The Partnership of Soul Purpose

I’ve been given a spiritual edict.

It began with my wanting to be sure I was living my life according to my Soul’s purpose.  I talked with psychics.  My Spirit Guides, through these psychics, my meditations, and spirit-based friends, have been telling me that my Soul’s purpose is to share spiritual messages with the world.

That frightens me.  In fact, it puts a streak of fear right across the comfortable, trust worthy and private little spiritual path that I have co-created over my lifetime.   I’m ‘outing’ myself and it feels uncomfortably over-exposed out here.

It’s tough admitting that I’ve been going after psychic messages when I’ve come through a conservative spiritual maturation.  I’m especially reticent to admit that the Guide in my meditation is Jesus.

The first psychic to help me explore my Soul’s purpose was Ainslie MacLeod who wrote, “The Instruction – Living the Life Your Soul Intended.”  I saw a video of Ainslie when he was on Oprah’s Soul Series radio program.  Not only did I sign up for three sessions with him, I also signed up for a Soul Safari in Africa; a safari that included  Ainslie.

Through Ainslie, spirit guides explained that I am an old soul and that I would be leaving this world with impact.  Old souls don’t seek “impact”.  We love peace!  However, I apparently have to accept the power that I possess.  Old souls like myself, who are Creator types and whose secondary influence is Spirituality, do not recognize their power.  I suspect it’s because we really don’t care about having power over other living creatures.  We love quietness and serenity.  Look at John Lennon’s life, I was told.  He had this same “soul type” and influence.

The next psychic who gave me messages from my spirit guides is a woman who I will call Jazzy.  She is a friend of another woman who came on the Soul Safari.  Through Jazzy, my guides opened with the announcement that my plans were not big enough.  I was told to begin a blog and let it take off from there.  To me, that was jumping way ahead – too fast for me.  (Not that the guides will necessarily follow my schedule!)

Here are my walking orders – for now:

  • I am to dip deep – thus the name “Soul Dipper”.
  • I’m to start sharing stuff that sits in and passes through my soul.
  • I am to be more disciplined and meditate more frequently.
  • I am to be obedient and share all that is given to me in these meditations.
  • I am to overcome my fear and spill it ALL.
  • I am to write the messages on the blog.

The guides say that these messages will help people remember why we all exist.  We are to remember that we are ALL linked.  So, careful, all the “ist” people out there, there really is only one and that’s US.  No one being is just a creature passing through this life without any effect on other life forms.

With Jazzy, I asked the guides if I had overlooked any question, i.e. did they have any final messages.  There were two:

  • “The world needs this information NOW because it is in a vulnerable state NOW.”
  • “You know where you are going.  Don’t pretend you don’t see.”

Honestly, I didn’t realize I was pretending anything.  I’m not sure I do see.

Well, the blog exists and I’m committed.  I’ve exposed myself.  However, I didn’t get here without questioning the sanity of this task.  I say “the sanity” because others have confessed.  I’ve learned that I’m not the only one who has Jesus as a Spirit Guide.   I needed some answers and, thankfully, I knew where I could go.

I have a Psychiatrist friend who I respect a great deal because she is not afraid to explore “spiritual” aspects of life and living.  I emailed her.   I asked her about this spirit world messaging and my claim to be hearing messages from Jesus.  She wrote that these claims “could be included in the realm of grandiose or religious delusions. There has always been debate of how religious beliefs or experiences can be distinguished from delusions and so far no one has provided a good explanation of when spiritual experiences move into psychotic experience. I would say though that if you are insightful and question the existence of extrasensory experiences as possible delusions then you can not be psychotic for with insight comes deductive reasoning and questioning.”

She pointed out that people who have true delusions find it impossible to accept that their experiences are false or delusional. With the definition of a delusion being, ‘a fixed, false belief’, no amount of discussion or logical argument will sway their beliefs.

She kindly shared her personal belief that soul or spirit guides are of a divine power and that all humans are a part of God’s energy. How we experience our spirit guides, she explained, may be a reflection of our personally established paradigms or mental constructs that make sense to us individually.

Thanks to her professional knowledge and her trustworthy wisdom, I am going to continue praying, trust my sanity and write the messages on the blog.   If this material is truly divinely inspired, the results will be as much a surprise to me as anyone.  Let the messages speak for themselves!

The partnership of soul purpose starts now.


9 thoughts on “The Partnership of Soul Purpose

  1. thank you my friend for being so forthright. you are an exceptional lady. evenually, i too may stop long enough to listen to that quiet little voice inside of me. love to you and all your guides.


    • Calling me “forthright” makes me grin. I’ve been holding back and hesitating so much I was going to lose sight of my purpose! Thanks, Susan, for your very kind and encouraging remarks. – Amy

  2. … your purpose while here on earth… remember you are connected to everything else! are there truer words that have been spoken? Thank you for this blog and the deep info found within. Stay true to your path and you will blossom in the light of the truth it brings!

  3. My heart is beating so hard, so full of joy, I wish I could climb into this computer and simply “be with you.”

    I feel a similar “calling,” but I don’t know from Whom. Reading what your psychiatrist friend says helps a lot. You might be interested in a fellow named Sid and his take on something similar:

    The U-Tube presentation is dynamite whether one is in therapy or not.

    michael j
    Where do we go from here?

    • You know, Tok, I owe you a debt of gratitude. I haven’t read that since I published it – nine months ago. Your comment encouraged me to go back to that article and refresh my ‘edict’. This is no small matter. I’m feeling very choked just now and cannot believe the synchronicity. I am so full of words and ideas today that I’m madly making notes so I can refer to them during those horrific times of feeling there is only a ‘dry well’. This has been a morning of overwhelming abundance.

      The confirmation that another soul has come into my life with a resonating purpose, and with such a joyful countenance, reminds me of how worthwhile all of this truly is. Thank you for becoming one of those significant, quietly present, delightfully feeding blogging buddies, Tok.

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