Please Return David Wilcock*

Hello my Beloved Guides.  Some interesting events have come to my attention since our last posted conversation.  Events and information have been disclosed by David Wilcock who has seemed one of the most authentic, prolific and consistent messengers to explain the events of the Transformation.

  • David Wilcock announced that the FBI recently released files containing enormous amounts of correspondence about UFO activity around the world – authorship ranges from members of the public to presidents of the USA.  You can find these disclosures here:
  • David Wilcock published more recent editions of his newsletter.  He tells of his association with various top officials in the US Government with whom he has developed a respectful relationship.  David shares information that some US Government Departments request he not release until they deem it appropriate.  He respects their wishes, but will not, however, plan to withhold information for long periods of time.  Apparently, these officials are cognizant and respectful of his stand.    Access to David’s newsletters is: David Wilcock’s Website, Divine Cosmos,
  • David Wilcock released an interview with Benjamin Fulford who was Editor of Forbes magazine and who has been living in Japan for 30 years.  The information David and he discuss may be shocking to some readers, but in the name of being informed, it is worth a listen.  Information that Mr. Fulford is able to present shows, unfortunately, that some aspects of certain conspiracy theories have a degree of validity.   The interview is on YouTube:

Dear Guides, please allow me to lay out some concepts with a request that you respond with any corrections.

I appreciate David Wilcock’s positive message that the world is not coming to an end, but rather life, as we have known it, is coming to an end.  We are experiencing an inner transformation.  The Transformation means a gradual period of growth out of negativity into a higher consciousness that will, in fact, end up becoming a welcome taste of ecstasy.  The Transformation is to be fueled by Love – the Love that each of us put back into the world.  Each one of us is capable of being part of this predicted transfiguration.   Some humans, we have been told, will choose to ignore this process and will continue living with self-serving attitudes. 

So, my Guides, is this valid?

We see no need for correction on these matters.

Okay.  Many other higher dimensional beings, like you, Beloved Guides, have been explaining the malfunction of the previous Transformational period.  Apparently we’ve been operating at a very dense level of consciousness (the third level), a more fettered state than was originally planned for our planet.  The Mayan people and the people from Atlantis successfully ascended during that earlier Transformation.  The masses did not.  Those humans were not willing to be loving and other-serving enough to evolve into a higher dimension.  Thus, we have been living through tough times, through many hardships.  We are told the time for this period to end is December of 2012.

However quick or slow this process, I want to believe it so I look forward to more evidence of this being real.   Patience is not an easy virtue. 

The evidence is all around you.  Your planet is in transition.  World attitudes are changing as negative leadership is being denounced.  Massive numbers of people are remembering to change their attitudes, to respond to life in a spirit of Love and forgiveness.  People are demanding honesty from leaders instead of accepting lies and deceit.  Communication in your world has come a very great distance in a short period of time.  Negative forces are being neutralized throughout various levels of existence, not only on your planet.  Forces that have been affecting your planet negatively are being realigned. 

It may seem to be a slow process.  Each human being is undergoing a transition through this increased energy adjustment.  Those who feel the transition the most, physically, emotionally, psychically or mentally, are those who are resisting the change.  Those who notice only minor reactions to the upsurge are those open to changing and growing. 

I feel like I did when I was a little girl trying to cross one of the Prairie bogs.  I’ve got my rubber boots on and when I try to walk through the mud, my boots get stuck.  I can hardly take the next step.  I am loathe to step out of the dry comfort of the boots.  I don’t want to step into the slimy, cold and sucking mud.

The bog gives me a choice.  I can be fearful and angry.  I could tug at the boot with careless vigor and let negativity send me spread eagle into the mud.  Or, I can stand solidly on one foot while I use the other to wiggle a freeing air bubble into the mud.

Once free, I can walk around the bog.  Time is not the great master we’ve let it become.  The walk will do me good.  The priority is to stay away from fear.  By working with Nature to create a bubble, I see the result of staying calm.  I can take that walk with gratitude for freedom and a better attitude.

If the Transformation unfolds as indicated by the predictions across the Internet, I will eventually be able to walk up to the bog and change it so I can walk across it.  Eventually, I’ll even be able to teleport to destinations.  That has been a lifelong dream.  In fact, it’s a bit of a pain having to be flesh and bone.

Your metaphor of being stuck in the bog addresses the density of the third dimension.  Once you have evolved through the fourth dimension that is currently underway and have moved to higher dimensions, you will know a freedom that you are not able to fully imagine at this stage. 

It’s hard to put this into print so please comment as you see fit.

David Wilcock’s presence on the Internet is under attack.  He has been observed by negative forces.  His website has been affected by forces that are determined to prevent his message from being readily available.

The key message in David’s newsletters is valid.  Now is a time for staying away from fear.  Fear is the weapon of those who have worked to malign life on this planet for their own purpose.  These humans have been in touch with forces from other dimensions.   There will be this sort of inconvenience with attempts to place fear in the hearts of many.  However, these forces will be deemed powerless.  That is a promise to you.  They have crossed a line that will weaken their powers and abilities.  Safeguards are in place that will prevent them from making the connections that their actions rely upon.

Are these forces the same ones that Benjamin Fulford mentions in his interview with David?  

Yes, but the network is not as large as the positive forces.  Ironically, their own actions have put these forces into our hands.  They stepped beyond respect for your free will.   Our Loving Source now calls upon us to take over matters that attempt to operate outside of Universal Law.

We are overjoyed that humans will not be victims of their planned abusive and self-serving strategies.  We knew that the upsurge of energy would cause these negative forces to act.  We are overjoyed that the time has come for us to intervene.  We are grateful they will not be able to engineer their negative programs.  While planetary disruptions will be experienced, felt and observed by humans, there will not be the fulfillment of plans that would force humans into fearful submission.

I hesitate publishing this.  It seems so negative.  Plus, it bothers me that I cannot even link people to David’s site because he’s been shut down!  I’ve checked his website and the links to various newsletter topics several times.  None will open as I write this.  (Update:  As of May 26th, the site is again available. The links above are operating.)

It is your decision.  It is possible that those readers who are not interested in being a part of the Transformation would have quit reading anyway.  Those who are here with us now are those who have already begun making changes in their lives.  They’ve already decided to change how they live and communicate with others.  This is vital.  This is key.  We cannot stress the importance of  each human being loving and forgiving.  Judgement, criticism – any negative thoughts towards others – needs to be transformed into a positive thought and action.

Okay.  I will publish this, my Beloveds.  I appreciate that all of us have to decide for ourselves.

With Love abundantly flowing from Source, we respectfully assure you we are pleased with your decision.  We appreciate being able to highlight the power of humans producing positive thought through Love and forgiveness.    What you imagine, Source is free to bring into existence.  Humans are now being made aware of their masterhood.  It is time to take responsibility for all that you put into the Universe in thought, word and deed.

 Okay, my dearly Beloveds.  I’m walking around the bog!  However, please know that I am willing to begin teleporting any time!

32 thoughts on “Please Return David Wilcock*

  1. I am glad you posted this, I had no idea! This is an outrage, but typically happens when someone trys to notify us and not keep us in the dark. I hope he’s ok, too.. You never know..

    I think a comma before or after would work as well in this case…

    • Isn’t this something, Arlene? His system was “bugged” a while ago. It crashed, but they managed to get it up and running again without too much loss. Knowing David, this will not deter him!

  2. Interesting post, Amy. From my point of view, the only way I can approach reflections of this sort (and the ones like the expected rapture that circulated last week) is to make an effort to live lovingly in the present moment. Not always successful, but trying just the same.

  3. Very interesting that his sites have gone missing. I tried to open them here, and in the e-mail you sent me earlier. No luck.

    The Dalai Lama follows a principle of non-violence. Some Westerners confuse that with pacifism. They are distinctly different:

    At Harvard in April 2009, the Dalai Lama explained that “wrathful forceful action” motivated by compassion, may be “violence on a physical level” but is “essentially nonviolence”. So we must be careful to understand what “nonviolence” means. Under the right conditions, it could include killing a terrorist.

    It sounds like your guides (the good guys) are about to have a “shoot out” with the bad guys. It’s about time. 😀

    • Like you, I tried a number of links that were in emails I’ve shared. What is going on…your prediction is as good as mine, Nancy. In the Law of One, there is mention of a “line” that the negative forces could not cross. It was set up as a protection for us. David has mentioned it a few times. Thanks for the wisdom of the Dalai Lama…that makes sense. No living being at any level is meant to be a door mat. Therefore, it makes sense that the motive behind an action would determine its status.

      I’m not worried about David. He’ll pop up somewhere – maybe with a new website that he planned all along. Or, with some explanation that makes total sense.

  4. I went there and looked a week or so back–saved a link….which, go figure, doesn’t open.

    I remember G-d’s large and in charge–more will be revealed.
    Love wins.
    Every time.

    Just not always on the timeline I think it oughta, eh?

  5. OMG, pretty hectic stuff, Amy! Let’s hope things clarify soon. Either way, I’m right with you on teleportation…let us know if you figure it out 🙂

  6. This reminds me of a ‘paranormal’ writer who claims that the FBI admitted to using psychics in their investigations that were hopeless. But the writer’s article could only be used if you would subscribe (and pay) to his ezine. When I visited the site of the big daily paper which the writer cited, the title was there but the article is restricted.

    Concerning your title -Please Return David Wilcock – if you place a comma after ‘return’, that would imply you’re asking Wilcock personally. Otherwise, you’re implying he can’t be found.

    • Yes, I find that the people who are really into “giving” (other-serving) offer lots of free stuff. David, for example, does put on conferences and he has authored books. But he has many videos, full of good information, on YouTube and key information on his newsletters – all free. (I will check YouTube and see if his videos are still available!)

      Poch, you caught my point about the comma. Exactly! If David’s computer crashed, he has to bring himself back. But if there’s hanky pank, the culprit is being asked, rather nicely in my opinion, to bring him back.

  7. I like your guides’ statement, “The evidence is all around you. The planet is in transition.” I need only look at the changes my family has had to make and the things we are being asked to face. Some of it has been due to the economic downturn. Some has been due to circumstances friends are facing. The surface of the functions of the city where I live has changed from the time of just five years ago.
    I remember reading about how my life lessons would return to me over and over again until I learned them. If that is true for me, then I have accepted it must be true for societies, at large, all over the world. I will try to be more loving and face these changes with less fear. I do not wish this transition to be a hardship to others or myself. I am putting my trust in that being what your guides are trying to say. I am thankful, Amy, that your message and your guides are getting through. To be more kind, that is, to trust and to be patient and move toward that which is more loving and less judgemental?

    • You’ve captured the theme perfectly, Leslie. Over and over again, I see reminders that it really is that simple – to love and forgive. However, it is powerful! We’re guided to use more of the right brain. Use the left as needed, but not to let it manage us any more. I’m all for the loving, nurturing side of life. I like living under the auspices of “what would the angels do”. Amazing how good life feels in that mode! In fact, I’d like to be able to live as St. Francis of Assisi did: It’s a tall order, but if I hit on one or two more often than not, it’s growth.

      I hope that your family and friends find their way through the many changes life has handed to them. By way of this comment, our prayers are with them. Our positive thoughts and feelings of love affect their lives. As one recent teacher said, “We imagine and God creates.” That is a universal law. The teacher said, “God cannot NOT respond. If you receive no response, check your core beliefs or thoughts. There’ll be one that is neutralizing what you imagined. Thus, no response.”

      Whatever! I will just continue doing what is in front of me and will do it with as much quiet love and joy that I can muster. Amazing how people respond! Truly amazing. You watch!

    • Some of the information that is in that interview with Benjamin Fulford is shocking. It includes information about beings from other dimensions and he is really not comfortable talking in those terms. But he is privy to a great deal of information in the Far East and seemed to have permission to divulge stuff that points to some very unattractive shenanigans at very high levels of government and society. So I hope the link is back up and running soon!

  8. Hi Amy .. I have to say I can’t bear the time wasting element – but I do like to know – even if I scan through .. there is so much affecting us all in various ways it’s a daunting world: I deal with what I can do at the moment and learn to appreciate other aspects that I’ll be able to correlate more easily in the time ahead – for now my energies are here and at my blog and others’ blogs .. Thanks – interesting conversations going on ..

    • What you are giving is monumental, Hilary. It seems your heart is “other-serving” to the max. We go through stages of life that will hopefully lead to some downtime. However, many of my friends have raised families, cared for elderly parents only to become immersed in grandchildren issues. Phew! I hope I can be a friend who offers refreshment and spiritual rejuvenation. One thing that’s good – we laugh alot! And most often, it’s at ourselves.

  9. OMG – Amy – I am glad I was able to listen to some of David’s information. Love your Guide’s answers/sharings to your questions/comments. Thank you for sharing this!! I seeking a peaceful and loving transformation!! xoxo

    • Becca, I’m happy to see that the David Wilcock YouTube videos are still available. (In case someone wants to check these out: I’m also glad that a few readers, like you, have checked out David’s material that is currently not available. It authenticates its existence! 😀

      The transformative experience is amazingly simple yet amazingly powerful. We want to clutter it with all sorts of intellectual babble inside ourselves, but it is as simple as changing a negative action or thought into positive. Suddenly we find we have changed our default. We meet life with a new outlook and its sweetness is overwhelming at times. That contribution to the world is invaluable. No matter how big or small! Many blessings, Becca!

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  11. This is all new to me, and most interesting. Thank you for posting it.

    When you hesitated whether to publish this, I love the advice you got from your guides:

    “…..Those who are here with us now are those who have already begun making changes in their lives. They’ve already decided to change how they live and communicate with others…..”

    It’s true. This was a long post. I couldn’t read it the night you posted it when I was tired after work, I waited til I the weekend, and am now going to watch the Utube interview.

  12. As the good guides say, let’s not get into fear.

    The vid is interesting. Thanks to Sally Felt for finding and allerting you so you can allert us. Team work. The interent equivalent of playing telephone, huh! Let’s hope the message stays accurate though.

    Blog on dear, Amy. So good to have time to visit.

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