YouTube to the Rescue – “Help is Coming”

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Subsequent to my last post, Sally at informed me that the Benjamin Fulford interview with David Wilcock is available on YouTube.  Therefore, those of you who want to gain some insight into the machinations of world politics, can listen here:

You will have to decide for yourself the degree to which this information rings true. 

As I mentioned in my last post, the information that David and Ben discuss may be shocking to some readers, but in the name of this being even partially valid, it is worth a listen.  Information that Mr. Fulford is able to present indicates, unfortunately, that some aspects of certain conspiracy theories have a degree of validity.

Let’s be informed and decide for ourselves.

As David admonishes and as my Guides encourage – we CAN affect what happens by staying positive and staying out of fear-thinking by being loving and forgiving.  When a negative thought comes to mind, change it.  Watch what happens!  It’s an amazing inside-out job.

To me, staying positive is the insurance policy against falling into the pit of fear that would give these darker forces, both human and other-dimensional, the power they seek. 

17 thoughts on “YouTube to the Rescue – “Help is Coming”

  1. I laughed when I got this because I meant to check YouTube after reading your last post and . . . it slipped right through the sieve. 😀

    I may have some time in the next few days to listen to YouTube and catch up a bit.

    Thanks, Amy.

    • I’ve been on Ben’s site – I have a link to an EBook that I’m going to email to you. I just finished 120 pages and am dying to see what you think. However…I need to get to bed!

  2. Hi Amy .. I started listening .. but decided I had other and better things to get on with .. however the names are in my mind now & I’ll keep my eyes open in the future ..

    There’s so much out there that needs to be taken with a dose of salt, or even a salt mine .. and us lesser mortals will never really know until someone has the courage to stand up and be counted – at least so we can think about it.

    The film Fair Game is going to be shown at our Film Society next year – and that should be interesting .. based on Valerie Plame’s memoir …

    Thanks – Hilary

    • You know, Hilary, I am not a follower of Conspiracy Theories or all the mud slinging that goes on in our world. In Benjiman Fulford’s capacity in the Far East, he is privy to information that most people would not see. It’s there for anyone who wants to know. I had to Google Ms. Plame’s name to refresh my memory of her story. I may enjoy the film as well since I like movies based on fact.

  3. At a moment, I can’t say anything about the interview, because I still didn’t hear it. Yet I totally agree with you on the way the negative thinking influence us. You depicted so pictorially the ‘Staying positive’ Thank you! I would say that being positive is the mark of true believer. One who trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, have nothing to fear – nothing except fear of personal laziness to respond with love.
    Thank you once again for the chance to say that loudly. God blesses you.

      • You are so welcome. Am going to check and see if my new Internet provider will allow access to David’s latest …. My new AT &T is a not now and then again provider.

        I always do get something out of David’s work.

        • He “mentioned” in different ways that he and Ben Fulford were receiving warnings. His silence has been a little suspicious. I’m going to go now and check to see if I still have access to his newsletter.

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