Frozen with Attraction – The Guides Respond

(Continued from previous post:  Frozen with Attraction)

Dear Guides, I welcome your message about this story.

All messages come with full blessing from All There Is.  We are of the Ra Group.  We want to confirm our role as the deliverers of loving wisdom and glorious insights into a simpler, more love-filled existence.  With this comes a reminder of the beauty of simplicity and goodness.  We therefore thank all who share in this experience with The All Knowing Source.

All stories are intended to live in the hearts of people.  People will mine each story according to the spiritual ore within their own lives and the levels of their evolutionary understanding.

Let us address yesterday’s story, Soul Dipper.  We will first acknowledge that you picked the perfect human to be your mother in this lifetime.  As an old soul, she, too, was highly intuitive.  She gave you a vast amount of physical, emotional and spiritual space. You needed that to grow and develop fully.

She was psychic, but she was gentle about it.  She never asked about my Rugby Player .  She waited for me to tell her.

It is significant that you explain what happened.

About six years later, I was divorced and had transferred across the country to pursue a much coveted career.  My Rugby Player tracked me down.  I had kept touch with another Aussie and the two of them ended up being buddies.   He phoned and invited me to New York where he was working for the United Nations.  Of course I accepted.

When I arrived at JFKennedy Airport, my handsome Australian Rugby Player stood casually smiling as I somehow wove my way into his embrace.  We whisked off to Manhattan in a UN limousine which was only the beginning of an extraordinary weekend. We had a hand-and-glove experience.  Every detail dovetailed as we slipped together like masterly measured mahogany.  It was a time warp of familiarity.  It was so dramatically beautiful, I didn’t trust its authenticity.

I had a dilemma.  My feelings for him were immense, but I’d just begun a highly unique career.

He proposed only a few weeks later.  I turned him down.  It happened too fast, but he had to return to Australia.   I wanted time with my new career.

At the close of our last phone call, he said, “I know the reason you won’t marry me.  It’s because my father is just a cab driver in Sydney.”  I was floored.  He had no concept of the importance of my career.  Confused, I mundanely said, “My dad built roads into the Oil Patch.”

I knew he was hurt, but I was certain he would contact me later. I was wrong.

I slowly accepted he was gone.  However, over the years, I couldn’t resist attempts to remind him of my existence.  Everywhere I traveled,  I met people from Sydney, Australia.  I gave them his name and asked them to call him.  The message was simply to say hello from me.  I had remarried so he had no way of finding me.

In the previous post, my mother talked about not spoiling the experience.  I believe what happened was meant to happen, but she’s right.  My memory is more about the loss of him than the thrill of our initial meeting.  But I cannot understand why we connected with such powerful feelings and it went no where.  What was the purpose of that?

As commissioned by the All Loving Source, we may disclose information that will bring understanding.  It is valid that you felt familiarity.  In the 1700s in Ireland, he was a Catholic priest.  You were the wife of a prominent man.  You fell deeply in love with this priest and consummated the relationship.   You became pregnant.

You and your husband had wanted children, but he was infertile though he did not know this.  Your pregnancy delighted your unsuspecting husband though he was concerned that you were past safe child-bearing years.  Your husband’s joy came nowhere near the depth of your Priest’s soul-resonating gratitude.

You wanted to raise your child with its rightful father.  The priest and you developed a plan to leave the village together immediately after the baby was born.  Months of  living this lie with your husband caused you great agony.  You had no peace.  You could talk to no one. Your health declined.  When you gave birth to a struggling baby boy, you died in childbirth.

Tomb of Atala by Anne-Marie Girodet de Roussy-Trisson

Your priest grieved inconsolably. He confessed to his Bishop and was told that he could never make contact with his son or your husband.  He obeyed, but his love for both of you never waned. Four years after your death, he moved to another location.

In this lifetime, when you turned down his marriage proposal, your Australian Rugby Player froze with fear of loss and abandonment.  He could not attempt any further contact.  His soul had tasted this loss before.

That explains a lot.  So, since I had been unfaithful to my husband in that past life, was this an opportunity for me to experience deep love, but remain faithful to my husband?  To choose the right path, so to speak?

That is part of it.  You have a paradoxical mission of connection and avoidance – which is one shared by many who were on the Soul Safari with you last year.

But is that why we didn’t end up being together in this lifetime?

The key is with your Rugby Player.  His primary mission for this lifetime was best fulfilled as a father.  He had come into this incarnation to have children to fulfill his purpose.  You, on the other hand, chose to have no children in this incarnation.

Each of you provided the impetus for the other to complete different, but vital missions.  If you had married, he could not have completed his mission.  You would not have completed another key mission which you experienced through your career.

Aha, so reconnecting forced us to exercise our own will.  We demonstrated doing  “God’s Will, not mine”.   I see how we each took a step towards fulfilling our souls’ purposes.  This is key.  It’s amazing how understanding past lives puts so much into perspective.  It spotlights fears that bridge over and into current lives with huge impact.  It brings such clarity to life long confusion.

Some humans are in therapy for years agonizing over fears that had no origin in this lifetime.

Yes, I see there is no point trying to figure out the reasons for my decisions or actions with my Rugby Player.  I declined his proposal because we both had missions to complete.  And apparently we were both determined to complete them.

The beauty of this knowledge is that I feel fully free to simply love him.  I don’t need to focus on losing him, I can just  love him.  Incredible.  Thank you.

Okay, are you willing to talk about my mother’s prediction about intimacy?

When was the last time you spoke to high school students about their exploration of sexuality?

I’m told, through various sources, that young people experiment with either sex.  But then these kids use the term “homo” as a put-down?  What is that all about?

The sexuality exposed in your world today creates confusion.  What is projected on humankind is largely fantasy, but people lose sight of this reality.  It causes people to feel inadequate.  While most humans know it may not be real, many focus on the sting of not having the attention, the apparent closeness, in their lives.  Love has been lost and abused in the chaos of that belief system.

Regarding young people, they crave intimacy deeply.  They fear its absence. It frightens them to feel alone.  They don’t know what causes the fear so they link intimacy with their sexual desires.  They catch themselves being attracted to either sex and, if they indulge in same sex activity, they think they have degraded themselves out of fear of being rejected.  They project this anger onto others.  These young people do not yet have the maturity to see that the intimacy they crave must come first with an inner knowledge of who they are.  By knowing who they are, they would make choices that were true to their nature.  This knowledge of self needs to be in alignment with the Divine Creator – with the all the Love that is the Universal Signature of our Loving Source.  It cannot be fulfilled in the supposedly glorious sexual triumphs that some believe give others the intimacy they are craving.

This applies to both sexes regardless of their choice of lifestyle.  Love is the antidote.  Love is the power of the Universe.  It is its fuel.  It is.    We rejoice over being able to remind the world of this Law.

Your message gives me a lot to consider.  Thank you for your love and faithfulness.

Your gratitude glorifies our existence.

28 thoughts on “Frozen with Attraction – The Guides Respond

  1. Fascinating post, Amy.

    What resonated the most with me:

    “By knowing who they are, they would make choices that were true to their nature.”

    When we know who we are . . . we know how to live. 8)

    Thanks for sharing a look at your past lives.

    • It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – the concept of past lives used to throw me into deafness. Then I was given information about the life I had before this one and it clarified so much about my life. It resulted in so much self-acceptance that I paid attention. During that session, I was told by the psychic that the Guides wanted me to write the story of that past life – which I did. It was a great exercise. Doing the research to pinpoint events during my previous life (I was a professional photographer and ran in the rich and famous circles in London in the early 1900s.) and paying attention to the feelings that different historical events evoked was cathartic.

      I visited your blog today, Charles. What a poem. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Diane. Consider the message passed on. 🙂 The Transformation that is underway and underfoot is undermining old belief systems and turning up incredibly refreshing, loving ways to see, do and be. Sounds like you are part of it.

    • Yes, Amanda, it is almost a tease that we peek into each others’ lives on a one way street basis. And about catch-up…I’m having a time struggle. Today, as I was doing life’s chores, I realized that I am spending so much time enjoying other blogs that I am neglecting my life and my writing. I may have to curtail myself for a bit. Perhaps that is why you have catch-up days. I’m slowly learning.

  2. Thank you for this lovely post and insight, Amy. It’s so significant that your guides refer to fear causing young people to link intimacy with sexual desires. May wisdom prevail wherever possible.

    Oh, and I’m so much in the same boat with you and Amanda…doing a little catch up today 🙂

    • Yes, Naomi – may wisdom prevail. I remember the angst I felt in my teen years, but the pressure on youth today can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. When I worked in the Virtues Project, I learned how much young people actually inhale boundaries when they are laid with respect and consideration.

  3. What an amazing contract the two of you made to help one another in this lifetime. I love that you both instantly recognized the connection, had the courage to allow it to flower when the time was right, and particularly that you held fast to what you needed in this lifetime in spite of the apparent cost.

    What a blessing that Ra Group were able to offer you a perspective that’s freed you.

    • Sally, I am amazed at how life unfolds when I am given the knowledge of the effects of past life events. For that reason, I am able to live in acceptance far more than without the knowledge. Also for that reason, I can trust that all things/events have a purpose. I reassure my ego that all is well and let life unfold. It used to take forever to achieve that stage, but, thankfully, with time, the letting go happens a little more quickly.

  4. Much wisdom and grace here and you are an apt channel for that, Amy.

    I must do some little research and come back … I believe I’ve had knowledge of the Ra group.

    You are very brave to write like this. I’m gratified to see so much acceptance.

    Have you seen “Cairo Time?” It just such a story: two lives touch intensely … like the Toaist “dense clouds, no rain” … she’s married…a lovely movie and Particia Clarkson is amazing on many levels … Alexander Siddig turns in a lush and nuanced performance.

    • Jamie, people close to me have been nudging me to write these messages for quite some time, but it I was very self-conscious about it. The process was so personal and private, yet I knew I was destined to share these insights in some way, some day.

      I went to South Africa with over two dozen other old souls – a fact that was not planned, but, we all agreed, was simply Divinely orchestrated. (Naomi and Dave joined us as the official photographers, and it took no time to discover they were in the same category. I will say this, Jamie, they have a wonderful story that is not mine to tell! )

      Out of that trip, I grew the courage to write the material from deep within. Naomi was one of the people who convinced me to set up a blog.

      One very tough challenge was to admit that, at times, the messenger was the Christ energy. (Turns out the Ra Group includes this Christ energy.) One of the people on the Safari is a Psychiatrist and gave me the fodder I needed to quell concerns over fears of delusional behaviour. (Addressed in earlier blog:

      I have longed to share whatever is within and one of my meditations, years ago, confirmed that I would write “something beautiful for God” – to borrow the title of Malcolm Muggeridge’s book about Mother Teresa.

      If you are compelled to share insights into the Ra Group, I would love it. I do know that they specialize in wisdom and love. Thank the Powers That Be.

      Many thanks for your interest, Jamie. THAT brings tears to my eyes.

      • Now this is all very interesting, Amy. I woke up this a.m. thinking an energetic soul group is forming here. So far there are six and a few more to come. I thought that interesting … Spirit moving in this way. There is one in this group who’s eyes I see. We see each other across the ether. When she reads this, she will know I’m talking about her and that what she sees is real. Going to check out the link you provided. Thank you.


  5. Paradoxical missions are familiar to me.

    Yaknow, in all honesty, I hesitated to share that here.
    Now, I’m not sure why–though I’m of the guessing type and can come up with a bazillion reasons.
    And I did read this multiple times and paused for some time before putting fingers to keyboard…..

    Still–I’m unsure of what to share, what to say.

    I’m clear that those who communicate for higher learning are cherished and embraced by those who have opened their hands and their hearts–and their souls.
    Obviously not quite what I wanted to share…..apparently not the moment!

    I did smile as I read.
    Paradoxical missions have a way of doing that to me.

  6. I never knew how special you really are until finally reading this second part of your story. Amazing. You got a gift that I’m only realizing now.

    You’ve been “touched” by the Original Source and are able to communicate so clearly that even the most staunch “non-believer” will have second thoughts on whether a God did or did not exist.

    She exists in persons like you, willing and so able to share insights with the rest of us who can only bask in your Light.

    Once in Love with Amy, always in Love, whether you be an Aussie or an Argentinian.

    I love you woman! Will you marry me in the next Life or two?

    michael j

    • Thank you for your enthusiastic response, Michael J. Imagine that Theresa’s story brings this out in you. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

      You make me chuckle over your creativity. Who else has conceived of a cross-lifetime proposal? Now there’s a story!

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