The J.A.A.K.s – Hot Shots Having Dinner

POTLUCK at A’s house!  T-R-A-D-I-T-I-O-N!  Let the magic begin.

A. tucked her roast chicken into the convection oven to keep warm.  When K and I arrived, my Quinoa-Brie-Banana-Pesto-Vegetable Casserole went into the other oven beside K’s Apple/Pear Crumble.

A.’s large property consists of a house with a garage that has a small apartment built over it.  A. inhabits the apartment.  Its design morphed out of the dictates of wiring and plumbing which offers a unique layout.   For example, the stove and sink are across the dining-room/kitchen from one another, but that’s never prevented A. from hosting great potluck dinners.

In terms of measurement?  The living area of the suite is smaller than most photography studios I’ve visited.

A large dining room table is the centerpiece for the kitchen/dining area.  It’s been laid decoratively with colour, taste and technique.  Four solid and comfortable wooden chairs await our company and conversation.  J, the fourth member of JAAK, would arrive soon.

The scent of cinnamon wafted from the oven.  I was about to suggest sampling K’s dessert when J appeared, modelling her hot, new burgundy jacket with matching shoes.

Although the owner of two homes, J was house-sitting for family members.  She appeared with a large, new-to-us salad bowl overflowing with healthy ingredients topped with raw almonds.  A bottle of poppyseed dressing joined the other condiments on the table.

We were ravenous.  Our offerings were on the table in minutes –  a veritable feast of healthy food for hardy appetites that dazzled the eye and stoked the senses.

Did we think photograph?  No.  We were hungry.

We gorged ourselves.  An hour later, we dressed the Crumble’s golden oatmeal with No-Sugar-vanilla ice cream and devoured the delectable apple/pear ensemble with sounds resembling a sensuous woman’s boudoir.

As we were finishing,  K suddenly fished out a tiny camera.

“I just want a quickie photo of the four of us.  I gave Amy a picture frame for her birthday.  We need a photo to put in it.” she said.

The quickie photo session turned into a two hour production of Canada’s version of Saturday Night Live.

Having left her glasses in some obscure vehicle, K attempted to prepare the camera.  She managed to find the settings for “timer”.  Without an ounce of alcohol or any other mind altering substances, we organically proved that one tiny digital camera in one small apartment could not produce one successful photo of four sober, determined, independent, and intelligent business women.

Presenting JAAK ! . . . K 's butt completely missed the couch on that camera run!

In chairs, on the floor, on the couch, half on the couch, looking forward, looking right…  Nothing worked.  We could not stop laughing.   We moved furniture,  piled wooden boxes for the camera,  dislocated the cat, tripped over carpeting and refurbished the tiny apartment.

Not once did we consider changing the settings on the camera.  If it had any…

“Okay, let’s all sit sideways and look up.”

The fight against double chins. J! Look up!

“Someone else set the camera this time!”

“Move the table further away from us.”

The camera flashes and A. (our redhead) is saying, "This HAS to be the one!"

“Our tea’s cold!”

“K & I can hardly sit on these cushions.  Why are we falling off?”.

“Poppyseed Dressing has to be an Opiate!  That’s why we can’t get a decent photo!”

Who cares about red-eye, fat thighs, rolls, pudgy cheeks, red faces, double chins? Just take the &**%#@ picture! Here it is - UNTOUCHED, NON-CROPPED, AU NATUREL.


Anyone who knows how to take a photo:  You are invited to our next potluck.  JAAK will cook!

(At least we did something right.  Our order of seating was done well.

Imagine if K and I had switched places…

J A K A s instead of J A A K s?  That was close!)


47 thoughts on “The J.A.A.K.s – Hot Shots Having Dinner

  1. heh heh. I have a camera, i take good pics. wish i was close enough to take you up on that offer.
    what a great post. I smiled and giggled all the way through. You all will be laughing about this for a long time!
    great food, great friends, great laughs. Life is good.

    • I’ve given J A and K the right to have me pull the post if they feel uncomfortable about these. Plus they will not go on Face Book. None of us are happy with any of them! But Arindam says it perfectly…”natural pictures”. We are that in spades. I will forever cherish the first one where K missed the seat on the couch – it sends me back into gales of laughter and makes her even more loveable!

  2. Amy aunty I know how to take photo. 🙂 But not as good as these natural pictures. I hope you had a wonderful time there. But who is “j” ans who is “K” in these photographs?

  3. Sounds like lots of fun, especially the photo shoot! I just ate and reading about those delicious foods made me drool!

  4. What a marvelous time with such sweet friends! I love that you didn’t care about getting the perfect shot. You’re all gorgeous wearing what you’re wearing – especially those joyful smiles. I love my female friend gatherings. They are special, aren’t they?

    • Hey SDS…thanks for seeing the whole point of the post! As usual, you sweet thang. Women friends are phenomenal – the world over.

      I’m still visualizing wonderful surprises at your art show…!

  5. What a fun post Amy. I think there’s nothing as fun as a dinner with one’s female friends. You live on a small island yet you have so many friends! It’s wonderful.

    I love the photos because we can see YOU. Your gravatar photo doesn’t show your whole face.

    • You are so right…dining with female friends is fantastic. However, Rosie, some of us would forgo the odd one for a dinner out with a handsome man of good character! 😀

  6. Hi Amy .. I might just take a course in photography so I can attend the next pot luck .. sounds so much fun … and what great company you all had – excellent JAAK potluck … the photos are just perfect .. cheers Hilary

  7. Hi,
    I love the photos, they came out great, everyone looked to be having a heap of fun, I love the laughs and the smiles say it all, a good night with friends.
    The food sounds like it was very nice, you just can’t beat anything home made. 😀

    • Thanks, Mags. Sorry for the delay in my response. My computer has been acting up and I’ve been finding all sorts of weird things out of place, missing and ADDED! Go figure.

      Maybe for your birthday next year, give up your Aussie barbie and come over here for a potluck. You just bring you! 😀

  8. haha This is such a rolicking photo session. I can hear the laughter and feel the determination to get that perfect photo. But ahhh, they are all perfect. And a photo session with delicious food, what a feast. As you tell it, I really can’t say any one is better than the other. Love this series of trys. As one of your commenters mentioned, “life is good.”

  9. I shouldn’t have read this on an empty stomach! 🙂 I love the spirit of bringing almost a “Thanksgiving” theme to the table. There is nothing like share good food with good people!

    • It’s true, Susan, sharing a meal with people we love holds an ambiance and a reverence that is irreplaceable. It can be hectic, chaotic, peaceful or sublime…nothing replaces communing with friends over food.

  10. What a delightful evening — extending your birthday celebration until just the right photo is enclosed in your frame. From your description — the entire evening, including the multiple timed camera shots boasts of Huge Success … fellowship, hearty laughter, scrumptious food and love in friendship. What blessings ~~ 😀

    • Great description, Becca, re extending the sense of birthday. K. and I spoke the other day and we will do another shoot using my Canon Rebel at my home where we have some space to set up a tripod.

      By the time a photo is put in this frame, there’ll be so many memories tucked in with it that it’ll be even more dear.

      (Sorry for my delay. Computer problems galore!)

      • Hi Amy, I got home late Tuesday and have been digging out from under a stack of both types of mail and finishing up some projects so I can dive into some new ones. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t done a thing with my blog, nore have a read anyone else’s…except yours! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to catch up a little.

        It was a wonderful trip. I haven’t had time to process it yet.

        I just love those snapshots of you and your friends!

    • We want to believe you, Jacqueline, but our vanity holds us back! Each of us agonize over these shots. Even though I’m proud that J. A. & K. d1idn’t ask me to pull this, your comments remind us that its about the spirit and soul in every one of them. Of course, that’s what my readers see! Those are the kind of people who visit Soul Dipper – people like you.

  11. Glad to hear all the positive comments about the dinner and photo fun! Isn’t it true that we are the worst critics of our own selves. The laughter and tears drawn out from this wonderful evening will stay with me a lifetime. Thank you Amy for taking me the through the evening one more time! xo Karen aka K

    • Karen, Great to find your comment! At times, we may take each other for granted when life speeds up, but we’ve built a base no one will ever remove no matter what is next on the agenda for any of us. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Love to you, sweet friend.

  12. What fun! You all look happy and it’s wonderful to see your smiles. Gorgeous ladies … and you, Amy, I’m jealous of your wonderful hair. Lovely.

    May you always have lots of fun.

    I don’t know how I managed to miss this, but glad I found it today.


    • It was fun, Jamie, and any time I catch a glance of those photos, I’m in stitches again. Karen and I were laughing about it again during a hike on Sunday. Glad you caught the gaiety.

  13. The love…gaiety…fun…camaraderie is such a joy to see in these wonderful pictures Amy…there is really little that beats being with friends like this…am so very happy for all you..
    The food sounds absolutely delicious too…so it seems it was quite the perfect evening 🙂

    Been travelling and hence away from the blogosphere…Came into Vancouver a few days ago to visit family…are you anywhere close by Amy? How wonderful if we could meet up…

    God bless…

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