David Wilcock & The Year of the Dragon

The man who dared inform the world has been validated.


David Wilcock.

Your courage has been steadfast.

The initial steps have now begun

to bring the 1% to justice.

Haven’t heard about this on the news?  Not surprising.  Most media is controlled by the 1%.
You can find the details by clicking:

David Wilcock’s latest newsletter  – now available.

The first major thrust – Barclays Bank:   A legal document linked in David’s newsletter begins: 

“The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“Commission”) has reason to believe that
Barclays PLC, Bat’clays Bank PLC (“Barclays Bank”) and Barclays Capital Inc. (“Barclays
Capital”) (collectively, “Respondents” or “Barclays”) have violated Sections 6( c), 6( d) and
9(a)(2) of the Commodity Exchange Act (the “Act” or the “CEA”), 7 U.S.C. §§ 9, l3b and
13(a)(2) (2006).  Therefore, the Commission deems it appropriate and in the public interest that
public administrative proceedings be, and hereby are, instituted to determine whether
Respondents engaged in the violations set forth herein, and to determine whether any order shall
be issued imposing remedial sanctions.”

Huge amounts of data have been collected that expose how BB, the largest culprit amongst more than 1,000 other world banks, has been manipulating interest rates.  These financial institutions have been squeezing money from the many to feed fortunes to the few.

If it seems your financial portfolio has taken three steps forward and four back, you are not delusional.  We ordinary souls have been paying a monstrously complex and greedy piper for many years.

The Year of the Dragon – 2012 – The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast – the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Therefore, Dragons are to be honored and respected.

Each of us need to take responsibility for being informed so we no longer hand over our power.

We have the power.  We can refuse to play into their hands.

In an attempt to summarize: Though over a thousand financial firms have been involved with these actions largely controlled by Barclays Bank,  about 1/3 of them actually have power and control.   Apparently 147 corporations have been found to bear ownership and, therefore, control over the 1,000+ organizations involved.

David’s been sharing who’s who with us throughout his newsletters.  His sources have been telling us who controls the 147.  Many listened to David with hesitation.  Conspiracy theories? they’ve wondered – and accused.

I have felt cautious, too.  It was too good to be true that this lunacy could be brought under control in my lifetime.

Yet, in spite of ridicule, the loss of friends, and fear of deception, David persisted.  His Divine Guidance, through dreams, apparently provided the encouragement he needed to continue exposing information when it was safe to do so.  When David was not confident about the evidence, he kept the information to himself.  His hesitancy to expose details without substantiation helped me trust his sincerity.

If the facts revealed to David had proven to be nothing more than a glorified hoax, David, I trusted, would be as hoodwinked as the rest of us.

Thank you, David for not quitting in spite of many negative forces.  When the names of the 1% are published – through the media – we’ll have to hold hands around the world and cheer your diligence.


Addendum for those interested in the Dragon:

  • What does the 2012 Year Of The Dragon Have In Store?

    2012 Year Of The DragonEXPECT A WILD YEAR, although it is a ‘water dragon’, and water has a calming effect on the Dragon’s fearless temperament. Interestingly, 2012 is also the year that Nostradamus predicted the world would come to an end.   – From: http://www.yearofthedragon.org/
    (Soul Dipper note:  My sources repeatedly say the “end of the world” will be the end of the life on earth”as we know it”.  We are to be catapulted into a higher dimension – if we so choose.  If a person chooses not to accept the higher dimension?  I have no desire to research this aspect of living.)



23 thoughts on “David Wilcock & The Year of the Dragon

  1. These days have become scary times.
    I just came from vacation…a little town by the water (Neuse River) called Oriental. Their thing is dragons. They are placed throughout the town and painted on rocks in the public parks…very cool.

  2. we are living in extraordinary times. I’ve been saying in conversation, with a few friends, how for decades, centuries now we have been waiting for our governments to bring about necessary change. But, history shows us, that change comes from the ground up, from the people, not from those who govern. More and more people are gathering, are informing themselves, are saying “enough – I’m making a change”. Great days are ahead.

    • Good attitude, Joss. I agree – great days are ahead. It’s amazing what David has been through as this built up. He wisely stopped reading negative comments. And we don’t have to expose ourselves to negativity. One of my friends posts positive statements reflecting his love of life, his gratitude, his day, some great scene, etc. Some of his friends express concern and write questions like, “Are you okay?” or “Are you on something?” He just tells them, “Yep, I’m on live.”

      It’s amazing! If we write a bunch of negative stuff, it’s perfectly acceptable! Go figure.

  3. Barclays Bank? Good grief
    I’m grateful I found you and your blog Amy. This line:
    “Each of us need to take responsibility for being informed so we no longer hand over our power.”

    • Amazing that you didn’t hear about this in the news. CBC and BBC reported it – I cheered knowing it was part of what David said was going to happen. It’s the beginning.

      Hope you are well, dear friend. I think both of us are changing our blogging habits. I read and comment when I can, but we’re writers and need time to write! 😀 I have the close blogging friends, like you, who I want to keep in my line of vision!

  4. Most interesting. I am glad for the break through. Been on vacation. Interesting. Took control of my health June 17th. Therefore I am getting well. Keeping informed here and with David. But it does depress … the state of this world.

  5. I’ve often wondered about conspiracy theories. Most seem too ludicrous to be true, and I find myself asking why people spend so much time discussing them. Now I’m starting to think they’re put out there as a distraction, to keep us from seeing what’s really going on — like the misdirection used by magicians. While the rest of us argue about jet fuel and UFO crashes, the billionaires are raking in more cash. Thanks for this post, Amy. I can’t say I fully understand the details, but the bigger picture is beginning to develop.

    • You’ve nailed the technique, Charles…there are deliberate distractions so we won’t notice what’s really happening. Also, actions have been taken that are so atrocious they sound impossible. Through our awareness, this need not continue.

      I’m highly optimistic about this. We are not helpless or powerless. Our attention and knowing does count.

  6. Thanks for the update Amy. Started reading, got about a third of the way through. Am fighting a stupid summer cold and need to go lay down. Very heavy reading! Will finish it later. It’s funny, but the change in consciousness about this issue is growing all the time. Just the other day my son was talking to his father and I about the “1% bastards” and how it’s about time they were all brought to justice. Made me glad that you had provided me with your messages of enlightenment.

  7. Hi Amy,
    I’ve followed David for quite some time and it is all coming down to what he has said would. Being well informed is half of the battle – time for folks to wake up from their apathy.

    • Yes, David’s been put through the wringer during his communications. I’m very grateful for all he’s done – especially for not giving up.

      I look forward to more coming to fruition.

  8. Interesting about this current work of David Wilcock. I missed it.

    Re: the “end” – my understanding as well is “life as we know it” will change and that we – those of us who want – to evolve will evolve to a higher plane. Some may move on if they are not ready or willing to move up at this time. Rather exciting really.

    Good post, Amy.

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