Your Soul is Ringing – Answer the Call

A free training session?  To be a healer?  Based on an ancient Eastern tradition only known to Masters?

I bundled up on a dark, rainy night and drove to a cosy home filled with soft light and delicate fragrances of various oils.  Cecile greeted us with an aromatic tea that not only held promise of health, but warmth drawn from inside.

She and her partner explained their status as students of a revered teacher, Sai Maa.  This teacher had been given approval to release and teach  a healing technique, known as Diksha, heretofore reserved for Masters.

While Diksha is healing, it is primarily intended for the purpose of accelerating enlightenment and the release of “samskaras” or old patterns and programming.  These were the techniques we would learn.  The authority was given when Sai Maa joined her Master and all other Masters of Masters during a highly significant conference called on a spiritual plane.

I suddenly realized I was amongst kindred Wanderers.

The training began for both the givers and receivers of the healing techniques.  During the sessions, while I was the receiver, I was to sit with closed eyes, noting responses to my partner’s ministrations.  As her hands moved healing energy over my body, my being deeply drank a definite, loving power that refreshed and satisfied a spiritual thirst that I had no idea existed.  I was overcome with joy.

When I felt my partner’s presence around my head, my skull turned to crystal.  It radiated violet light in all directions while resonating at a frequency that was foreign to me.  A cloak of calm validation wrapped me as the session came to a close.  I wanted to hang this cloak in my spiritual closet and have it perpetually available.

Once the practice sessions were finished, we were asked to describe our experiences.  I did not want to share mine.  I remained silent.  “Who has not had a chance to share?”  Cecile’s gentle presence beckoned to me.

Silent resistance rang through me.  ‘Please do not maim, maul or massacre my precious discovery.  Let me keep this validation untarnished.  Let me protect this cloak from the world’s judgmental fingers.’

Hesitantly, I verbally uncovered my precious gift and held it out.  My breath irregular, I attempted to describe the glory of my experience.

As I struggled, the realization struck profoundly.  The power of this gift was not simply in its ability to give.  The power also protected.

I finished my description.  Silence.

I looked up and into the candlelit faces of my fellow students.  One word described their expressions:  Understanding.

Have you been hearing your soul ringing?


(I thank Cecile for confirming that Sai Maa is not a follower of any religion.  Her focus is primarily in the realm or tradition of Love.   Also, I appreciate having clarification of the broader purpose of Diksha.)

33 thoughts on “Your Soul is Ringing – Answer the Call

  1. This reminds me of my college experience with a meditation “sampler” class. For 12 weeks, we met once a week to try a different style. As each session came to an end, we were invited to share our experiences. Embarrassed by my lack of connection, I mumbled my way through the sharing until the final week. We did a moving meditation, and I had a profound experience of bilocation, visiting a friend halfway around the world and comforting her in an emotional moment. But when it came time to share, my lips were sealed. It was too real and too intensely personal. I held it to my breast, sharing it only with that friend (who confirmed the experience).

    But that was 30 years ago. Today, I’m becoming aware that part of this life’s path is translating my impressions and ineffable experiences into words as best I can and sharing them. It seems its part of yours as well. And wow, you had a humdinger of an experience! I’d like to meet your tailor 🙂

    Thanks for your courage, friend.

  2. My soul has been ringing for a long time. I am glad that I finally picked up the phone. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. It had a lot of my favorite things in it. The Matrix, Chakras, JAMAICA, Lightworker and so on. I am glad you are hearing the ring and spreading the guides messages, messenger.

  3. Thanks for sharing Amy – beautiful experiences like that can be shared and also held in your heart, it will never leave you and I bet there are many more to come.

  4. Amy, perfectly timed. I am deeply engaged in this aspect of my own work and I am amazed as always at your syncronicity. Beautiful work, from honesty and much needed. Silence.

    • When I had my tea this afternoon, I was thinking of you as I heated the pot and my porcelain tea mug. I wonder when we’ll be able to share a cuppa again. Hope all is going well in the big city.

  5. This is very evocatively written, and I felt like I was with you at the workshop. The practice of yoga is all about moving beyond samskaras.

    I understand very well that feeling of resistance in giving up a profound, or deeply felt, personal experience, to others. I like the outcome of your sharing though – understanding, nothing more nothing less, all you could hope for. I have discussed this kind of sharing with another internet friend who comes from an Eastern culture, and says that profound spiritual experiences are not meant to be shared because of their personal nature and because sharing them may invoke envy in others. I had never thought of that, but it intrigued me as another perspective. I am however happier with your outcome.

    • Thanks, Karin, for sharing your friend’s approach and philosophy regarding spiritual experiences.

      One of the concerns I had about starting this blog was that I would continuously be exposing myself spiritually. The thought of sharing my experiences was very scary.

      But I knew I had no choice but to investigate and seek insights about it. One message that repeatedly came was a question: What good is a gift or talent if it is kept under a bushel?

      My response was that I could find a myriad of ways to share my gift. However, the gift that stirs my being with a great deal of love is writing.

      I meditated with my Guides and sought the guidance of other people who are psychic, wise and/or intuitive. Over the years, I learned to put a message on the shelf. Then I wait to see if the subject comes to me from at least three other sources. I did this after receiving repeated nudges to write a blog that shared the wisdom that comes to me in meditation. After a few confirmations, I started the blog. I’m told that I am being eased in gently for various reasons relating to my fear of spotlight.

      Various belief systems in the world have incorporated beliefs for various reasons. In the Theology courses that I studied in my spiritual path, I saw how historical situations created a need for various practices, rules, guidelines, etc. Centuries later, the need has gone, but many philosophies continue operating under those parameters. That is not for me to judge. I respect that others prefer to live those philosophies, but I accept that they do not apply to everyone.

      Therefore, I began the blog. I even attempted to quit a few times. The network of spiritual friends and companions in my life lovingly encouraged me back to the keyboard.

      If anything I have written has created envy in anyone’s heart, I pray that they are able to see it and recognize it as an aspect of their spirituality that is challenging.

      My purpose is to encourage, to build, to open hearts sufficiently for people to trust the spirit within their souls. That will mean many different routes for many different people.

      A sincere thanks – it was good to re-visit the guidance provided so lovingly by my Guides. You helped me hit the “Refresh” button, Karin.

      • Hi Amy, I’m glad that my comment proved stimulating to you. I posted it with not a little hesitation as it might have sounded like I was criticising which was not the intent. I was myself a little flabbergasted when my Eastern friend said sharing insight could create envy – I had never even thought of that! It also made me think about ego and the need to share – when being self-contained might be a wiser option – IN SOME CASES. So I very much agree with your approach of putting the message on the shelf and seeing if it reactivates. I try and do this with feelings, senses, intuitions that are compelling and yet not clearly rooted in reality or fact. If the feeling persists, I go with it. I no longer worry whether it is ‘true’ or not; the strength of my feeling gives me the wherewithal to make something meaningful of it.
        I enjoy reading what you write as it is always communicated in such a grounded way.

        • Your comment was likely in the souls of other readers who would not speak up. I’m grateful that you had the integrity to share it. In turn, look what it allowed me to share. It was freeing for both of us.

    • Always a pleasure having you visit, Richard. Wonder why I have a feeling there could be a Guru appearing in your cast of characters. Time to bring some humour in on the 2012 issue?

  6. “Your soul is ringing…” there’s poetry in that.

    I love these little groups that gather at homes. Informal. Profound. We are teaching one another. It’s so light-filled and organic, completely satisfying.

    The sharing thing is interesting. In Reiki we do it – not forced though – and it is considered a way to validate and learn. When I was studying the Path of the Saints, it was discouraged on the basis that could be an ego thing. I can see the point in both sides of the argument.

    Wonderful post as always, dear Amy. Blog on …

    • Yes – seeing both sides, Jamie. I just finished listening to recordings on the Internet – Awakening with the Masters – where various types of spiritual experiences and intuitive healings occur. It all reminds me to keep one question in the forefront: What is my motive? The answer requires a great deal of honesty. When I think I have the answer, that is the point where I am asked to go deeper.

  7. Ah, what a beautiful post about an exquisite experience, Amy. It’a a joy to witness how far SD has come since the tentaive beginning 🙂 MWAH!

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