Be The Love – Move from Head to Heart – and Meditate

My Beloved Guides, thank you for your patient presence and obvious Love-influence in our lives.  The energy is changing.  Or it has changed.  Would you be willing to shine further light on this?

Beloved Guides:  Thank you for your willingness to be with us. In spite of herculean struggles experienced by those souls incarnate on your planet at this time, be heartened by the humanity and Love that shines through the struggle.  Pour your goodness and wisdom into all you share.  Perpetuating negativity takes away from effective resolution.  Focus on solutions nurtured and held within your inner world.  Uphold the goodness that is the inheritance of every soul. 

Speak resolutions peaceably and with mature seasoning. The opportunity for maturation has arrived; the journey from the head to the heart.  There is no need to wallow in criticism and suspicion.   Be a voice of resolution.  Criticism comes out of frustration over not feeling empowered.  You can find your power in meditation.   Insights are available to dissolve criticism, judgement and an unnecessary sense of victimization.

Truly, you can change your attitude through faithful meditation.    Allow the portals for resolution to be open.  Experience the profound clarity that is available in all its creativity.

You worry about this being your imagination?  The All Loving Source delivers Love even when the only serving dish is imagination.  Worried about ego?  Ego’s demands will be a glare of negativity.  Watch sharpness become smoothed even after a short meditation.  Listen to yourself suddenly responding with gentleness, kindness and Love.

Imagination can lead to intent.  Imagine everyone in the world opening portals to Love and feeling the glory of indescribable peace.  One of your religions references a “peace that passes all understanding.”  This peace awaits all souls.

Being At One with an Arbutus Tree

At One with an Arbutus Tree

Meditation is key.  One soul’s moment of clarity alters the state of the entire planet.

Any degree of change represents the evolutionary promise of Oneness.  Connectivity with the Divine and each other is unbreakable.  Those souls who ignore eternal Oneness will find their own way.  No soul can be lost to the Whole.   It is, however, up to each soul to chose their own means and time.

As you hear from different sources, children continue performing the wonderment of Oneness.  Adults have forgotten.  Observe the little ones and remember.  Children effortlessly shift into different realms.  Indeed, blessed are the children.

Every soul on your planet chose to be incarnated for this period of adjustment.  You are capable of accessing your purpose – the one you recorded before incarnating and “forgetting”.  It is recorded in your heart.  In meditation, go into your heart, find the small room, turn on the light and read your message.  It’s there.  When you fear that it’s merely your imagination, take comfort in its power to lift veils and show what you created.  Hold onto what you see and learn.  Watch for confirmation in your daily living.  See how often you are affirmed.  Let your soul’s memory whisper and nudge until you have the confidence to trust.

You know you can trust when direction, clarity and words for the solution are Love based, powerfully positive and uncannily creative.

The womb for all of life is Love.  Love continues to be the embodiment of Source.  Out of fear, and in order to control, humankind has contorted many messages and introduced punitive, fear-based interpretations.  Ego fed ego and justified misinterpretations.  Love dissolves fear.  It takes great voice and great courage to deliver Love in the midst of the world’s 

Even a Goofy Grin Helps Dissolve Fear

Even Goofy Grins Help Dissolve Fear

negativity.  Many courageous voices teaching Love have been silenced on your planet.  The power of those messages do continue even though their fullness has yet to be fully revealed and understood.

Love, for you, is being abundantly served through many different sources.  Let your Love for others be a seasoning, not as a pill; let it be an experience arising from your action, not a lecture.  A dish of Love, not its recipe, feeds the hungry.

Visualize your purpose with intent.  Let each Love opportunity be a celebration for your evolutionary growth and maturation.

Again, there is no need for fear.  Sit quietly in mediation and see the glory of your life.  Know who you are.  Read the wall of your heart’s inner chamber.  You will be amazed.

And at peace.

As always, Beloved Guides –  all of you who nudge so many of us – thank you for your steadfast and positive presence in our lives.  Thank you for being here in meditation, gently repeating the important ways of being.  I breathe with relief that we have reached the Time of Heart.

Blessings on each soul.  Thank you for being willing to hear the message of Our All-Loving Source.  Free the fetters  and fly in Love, dear ones.  We have you in our radar.

Fly Free.  We Have You in our Radar.

Flying Free in Divine Radar.

35 thoughts on “Be The Love – Move from Head to Heart – and Meditate

  1. the move from head to heart is the room we need to dwell in and the key? meditation, time in silence, trusting that even if it feels like our imagination, and it may, it is Divine wisdom we hear in our heart. Beautiful communication, dear one. From my Ladies to your Guides – we are One!

    • Thanks, Joss, there’s a whole whack of convergence happening. Thankfully our connectivity is more and more accepted. We just keep talking about it until acknowledgement lives in hearts.

  2. I adore when you share the message with us.
    And I thank the Guides for giving me a head full to move to the heart.
    You know I’ll need to revisit this again and again and again. My brain tends to complicate the simple. In the meantime–I will find my quiet space. I’ve missed that for a few mornings–try as I might the body’s interfered.

    *hugs* And many thanks.

    • You are so very welcome, Mel, as is all your enthusiasm. I suspect there’s a divine party when your energy flies out there in gratitude. Bet those guys drink moonbeams in celebration and eat sunbaked manna sprinkled with stardust.

  3. We’re just days away from the 12/21 thank you sharing this wisdom from your guides …
    It’s simple we can so do it:
    In meditation, go into your heart, find the small room, turn on the light and read your message. It’s there…

    • Yes, Rosie, and when you “see” the message, hold it within yourself while you get on with the day. Watch how confirmations and validations appear. One of the things happening to many is seeing the repetition of numbers. (It’s 9:09 as I write, for example) When I experience 3 of these types of validation, I am confident that I am perceiving the message appropriately.

      • So if you see the same number several times its validation that you’ve got the message? Thanks for explaining that.

        For more than 20 years I’ve been seeing 11:11… but don’t know what that means.

  4. Yeah … I’m with Mel. Hard isn’t it to move from head to heart. This is really excellent reminder, just excellent. I have numerous things lining up, saying pretty much the same thing … and I have the time. I have the time, Liz, you have the time. thank you Beloved Guides. Thank you Amy. Thank you.

    • As one Master said, Raven, the journey from head to heart is one of the longest. We put up great resistance while we’re on the journey and the greatest is not loving ourselves so we can freely love others. It is a form of arrogance to not believe in our connectedness with the Divine – to deny the existence of the Divine Spark that resides within our essence. We need to go beyond believing our worthiness. We need to know it. You have gained that knowledge through acceptance of your higher self – your guides. You understand that at times the journey is inch by inch. However, it is a mighty inch!

  5. A dish of Love, not its recipe, feeds the hungry.

    Yes, back for another go at this one.
    And this bit grabbed me……and humbled me.
    Only a bit of the penny dropping, no doubt. But there you have it………

    • Yes, Lorna, these are matters that rest in all our hearts. It’s a time for helping us to remember. We’re here with purpose and it’s time to remove the layers of forgetfulness. When I respond to a hurt with Love instead of a “reaction”, I am validated.

  6. Bless you for posting positive reminders I needed to read this morning. I, too, especially love “A dish of Love, not its recipe, feeds the hungry.” I was touched, through the worst of these hard days, at how in the midst of horror, love came shining through in all of the people who gathered, who cared, who encouraged, who appreciated and who supported. This is the side of human nature we need to focus on. Thank you and the guides for reminding us.

    • Yes, Sherry, and all the positive and meaningful action comes from the hearts of the people. Comfort, care and compassion is pouring from hearts. This is a the primary reason I so appreciate the internet.

  7. Hi Amy,

    What beautiful thoughts to savour early in the morning. As i sit in cold,cold Munich waiting for the first glimpse of sunlight, I realise you have made my day. Thank you.



    • Oh, brrrrr, Shakti. Climate AND culture shock! Glad I could bring you a thread of familiarity – even though it’s not a wool blanket! Many blessings on your travels and business affairs.

    • Sheila, many thanks. My heart went out to you about your friend in such a big way. I know what it’s like having to watch a friend hurt herself. So, I’m afraid I wrote a lengthy response. Throughout my mentoring experience, I have learned there is one sure-fire route to recovery. It’s love. And as you can see, I have constant reminders to include that ingredient in all my actions and responses to life.

  8. This is huge, Amy, for some of us. A great reference, and a post to refer to time and time again. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you have grateful I am to have “met” you, and how much I am learning. PS – got Adam’s dvds (both) and book (intention heals) coming this way, to bring down to Patagonia to help on the healing mission down there. I think I would like you and Ginny to connect when the timing is right for both. Two remarkable souls connecting. I would be honored to be a vessel.

    • Boy, there’s lots of good stuff happening, Gin. I wonder if Ginny will have had brushes with self-healing before. Or, if she will end up considering a private session with Adam. He did the treatments for Ronnie Hawkins remotely. In a Video at the beginning of our session, Ronnie talked about the sensations he felt at the prescribed time when Adam would “work” on him. Amazing stuff – but I think the world is finally becoming ready to accept it. How does one argue with positive results?

      The time is arriving swiftly, isn’t it? Are you ready? 😀 Big hug to you!

      • I am ready! And ready to enjoy the next two weeks first with Forrest home.
        I believe Ginny has a remarkably open mind, and it will be fascinating to see how she works with Adam’s writings and meditions. Agreed on the private session, too.
        And a big hug to you too, Big Sister!

  9. Lovely, encouraging words. I’ve never been successful at meditation, but this gives me hope that someday I will be open enough for it to work. Thank you for sharing. Visiting you from WOE.

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