It’s Right Under Our Noses

Funny how I can be friends with someone on Face Book and yet feel shy when I bump into the person around town.  This happens, for example, with Patricia Brown.  Check out her personal website.

Paintings for the Spirit and Soul - Patricia Brown -

I gingerly asked her to be my Face Book friend.  Her acceptance opened a new art gallery on my laptop.  Plus more.

Patricia is a gifted artist who has been in the periphery of my life for many years.  Her art demonstrates the meticulous care she takes with detail.  Patricia sees what so many overlook.

One of her paintings is a circular pile of rocks, bones, shells, and feathers – of every shape, size, color, marking imaginable.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s also dried plants, nuts, and seeds painted in there as well.  I’ve studied that painting until my eyes sting.

The painting gives me the same feeling as a home that contains an eclectic clutter that facilitates an endless stream of discovery.

Patricia’s been my neighbour – although while we lived in adjoining acreages, I was continuously running off to contract jobs around our province.  So I never conducted myself in a neighbourly fashion.  Being a wife, mother and artist, she looked as though she was juggling copious amounts of responsibility, too.

Years have gone by, Patricia has roller bladed to town thousands of times, helped the family coffers by working in one of our fun pubs, parented two sons and a daughter with her husband, and cultivated a growing voice in the community.

That facet of Patricia’s soul really caught my attention.  This energetic woman is an activist.  Though not yet a grandmother, she became involved with the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign that supports Grandmothers in Africa caring for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  She even apologized in print about not being a Grandmother while declaring her belief in the cause and jumping in with hands, feet, heart and soul.

Yeah, I know.  Lots of people have lots of causes.  But here’s why Patricia captures my respect.  She sees.  She catches the subtlety.  She senses the nuances.  She intuits the goodness.

Why write about Patricia today?

Because she caught hold of something that captures my heart.  She took the time to “share” this transformational attitude so the rest of us could see:

It’s right under our noses.


33 thoughts on “It’s Right Under Our Noses

  1. She’s a Grandmother to many….blessings to her.
    And isn’t it amazing–right down the street…..under our noses.

    I celebrate how rich our worlds are because of Patricias and Amys……


    • The whole day has been a celebration of friends and family, thanks, Nancy. The quality of Patricia’s work speaks profoundly and it is a pleasure being able to share it around the globe.

  2. Amy
    Blessings and joy to you. What a thoughtful woman, thanks for your observations and work. It is interesting that while we were neighbours, we really WERE too busy to stop and spend time with each other. I have made a new discovery, this blog is grand, and I will visit your friends blogs also.

  3. So many things are ‘right under our noses’ and your post reminded me of Coelho’s novel about a seeker who traveled great distances only to find what he’s seeking at his native backyard. Have a JOYFUL bIRTHDAY Amy!

    • Thank you, Poch. I think you are talking about The Alchemist – it’s here in my bookshelves. Truly, I believe the greatest adventure of our lives is the journey inward. (Saves me having to risk my life climbing Mount Everest! 😀 )

      • Amy, that was a great lesson! Patricia is a do-er more than a believer.. Amazing! That is why I have more than one hero.. Now she is also added to the list.. 🙂
        And why does Poch wish you a Happy Birthday.. Did I miss an important day in your life??? You see I am getting old myself 😉
        I have read your “Source” email, thinking of a response – will send it soon,

        • Yeah, there was a birthday – Poch diligently reads comments! Re your observation about Patricia – she would have to respond to that. I know she has beautiful depth. Re the email: I wasn’t really sure if you were truly asking or if you were on a fishing trip.

  4. I love Patricia’s work. It reminds me of our Welsh friend. And that video? amazing. I do a lot of work with prisoner rehab and I’ve never seen anything like that. Thanks for sharing Aimee.

    • Wow, you work with prisoner rehab? Do you have a post about that? I’d love to read it. I can imagine you urging prisons to grow gardens. What greater rehab than being responsible for nature.

      • you give me far more credit than I deserve. I direct funding in that area and real folks do the work. But, you are absolutely right in your assessment about the gardens. It would work wonders.

  5. Wonderful post, thank you, Amy. Patricia sounds likea tonic. She brings to mind a beautiful elderly friend who passed away this week – one who tirelessly sewed for countless Aids babies in our hospitals, and will be missed.

    • Patricia will soon be part of a fund-raiser – playing Scrabble for Grandmothers for Grandmothers. When she’s like this without being a grandmother, wait until she IS one! 😀

  6. You have a beautiful way of presenting people and their talent. Thanks for introducing Patricia, loved the image you included … for sure thought provoking art.

    Happy Days, Amy!

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