The Guides Share The In-Between

Beloved Guides, thank you for the incredible messages you’ve given.  I’ve passed them along and am awed by the comfort they provide.  Forgive me for getting uptight and anxious about sharing the abundant love you pour over us.  I worry about looking silly.  I know it’s ego, but I still fret.

Because we understand human objection and fear, there is no need to ask forgiveness – though if it were necessary, it would be given with Love. We ask that you continue to share our messages .  Perhaps the experience is your opportunity to overcome fears of rejection or fear of humiliation.   Perhaps it is too effortless to feel valid?   Would it be more appropriate if you had to endure pain to receive a message?  Or, if you were handicapped in some way?


Thank you.  I see your point.  When I began Soul Dipper, the phrase “Spirit Builder By Design” rolled out of my brain like tumbleweed.  I give you credit for the rudder of our communications.  You do build spirits in every message you deliver.

To every reader:  You are doing some of the most significant work of your lifetime when you are sharing Love, peace, kindness, comfort, and Divine Knowledge.   If your message lacks hope, trust that it is not sourced from the Divine All Knowing.  Share the positive that comes to you.  Do not cower in the face of those who scorn Love and accept negativity as the norm.  It is time to reverse this condition.

Thanks for the shot of courage.  I sense, Beloved Guides, that you want to message people who are grieving the loss of loved ones.  I want to acknowledge some of the people who are in my heart this time:

  • A mother whose daughter died in a car crash.
  • A mother and father whose son needed strong pain killers.
  • A woman whose friend just died of cancer.
  • A woman whose sister was killed by an abusive husband.
  • A mother whose young son died of cancer.

We will be pleased to serve these grieving souls.  Please understand, however, that what serves one will serve many.  The Divine Bearing holds truth for all who have been devastated by the death of any loved being – human or otherwise.

When a soul passes to the next dimension, regardless of their physical experience or incarnation, they are met with an abundance of Love.  It is a Love beyond the description of human experience and form.  If the natural, non-altered, sexual orgasmic experience of humans could be intensified many times, a nano-degree of understanding may be possible.   This means the well-being, the sense of “home”, and the cocoon of joy is experienced by each passed soul.

After being embraced by their soul families, these souls take the opportunity to review their past incarnation.  We emphasize – this is not punitive.  It is an All Loving process that confirms and designs Agreements with other souls.  It is the stage in which souls determine their next incarnation or their next Purpose.

Throughout this process, Love is overflowing.  Passed souls want their loved ones to know that they exist within indescribable joy.  They now understand that a soul’s physical life is designed to be shared with specific people – with Purpose.  Souls choose to be together.  Soul families connect on the physical plane repeatedly.  The reason?  Souls provide each other with the physical experience needed for the feeling  experience that takes souls to higher dimensions.  Feelings greatly enhance spiritual growth.  They facilitate deeper understanding.  This understanding fuels the soul’s evolutionary progress.

The Light

Every soul works to evolve; whether in the physical or spiritual dimension.  Love profoundly rewards each soul.  As an example, as we Love and serve you, your evolution enhances ours.

What a succinct explanation of a highly complex process!  There’s a great deal to contemplate.

Yes.  Contemplate is an appropriate word.  There is much more complexity, but it is not necessary for this message.  This is what the bereaved need at this time.  Over-talking on our part, or over-thinking on yours, is non-productive.  Feel with the heart and let the essence of this understanding pass through you as the wind through a screen.  The refreshment will be obvious though the breeze elusive.

We send your departed’s Universal Love to each one of you.  Open yourself to receive it.   Agreements are set between souls before new physical lives are chosen.  Soul connection is eternal.

What about murderers?  Was murder planned in an agreement between a soul and those murdered?

As you have learned in your spiritual seeking, judgment only serves to disease the judge.   Physical beings are not capable of knowing the whole purpose of relationships.  We will simply say that there are souls who agree to a martyrdom role.  Consider the Love!  We acknowledge this is difficult for grieving loved-ones to accept.


Every human contains varying degrees of all aspects of humanness.  Every human being has a degree of tyrant, murderer, killer in their being.   The more evolved the soul becomes after many incarnations, there is a great likelihood of the degree lessening.  However, rather than putting energy on judging the other, it is exceedingly more beneficial to view the same tendency in one’s own soul.

Dear Beloveds, I am reminded of some lines from Rumi:  “The fault is in the blamer.  Spirit sees nothing to criticize.”

Rumi was a highly evolved Master during his incarnation.  Thank you for showing others that it is humanly possible to understand this concept – even if it is at first difficult to accept.

We suggest enough has been shared for now.

Thank you for all you give, Dear Guides.  Thank you, especially, for the Loving comfort and reassurance you give to my friends and loved ones.  I am reminded that one small pebble affects the entire sea.  Our Love CAN affect the world.


40 thoughts on “The Guides Share The In-Between

  1. Amy this is wonderful. Period.

    These words from your article are so very true; “When a soul passes to the next dimension, regardless of their physical experience or incarnation, they are met with an abundance of Love. It is a Love beyond the description of human experience and form. If the natural, non-altered, sexual orgasmic experience of humans could be intensified many times, a nano-degree of understanding may be possible. This means the well-being, the sense of “home”, and the cocoon of joy is experienced by each passed soul.”

    I have experienced a love like that from beyond … from my father. Though, today I do not well remember it. Also, one can simply make the decision to love. My inlays wanted no part of me 30 years ago. I decided that was going to change. So much love passes between us it is amazing. Funny, knowing all of that I am still capable of very NON LOVING FEELINGS.

    • Raven, I certainly respect your willingness to be so honest with yourself. The amount of courage it takes to change one’s attitude and take action is remarkable. You have accomplished it with in-laws? Wow. Well done, you good example.

  2. Thank you for another lovely post Amy. It is so true how this post ends…”Our Love CAN affect the world” It is ironic that I wrote a post today on forgiveness. I believe we need it in order to live our lives free of anger and hate.

    • Yes, I agree, HealthyWarrior. Forgiveness is essential for our spiritual health. I’ve been taught that we must stay current with forgiveness; otherwise we stymie our spiritual growth and evolution. One good exercise – that I use since learning it – envision the person’s face, say three times, “I forgive you and I love you.” It works wonderfully well, even though the first time does not come from the heart. By the third time it actually does!

  3. “judgment only serves to disease the judge” – this waltzed through my heart as I read your post and read it again and again. We each see a truth that blesses us from this, methinks. I am often told how naive I am and that I don’t see the “bad” in people but always assume the good. People tell me this as though it is a bad thing but it blesses me to know I am this way. Judging, criticizing, knowing better than, others eats a hole in our heart .

    • Thank goodness you were strong and brave enough to continue being loving, Joss. It takes great character to ride the trials that trusting can bring. Those of us who trust learn discernment. I follow Maya Angelou’s wonderful advice: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” We don’t have to make some great judgement – just accept that someone is a certain way and it’s not good for us!

      I believe that those who think the best of others can bring out the best in them! It just backfires occasionally as I’m sure you understand!:D

      I have to add one tiny story. I had a male friend who disliked my acknowledging the goodness I saw in him. He felt I had expectations for him and he couldn’t live up to them. I learned he’d been raised with criticism more than praise. So I said, “I don’t know if you have 10% of a virtue or 85%.” But I backed off because he was uncomfortable. Sad.

  4. Wow, I am going to read this several times! In some ways this sounds so much like what my mother tried to teach me. She is a tough act to follow! Thank you for all this tremendous insight.

    • Our power went out so I guess my response didn’t get through. I said that you and I are blessed to have had moms who were intuitive. I would have so much more to discuss with my mom right now…I’d keep her up for days! 😀

  5. Thank you. This week and next week I am and will be practicing letting the past be the past, letting go of resentment and dealing strictly through love and patience. I may need some extra strength and encouragement…

    • Suzicate, it sounds like you are taking a major step. I’m not surprised that you have made the decision – from what I have “seen” from your writings. Go gently into that good night… Ask for guidance and listen with your heart. I will ask that the process be full of Love and comfort – for you and all concerned.

  6. Thank you, Amy. Some life lessons are just hard and become easier when we realize others actions really are more about them than those who are sometimes affected.

  7. What an insightful, peaceful and totally loving exchange, Amy. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to the overflowing gift of boundless love described by your Guides when my transition occurs … the closes I have come to this on earth is through my father. It is one of the many reasons I miss him so … I miss that love and acceptance in this physical world … even one of his hugs expressed so much to me … what I would give to have one of those. 🙂

    xoxo Thank you!!

    • I wonder – does your father come to you in dreams? I remember one friend who waited and waited for her husband to come to her in a dream. She agonized over the fact that he had not. One day a friend of the family arrived with a message. The husband had appeared to the friend and said, “Please let Joyce know her anxiety is blocking my communication.” We had a huge laugh…she laughed hardest of all.

      Thereafter, he did come to her on occasion. She was so relieved.

      P.S. – You are so very welcome.

  8. Well said. The alchemy of love is all there really is in the end. I’ve been blessed with communication from my father and my sister and it was such wonderful calming news at the time. What a lovely reminder.

      • Direct to me….during dreamtime w/ my dad…or what appeared to be so. I ‘woke’ from a dream to answer the phone and when I picked it up my dad was on the other end. I was surprised (to say the least) and he said very calmly, “it’s ok…everything is alright over here. Don’t worry” When I ‘woke up’ I was standing there w/ the phone in my hand!? With my sister who passed at only 46 it was/remains different, and it continues on the odd occasion. My daughter once came in from playing in the woods a few months after my sister died and said, Mama, I can hear AuntL in the wind, and she says she loves me” It’s so precious to me these tentative connections…and comforting at the same time.

        • What a great experience, Anna. I’ve thought many times how grand it would be to hear my parents’ voices – especially if they spoke my name. I was in an art gallery a couple of years ago and an elderly woman suddenly said, “Hello, Darling.” in the very same voice, tone and lilt as my mother. I had to sit down. I began to cry. The woman and her daughter asked me if I was okay. I told them what had happened and they felt terrible. I had to assure them it was a gift!

          What a pleasure to hear that your daughter was simply accepting.

  9. A healing piece. Much needed today. Thanks for having the courage to post. And thanks to your dear Guides with whom I fell in love so long ago – or so it seems now.

    Love is the essence of Being. Well done.

    • They really are a bunch of Lovers, aren’t they? If they came to me in physical form, we’d probably sit around with arms wrapped around each other, legs tangled and many laughs.

  10. Tomorrow’s the one year anniversary of my Mother’s passing. I needed to read something like this. Thank you Amy.
    I think I wasn’t “awake” when my father passed away so I didn’t understand when he was sending me messages. My mother lets me know she’s with me by stopping my watch. Her watch.

  11. Thank you Amy for a most incredible post. It was a timely one for me, as the 24th was 6 years since I lost Rob. I love the picture, there is so much hope and love and promise in God’s rainbow.

  12. Great post Amy. My sense is that we need to get back to the “brick and mortar” stuff. Stuff that is at once tangible and immersed in simplicity.It is here that we would re-discover our moorings and meaning……


    • Shakti, I agree, heart and soul, that our magnificence can be practiced in simplicity. The most significant contribution we can make to our spiritual growth and that of our loved ones is to do our highest and best with whatever is in front of us.

      It’s good to have you back!

  13. It’s the powerful ones that draw me back to read again and again. The affirming ones–yaknow…the ones that the message in it is all about ME.
    *sigh* Amazing that I think that’s true a whole lot of times, eh? Guides multi-task–I’m clear on that one.

    I can be joyous and sad at the same time, it would appear………..

  14. Amy, lovely lovely post thank you and your Guides.. What you say about judgement is so necessary – that we diminish ourselves when we judge another… IN Glenda Green’s book Love Without End, Jesus says that the day of the last judgment will be the day the last person on another judges another..I’m still working on that – politicians, crooks etc etc!.

    • I always forget whether Discernment is a Fruit or a Gift of the Spirit. We’ve been given discernment to work our way through to making courageous decisions. Discernment empowers us to be guided by Grace. Consideration or assessment is needed prior to action. Sometimes people confuse judgement and discernment. And some will call it discernment when it is truly judgement. So I have to ask for help routinely in this arena! 😀

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