Stripped Bare for Repair

Going to Vancouver without devices rendered a sense of naked vulnerability.  No car.  No computer.  No IPod Touch.  No cell phone.  My camera never came out of my bag.

Before my Vancouver trip to learn some self-healing techniques, a friend amazingly signed up to care for Duc le Chat – which included feline pill-pushing duty.  Then, to make life even easier, my walk buddy drove me to the Ferry.

Karen, an island lass herself, met me at the end of the trip – in Tsawwassen. We arrived at her city home where her partner had kindly prepared a delicious chicken stir-fry dinner laced with bok choy.

How did anyone get a shot of Massey Tunnel so empty?

How did anyone get a shot of Massey Tunnel so empty?

At 7:15 a.m. the next morning Karen and I headed into the city’s hub to learn self-healing techniques from Adam aka Dreamhealer whose natural gifts include holistic energy work.  The drive was easy and we came to the Massey Tunnel in record time.

“Molly hates going through this tunnel,” Karen said as we dropped elevation into the glare of yellow lights blinking wildly as we sped by.  I pictured her faithful dog, almost as big as me, sitting in this seat, alert and stiff, also waiting for this living grave’s opposite end to appear.

“That’s ’cause Molly’s smart.  She knows humans are batty enough to dig a ruddy hole under a river, drive through it and expect to be safe.”

“They’re going to be working on this tunnel.  They have to make the channel deeper so bigger cargo ships can come up the mouth of this river,” Karen said.

“Yah?  That really excites me.”  My love of nature had turned leniency into sarcasm.

Imagine if humankind understood that the greatest challenge is the journey within.  Imagine how our planet could once again thrive if there were no attempts to contort nature into something convenient or financially rewarding.

Vancouver Skyline at Dusk.  (National Geographic Photo)

Vancouver Skyline at Dusk. (National Geographic Photo)

We wove in and out of lanes freely with lots of green lights.  Whether on freeways or quiet streets lined with older homes, healthy living was on my mind.  We exchanged awe-full curiosity over city lifestyles.  Jammed beside or piled atop one another while facing other pillared piles of people, do residents come to accept the normalcy of frantically driving twice a day to get to work, roaring through a tunnel that has been burrowed out from under a major river?  I suspect they carry deep, resonating stress camouflaged by the trickster called routine.

“It seems a dichotomy that Adam is teaching these incredible healing techniques at a venue in the middle of a city.  It seems a mismatch.”  Was I stating the obvious?

We cruised into the parking lot after only one directional adjustment.  We were firmly ensconced in the world of “Hurry Up And Wait”.  We arrived at the hotel complex in time to register and find some semblance of breakfast.  Line-ups shock islanders: I knew healthy food would be off my radar for a day, but having to wait 20 minutes to order a decaf and muffin seemed preposterous.  My gourd of Yerba Mate, consumed during the drive, would hopefully gird my body into tolerating the bits of chemically laced morsels available at various outlets.  There were no bowls of fruit, raw veggies or other healthy snacks in our conference room so I was thankful for tanks of water with dishes of fresh lemon slices.

The morning session began with a greeting from Adam’s father. Adam’s mother, who had been in a wheelchair with MS during Adam’s adolescence, strode across the conference room, climbed the steps onto the stage and walked to the microphone as easily as an olympic athlete climbing the stage to accept a gold medal.  She is just one of the many people who show proof that Adam’s simple techniques work.

There were approximately 650 people present, some in wheelchairs, lots with canes.  A silent number are currently dealing with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Then, there were those simply wanting to be healers while maintaining good health themselves.

We watched a video of Ronnie Hawkins who survived pancreatic cancer using Adam’s techniques.  We observed the ever-present skepticism of people, including medical practitioners.  When the tumours on Ronnie’s pancreas disappeared, the doctors repeatedly re-tested.  They could not believe that energy work could heal tumours and cause cancer to disappear in a matter of months.  That was more than a decade ago and “The Hawk” is still cancer free.

Adam  (soon to be Dr. McLeod)

Adam (soon to be Dr. McLeod)

Adam came on stage, casual and comfortable in his blue jeans and jean shirt, and quietly began explaining the science behind his methodologies.  He told us how Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut, became clear of his cancer after adopting Adam’s techniques.   Dr. Mitchell became Adam’s scientific mentor.  I suspect his insights and influence encouraged Adam to study medicine.  Adam plans to open his own Naturopathic clinic, likely in Vancouver, in the coming months.

Adam explained why and how bodies respond so willingly to our INTENT.  He showed footage of special cells whose sole job is to kill cancer cells.  Our focus and attention facilitate the energy these cells need to succeed.

It really is not complicated.

Adam obviated our need to know what a healthy version of our ailment looks like so we can visualize that picture of health.  Through meditation, we are able to pull in universal energy, expand our field or aura, and visualize bringing healing energy into our bodies – both generally and specifically.   Or, into the body of another – or a group.

Adam’s teachings parallel principles taught in Therapeutic Touch.  His explanations validated the strength and power of those Golden Energy Blankets I have sent out to various readers.  Recipients can wrap themselves in those imaginary blankets, visualize their bodies as healthy, and their ability to heal themselves will be significant.

Energy healing may sound like woo-woo to skeptics and dissenters.  It’s impossible to change a closed mind, but results may influence nay-sayers to crack open the door.  If not, there’s plenty of people who will take their money in exchange for pills – a form of chemical impact on an ailment that often negatively influences other healthy parts of our bodies.

It’s important that we partner with the medical profession.  While taking meds, we can empower healthy cells to heal ailing ones and “absorb” unwanted ones.

I have heard many cancer survivors say that we aren’t to focus on the disease.  We design health by focussing on HEALTH.  As Adam emphasized, we need to know what “healthy” looks like so “a healthy ____” is our visualization.  Our bodies want to be well.  Our minds project our INTENT and set the course for those cells to ensure an optimum degree of health.

Adam led us through two group healings.   The lights were lowered and, other than an occasionally cough, 650 people produced zero sound.  In seconds, I felt the group energy take hold.  Minutes passed like seconds.  My session was noticeably deeper than usual.  I had a meditation experience unlike any I’ve known to date.

People experienced different results: pulsing sensations, tingling, vibrations, electrical impulses, heat, tears, fatigue, etc.  I came out of the meditation filled with indescribable joy.

After our second group session, Karen and I returned to “Hurry Up and Wait”.  We rushed to her vehicle and headed back to her place.  On the way, Karen checked her IPhone for the Ferry’s load level and made sure there would be room for us.

I watched her pressing various keys.  I thought how the same people who say Energy Healing is a load of bunk would also pooh-pooh the fact we would be using a tiny phone to determine, from anywhere in the world, whether or not we could get on a specific ferry

We arrived at her house, picked up our suitcases, said goodbye to Karen’s partner and drove to the Ferry without the usual panic to get in the line-up.

I’ve been exhausted.  It’s not unusual for islanders to feel wretchedly tired after spending a day in an even smaller city, but this feels like my body is telling me there’s some form of healing going on.  I’m going to listen and be quiet for a while.

Through email, Karen and I quickly shared news of a mutual increase in vivid dreams.  On Sunday night, half-awake, I caught the end of a series of sensations.  Like boxes being moved inside my body, they were being slid, then rolled and tipped over with a ka-lump onto their sides.

I don’t have the interpretation yet.   With any luck, it was the healthy cells stripping off my excess poundage and crating it for those giant cargo ships about to float over an even deeper Massey Tunnel.

Thanks for your great city sense, Karen. I can't imagine visiting Adam without you!

Thanks for your great city sense, Karen. I can’t imagine visiting Adam without you!

42 thoughts on “Stripped Bare for Repair

  1. Oh Amy! I’ve read this over twice so far and know I will have to two more. First question raised – my thought was you were going there as a healer, one learning to heal, but have I missed that you too need healing? Or perhaps is that we all do on some level? Pardon my not understanding.

    Second, his mother… of course I would like to know more. I am sure you are completely wiped out, and open, and when you have time and can focus on others and specifics, please share more on his work with his mother.

    Welcome home. You are welcomed home indeed.

    • Hi Gin…thanks for your fab nudge earlier today. I needed to let things gel a bit before I could write about my fabulous experience. It’s going to be one of those experiences with many tentacles. I’m in great health, thanks my friend. You are quite right – we all need to look after ourselves and give ourselves a good self healing session in daily meditation. Even if we only use our INTENT for 5 minutes, it’s better than not flooding ourselves with healing energy. I use the concept of light – white to golden – pouring from the universe through the top of my head and into every cell of my body and out my feet into the earth. I travel through my body with the light. Then, if I have a specific area of concern, I zap it with intense energy. Adam teaches about breathing in imaginary sachets called “Super Energy Packets”. Breathe them in, let them go where they want to go and breathe out the crud and toxins they are cleaning out.

      Gin, use the link and go to Adam’s website. You’ll see contact information. Connect with them (likely his mom/dad will be front-line people because they certainly were at the session.) Ask questions and see what they suggest for an MS visualization. i.e. Don’t visualize the physical difficulties – find out the healthiest way to visualize NO MS or no difficulties. I’d love to know, too, what visualization his mom used or uses.

        • I heard from Liz, Adam’s mother. I’ve ordered Adam’s book to start with, and plan to read that aloud to Ginny. She is open to healing; I am no healer, but maybe can help in this small way.

          Such sadness today in our country, across the world. The families, the survivors, so in need of healing… Please send blessings to them… with love and light so needed.

          • Yay! That is soooo good, Gin. I love the authenticity and accessibility of these people. Which book did Liz suggest you order? The latest one, or, or, ?

            Brene Brown, a TED presenter, wrote a prayer for her newsletter. I’ve posted it on the Soul Dipper Face Book Page: “Lord, help me send love and light to those in pain. Let me stay calm and openhearted while I manage my own fear and anger. Help me remember that news coverage is traumatizing for me, not healing, and that my children need safety and information, not more fear.” – Brene Brown.

            • Oh, that is beautiful… thank you, Amy… needed and healing. I didn’t know you had a FB page, I will check now. As for book: “Intention Heals” and she suggested both DVDs but money is tight and I don’t know about electricity etc for playing dvds where we will be, so will start with the book, I love to read aloud, and will share that. If we need the dvds I can have Forrest (my son in BC) send them.

  2. Hi Amy,
    You brought the whole experience to light again… It was an amazing day with so much positive energy. Considering there were a lot of sick bodies there you would not have known this. What a concept to get away from the negativity of health issues and move towards positive affirmations that we can all have healthy bodies and rid ourselves of toxins! No it would not have been the same without you! xox Karen

    • We had a long wait, but it was worth it. Nothing like sharing this kind of stuff with a good friend. Many thanks. We’re off to the races, Karen. Hope you can find time to watch the 2012 movie I posted on FB.

  3. This is rivetingly interesting. We humans have no clue of what is possible if we really learn to work with energy to harness it and join with others. I can only imagine a meditative session with 600 people of like minds….powerful stuff. I am very interested. Will check out this young ,man’s site. My daughter had mentioned him. Great post. Keep on relaying what you learn. It will help others.

    • Glad to hear this, Sherry. I’m not promoting sales for Adam – but his books are very clear about the steps to take. Plus he purposely keeps his price low so people can afford to attend and learn from one of his sessions. He wants as many people as possible to be healing ourselves! His whole attitude is so positive. This man is going to be an incredibly positive influence on the Medical world, I predict.

    • I remember a suggested visualization specifically for diseases like fibromyalgia. Yes, Diana, it is essential to do the necessary steps toward maintaining a positive attitude. It’s hard to feel positive when laden with pain. I find regular meditation is as important as eating good food in keeping myself in good intentions. I hope the winter holds mercy.

    • When I consider my stress levels while being in cities, it may not be long before I’m most content sitting in a cow pasture waiting for gopher olympics. 😀 Actually – I love the culture that cities have to offer, but it’s tough “getting there”. I like knowing where I’m going and what to expect. I think being on my own causes me to feel I have to pull it off alone if I want to get somewhere. It was such a treat being with Karen who knew the route AND had her GPS at all times. She tried city living again, but after the freedom of island living, found its travel and traffic too stressful and disconcerting.

      I am a perfect senior guinea pig for Robert Ballard’s Telepresence techniques.

  4. Wow……that’s quite the experience in just two days.

    I shall do some more reading–but being a believer in healings, I’m not surprised that it’s in us and through us.
    The power of INTENT is one that I’d have to chase more about.

    Sounds like it was a phenominal experience for you–and for your friend.
    I do hope the cat didn’t give poor Dave too many fits. 😉

    • As you would surmise, Mel, the experience will be creating its effects for some time. Dave tells me that Duc only spit the 1/4 pill out a few times, but Dave persisted. The end result? Buddies. Yep, Dave thinks Duc is one cool cat. I’m glad to hear that…Dave’s a cool guy!

  5. It sounds like your experience with Adam was wonderful and the city living not so much. I know you just loved arriving home to Duc and likely a cozy fire.

  6. Hi Amy,

    Quite a “opening up of the mind” experience and your post really is fascinating.

    In India, there exists significant writings and belief of Yogis ( those who practise Yoga) who could in fact control a number of involuntary functions including functioning of vital organs through meditation and certain asanas. This knowledge, for whatever it is worth, has been passed down through millennia. With the rise and adoption of western medicine and connected technologies, these alternative methods have got significantly side-lined. But I hear of many people, mostly in the rural areas and lacking modern health facilities, who have fully recovered from cancer and lukaemia using these traditional methods. When I review all this in my mind, I really cannot gain a clarity about what works and in what circumstances. But my sense is that our minds and thoughts definitely play a very significant role than previously thought.

    Great post, thank you for sharing.


    • Shakti, I read your comment, then carried it in my heart for a good part of the day so a response could develop on its own. I’ve been filled with a memory. I met a First Nations Medicine Woman deep in the Northern Canadian Wilderness. She and I shared our healing techniques. I exclaimed, “My techniques come from ancient Asia…yours from your ancestry here. Yet they are the same!”

      Her wise face glowed with delight. She said, “What else would you expect? What is the Source of our knowledge?”

      So, Shakti, what else would we expect? We have wandered away from powerful techniques that are our inheritance. Yes, we have evolved, developed and grown, but we did so with the thinking that these early techniques were too simple and basic to be valid.

      We seem to have to become full of ego before we see can see it.

      If people don’t want to believe in these practices, it’s their decision. It seems strange, however, that they wouldn’t use them in conjunction with medical science. What is there to lose? If I can perfect the technique to the point where I don’t have to take prescription drugs for my thyroid, for example, I’ll be overjoyed.

  7. Oh Amy, there is no one quite like you! directional adjustment – as in “we got lost?” That would be me. After reading your initial post about attending this, i went to Adam’s website and ordered his 2 DVDs. Am glad you are back home on your island. I have similar feelings when going into the big city of Halifax! Too much sound, sight, colour, just too much.

    • Wow, Joss…yes! As I said to Diana, it’s worth sending Adam a question about specific techniques for fibromyalgia.

      I was amused by a set of directions sent to participants about parking. They said, “As you proceed North…” When I’m in the belly of a city, surrounded by highrises and no sun, how on earth am I to know which direction is “north”. Do I jump out of the car and check for moss on a tree – if I can find one?? 🙂

      If I had to live in a city again, I’ll choose to live right in the center so I can walk.

  8. This, as usual, was a riveting post. You do have a marvelous way of seeing and describing the life around you. I could just feel Molly’s and your anxiety about that tunnel. When you first mentioned this healing seminar, I was sort of surprised that you’d have to leave the serenity of your island and fight your way into the maze of a city. But I suppose that is the way to make events like these accessible to the greatest number of people. And, Vancouver, after all, is one of the most beautiful and forward thinking cities I’ve ever been to. I’m surprised you didn’t find more wonderful healthy options for eating and snacking.

    The whole healing thing is interesting. I suppose one of these days, I will chide myself for having not paid better attention to what’s going on inside and learning how to visualize good health. So far, in my life, I’ve been blessedly healthy. The MS thing really got my attention. A friend has been living with MS since childhood. It wasn’t officially diagnosed till she was 50, but she looked back and recognized all the missed signs early on. She has denied all MS drugs with the exception of occasionally submitting to cortisone shots to get her through bad flare ups. She’s in her 70’s now and I see her slipping. I may investigate Adam further and then send her his info. She’s into woowoo. Maybe he could offer her some tweaks to keep her going. I think she’s done an awesome job so far of just listening to her body and willing herself to go on.

    • Oh, yes, Linda, there would be all sorts of good food available, but time didn’t permit a good scout. The one restaurant that had some menu selections that would have been my kind of healthy could not accommodate 650 people. The maitre d’ had to come out, grovelling with apologies, and suggest the cafes and fast food outlets. We ended up spending 2/3 of the time waiting in line ups, then finally getting a bowl of soup with a dreadful panini in a tiny lunch spot. I swear the young fellow who was cooking was on his first day. He kept running to the man who was trying his best to appease all of us starving and hurried patrons.

      If I were to do it again, I’d be armed with food of my own. I’d take easy stuff that would sustain. It didn’t help that I missed my usual morning oatmeal supplemented by cinnamon, hemp hearts, maple syrup and flax oil. With that, I can go many hours.

      Your friend probably has been using some form of self-healing techniques already – not many people are able to live into their 70s with MS and not have been in a wheelchair for years. She must have been taught and been faithful to them. I have a friend who refused the meds, as well. She used diet for a number of years – then recently had the “shunt” operation that is still illegal in Canada but has helped MS patients immensely. She’s in her 50s, walking without a cane and very grateful for the results she gained from the operation. This friend has had “intent” since her diagnosis. And she had to buck a lot of negativity from people around her. It’s paid off!

    • Feels like my body is still detoxing – ever heard of a Kale craving. Made a big pot of delish homemade soup. We’re having blowy, rainy weather so the soup goes perfectly with my welcome wood fire, warm blanket and cuddly black cat. I’d love to have a gripping library book to add to the scene, but… Portions of libraries in Vancouver have become infested with bed bugs! They even have dogs sniffing the shelving to find them. However…we know how tall dogs are (!) so the problem continues. I just heard on the news of a woman having to spend about $4,000. to get rid of the little miseries. She obviously left it much too long.

      Books have enough of a challenge these days. They don’t need bedbugs!

  9. Good gracious Amy I just read your comment about bed bugs in Vancouver P.L! How awful. I thought I may have brought bed bugs home from Spain because I had bites on my cheeks and hands, so I put everything through hot water washes, 20 minutes in the dryer (even those delicates that are never washed or dried including my backback) and then into the freezer for 5 days. Thank god no unwanted bugs emerged….

    I love the idea of doing workshops with a good friend. Sounds as though you had a successful weekend.
    and yes I know what it’s like to be kale deprived.

    • Since Karen has the Pest Control business on the island, she and her intrepid employee keep our island in good shape. But we can order books from anywhere in BC through our Library’s website. Hmmm… We’re days away from a grand and glorious new library opening. Maybe we need to ask them to curtail any Vancouver “Open Shelf” books!

      I don’t blame you for being very fussy after being suspicious about those danged little hitchhikers. You may have run into a good dose of fleas. In the 1960s, my demanding travel partner saw the choice of two beds in our “starvation section” B&B and said, “I want the real bed!” I just said okay and planted my stuff on what appeared to be a mattress stuffed with hay! She hardly slept and discovered bites all over her body in the morning. They were fleas, thank goodness…we never even thought of bedbugs in those days.

      The session was wonderful. Karen and I talked on the phone the other night and it seems both of us are detoxing. It’s likely a good one – having had two healing sessions. I felt the group power profoundly. I fell in love. Could have hugged everyone! The deep joy was like a crystal bowl resided in my body. I didn’t have a clue what effect to expect in the coming week. I’ve faithfully continued the techniques for general healthiness and well-being. But both Karen and I have been exhausted!

      However, I keep hearing all kinds of people talk about feeling funny. When we think of the moon’s effect on oceans, why do we think we would not be affected when all the planets are about to be perfectly aligned? I listened to a scientist who has helped design and build the replacement for the Hubble in August or September. He pointed out that we’re all made of the same stuff as the stars. How could we not be pulled into the energy shift of major planets?

      It’s exciting and I love being alive right now!

    • You’re welcome, Raven. Adam experienced a thunderbird – sounds preposterous, but he has a photo of it in his book – AND his family were with him when he saw it in the forest. They all saw it, photographed it and heard what it said to Adam. At 16, he dreamt about the location and led everyone to the remote location. Thankfully, his family knew he was gifted and supported him by going with him to the location – accessible only by boat. Yes, he’s quite a young man!

  10. I am a believer that we can heal through a positive healthy approach to healing, Amy. It seems, over time, the medical profession has slid into treating the disease or the illness rather than the whole person where the illness resides. I can remember a time when my son was considered a person with a name who needed care for having his kidneys compromised at an early age. They spoke about him using his name and were concerned about how he felt and the issues in his life that he was needing to address as he lived with this slightly different normal. Over time, his name was used less and less, as I recall, and no one wanted to help him with issues he had to face as he dealt with his special normal. To date he is now a kidney transplant patient and I hear him referred to in that way and not by name. He is to live as a full and interacting human being and find a normal within the rejection drugs he must take but he is first and foremost a “transplant patient” and no longer a specific individual with a name when he goes to hospital for his follow up. I rarely hear his name mentioned other than on a piece of paper. ..and no one asks him, anymore, about other issues he may be dealing with. It takes no more time to say hello to a person by name than it does to call him a transplant patient. Good post.

    • I take comfort in knowing two people who see him as a whole person with a name indeed…you and your son. It’s a tragedy when people are only seen as their disease or condition. So many people get caught up in the processing that facilitates this travesty and don’t realize it’s happening. It’s subtle and demoralizing.

      My hope is that Adam will be one of the people who puts healing and health back into the field as the priority they are. The focus is so much on disease. Patients need to know what healthy looks like so they can visualize, with factual and accurate intent, their own healthy bodies.

      What a son! What a mom!

  11. Just flipping through to see what I missed. Have to say I love the last photograph of you and your friend.

    I can’t remember if I wished you well for 2013 … but I do! Many blessings, dear Amy.

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