

Today, when the power came on and I was able to read emails, I learned that Sarah died the morning that the Archangels came.

I loved Sarah’s matter-of-fact attitude about life.  She reigned during an age when women quietly put up with anything and simply did not make a fuss.  She said many times after we talked of something that bothered her, ” No use complaining.”  With a twinkle in her eye, she’d add, “Who’d listen anyway?”

Yes, I love Sarah.

Archangels, your visit was to give me pause to consider those in my life.

Please take care of Joyce.  Help her “drive ’til she drops”.

Please let Robert know he’s loved even though nothing and no one can ever replace a mother’s love.

Please make certain that Sarah’s transition is beyond the love she imagined.  Tell her we will continue to hear everything she said.

Please protect Duc le Chat from battles and wounds.  He continuously teaches me about love.

Please let my readers know the preciousness with which I carry each of them in my heart – each one so unique.  Thank them for the love they help me cultivate daily – by writing about it in one fashion or another.

Thanks, my Beloved Guides, for all the love you give.  Hope you are enjoying your vacation while the “Big Guns” are here.  I know, there’s no “better” in the spirit world, only “different”.   See?  I do remember stuff you tell me!

23 thoughts on “The Loves of My Life

  1. Hi Amy .. these are moving stories .. and I love the interconnections .. the dates, the deaths, but acceptance thereof .. the teacher they still are .. even though they are leaving us.

    Thanks – very moving .. Hilary

    • Good to hear from you, Hilary. Life does unfold in interesting ways…it’s good to stop and really observe.
      I was just at your site – left a comment that I love the mystery you are presenting. The death of a reputation… Certainly makes me wonder what on earth he did to be erased from history after proving himself to be brilliant.

  2. Hi Amy .. thanks I saw .. had some visitors – so now back!

    Hooke was amazing .. he was very poor, bad-tempered, but brilliant – doesn’t endear you to the Freemason style – Noble and Wealthy, Royalty types – who club together .. so Sir Christopher Wren loved him but Sir Isaac Newton connived against him ..

    Now his folio has been found and he’s back utterly and completely in the annals of the Royal Society ..

    He was just too clever for his own good – and the aspects above .. but if we’re lucky enough to find out about such people .. makes it so interesting. Ghosts of Christmas past!?

    Thanks – I loved Brene Brown’s TED talk .. must go back and have another listen – love Hilary

  3. Ultimately it’s always about Life and Love, and this life is just an experience in quotes nested in Life …

    Always appreciate you posts. They provide gentle, treasured moments of sanity in an otherwise insane world. Stay safe and warm, Amy. Thanks for your frequent stops at my place with your kind and canny comments. Love you –

  4. While you’re cloaked in snow, I’m enjoying a bit of time with windows open. And yet… . Earlier tonight, for no apparent reason, I turned to my companion Ginseng (as handsome, I daresay, as the debonaire Duc) and declared, “I believe I’m in love with EVERYone.”

    Prompted by spillover influence from the guys visiting you? The timing sure makes it seem so. Regardless, many thanks for amplifying the connection.

  5. Oh, I’m sad for May’s loss–and for Richard’s. I know that hole.

    At the same time, I celebrate the blessings–given to you, to those around you….to us.

    It’s so stinking simple it just wouldn’t sell in the best seller section of Barnes and Noble–but thank you for validating what I’ve heard over and over again. It’s a choice….and it’s yes or no. Simple–not necessarily easy 100% of the time, but oh so very simple.
    Actually, that’s not true….it’s effortless ‘work’ once the decision is made.

    And thank you.
    You remind me that I’m not alone, even when I ‘disinvite’ my companion(s). Like I have that power? 😉

    Cute kitty.
    (that truly IS a compliment coming from a gal who is not a cat lover, yaknow! LOL)

    • Yes, “that hole”. Grief is so unpredictable. We never know how it is going to affect us. Just when we think we know, another aspect of it takes us into a different tailspin. When my mom died, I knew she wanted to go so badly that I thought I would accept it easily. She died in October, I got through Christmas and then in January, I was ready to shut out the world in every way possible. I was so tender that life was unbearable. I could not allow one more hurtful, sad or cruel thing into my being – I knew it would be too much.

      One thread kept me going – my faith. And Shakespeare’s line: This too shall pass. However, I would love to hear her voice again. We have no tape, cd, dvd, movie…can’t believe us!!

  6. Thanks Amy, that was so meaningful for me. Grief does need time, lots of time. This is my e-mail address, puttingskey was Rob’s. I do not have your e-mail address any more, would like you to send it, if you would like.

    • Hello Dee…so glad to hear your comment. It seems to me that this would have been a major step for you – to move to your own email. Hope it was because you chose to take the step.

  7. Know you are not celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada, Amy, though I think you have your own at another time. It’s our’s here in U.S. today. I just stopped in to say that you and your wonderful wise blog are among the things for which I am grateful.

    May you stay safe and warm and have many, many things to be grateful for so that each day is a thanksgiving day.

    Warmest regards,

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