Angels Amongst the Trees

"The Art Lesson" by Tomie dePaola for the Tikvah Project

“I saw this and thought of your mother,”  my friend, Susan, said as I opened the Christmas card from her.  Susan uncovers treasures in second hand stores like pigs dig up truffles in France.

“Yep,” I said.  “That pretty much sums up her attitude.  She would have hung this student’s drawing front and center.  She’d likely have a tear in her eye while she was pinning it up.  She knew that this simple act of recognition and acceptance is all any of us want.”

Then I turned the card over.  I choked.  Tomie dePaola wrote,

“I have a strong conviction that the attitude toward human rights that an individual carries within himself or herself is formed when very young.  This image has its roots in 1942 – ‘All right class, we will all make a Christmas tree using our school crayons.  The best ones will be hung in the hallway.’ Little Tommy’s wasn’t hung up because he drew an angel instead of a Christmas tree.

“The punishment meted out to individuals who are alone in their race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, and especially their visions is indeed unfair.  In my real and true life, the art teacher who came around every six weeks recognized me and my angel.  I learned human rights from her.”

Beloved Guides, this breaks my heart.  I actually feel a physical pull in my chest, right over my shoulder.  I can hardly wait to receive the comfort of your message.

People on your planet have undergone centuries of this sort of subtle denigration.  There have been countless manners in which souls have been put aside.  Often the human whose soul was most affected never uttered a word about it.  There was little or no solace.

How did we regress so drastically?  We have scientific proof of civilizations being much further advanced than this  gesture suggests.  How did we slip back so badly?

The attitude of duality won over the awareness of Oneness and connectivity.  Your Mayan culture, those from Atlantis, etc. were far less influenced by greed and other aspects of human character that lead to duality.  Throughout your history, many souls re-appeared with the clarity of Oneness.  While they impacted situations, the planet was so fragmented that any effect these souls had on life was easily dissipated and ignored by power seekers.

Will the Universe be able to provide a large enough dosage of energy on our planet to turn this around?

You are currently experiencing the injection of Universal Energy.  Many souls are reporting various physical effects from this energy boost.  They have been motivated to do so by beings from a higher frequency source.  There are many, many changes currently underway within your planet.  Many are not yet seen, heard or even felt by you.  You will be hearing, seeing, sensing abundantly as the energy sources are received stronger and more quickly.

However, the card you posted is perfectly symbolic of the attitude that needs to be adopted by souls on your planet.  There is no more need to pay attention to differences.  What would you feel if you knew that every bias you have, you have once been like that person?  How would you approach people who are different from you if you knew how you struggled through a lifetime of being like that person?  Could you justify hurting a person already wounded?  You are all wounded.  Love is needed by every living substance, creature and being.

You are learning about the effects of Love on nature, on people and on the Universe.  What is preventing you from believing that and being loving?  There is no need to judge.  A judgment is a message to you that you struggled deeply while you lived through similar conditions through which that person lives.

Would you throw away a child in need of your love?  What makes it acceptable to throw away an adult?  Each and every soul on your planet has been undergoing struggles, wounds and injustices that have been stifling your planetary growth.  That is the reason for our having been given the freedom to connect with those of you willing to accept our counsel.  We are here to let you know that your struggle is going to transform.  This is not a message of Armageddon.  This is a message of transformation.

We urge you to draw as many angels as you wish and to accept the angels drawn by others.   Accept the Christmas trees drawn by others even if it is impossible to tell one from another.  Each person knows their own tree and is eager to share its beauty with you.

We strive to help all of you to stop yourself when you do not feel love in your heart.  Stop yourself until you remember that your feelings exist because you are remembering.  You are recalling a lifetime sorrow that you may have difficulty believing existed at any time.

Jesus the Christ was incarnated into human form so he would be like you and you would hear his message.  Do you really believe Loving Source would only grant one incarnation?  There are Messengers amongst you in many forms.  Many Messengers have found living in your world very difficult.  They do not seem to fit.  There are many so you likely know at least one.  You may be Messengers yourself – especially since you are reading this material.

If there is a deep, inner knowing that you are sensing within yourself, in all likelihood, you are one of the Messengers.  You may be one who willingly came back to your planet out of compassion for all the darkness that souls on this planet experience.  You may now be awakening.  If so, you already want to find your strength to be in loving service to all others.

Are you saying that the veil is lifting – by us or for us?

You simply need to ask.  We are here to Love, support and guide you.  Please ask.

28 thoughts on “Angels Amongst the Trees

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  2. Amy, this is so touching. The title of your post drew me in but the message wasn’t what I expected. Children are so close to God, to the truth. I hope that little one never lost contact with the Source.

    • I hope the same thing, Victoria. “Children are so close to God” – think that is one reason Susan, who gave me the card, and I love collecting stories about what pre-school children are saying and doing.

  3. This reminds me of my story about Calvin ~ and his painting of happiness.

    Calvin captured how he FELT on paper. Looking at his painting fills him with JOY and HAPPINESS. He is unconcerned about what others think of his work ~ their opinion of him and his abilities as a painter are unimportant. He didn’t paint the picture for them. He painted it to capture his own spiritual essence. It’s HIS world.

    Let us embrace the Inner Calvin in each of us. 🙂

    Thanks, Amy

    • So true, Charles. I catch myself with one very subtle way: “me-me-me, I-I-I. Poof, you’re invisible.” Suppose that is why the Guides mention other-serving frequently… 🙂

  4. A beautiful and hopeful post.. I go thru periods of excitement, anticipation, sensitivity whereby I know what I ask for is inside and I will feel it anyday. Then, as currently, I feel nothing and get very low and frustratated and quit speaking to Holy Spirit – not out of pouting (well – maybe it is), but out of a sheer feeling of being beaten down especially when I keep reading of folks that actually feel the renewed energy and feel how big changes are coming. I think that I am being left behind or don’t have very much to offer since I haven’t received this Grace. I know it’s my ego dragging my spirit low. I wish I knew how to stop this troubling cycle..

  5. Absolutely beautiful. There is a change afoot. The messengers are ramping up the service to others. They are turning heads. The angels make sense out of what, for years, was nonsense. My attention would not have been caught, nor a transformation begun, had the messengers not increased their sharing and reaching out to others. Thank-you for this post.

  6. As I often do, once again I found myself reading and re-reading….and then stumbling to put into words what I want so desperately to put into words.
    Obviously a bit like those kiddos trying to paint what they see when it’s really the internal that I am trying to paint. (this is what I get for reading about Calvin–awesomely told, bytheway). I can’t quite put the words together.
    Maybe a bit of meditation and centeredness would serve me well before I answer to things you share.
    It’s not that I ‘feel’ particularly off centered.
    It’s just that I somehow find a simple *nod* or “I hear ya” or ‘I appreciate what the Guides shared with us’–feels like such a pittance given what I FEEL when I read.

    But perhaps if took the time to get guidance in what I shared the picture would look different?
    Strangely, I know what I mean. LOL Even though no one else probably does–not that that matters. (ask Calvin!)

    Very well could be my own ego getting in the way–one of the things I heard clearly in Kirk’s video quite clearly. (one of the MANY things actually…..)

    It’s all mushed together–none of it gets to be separated neatly into a pile to the side. That’s just the truth of truth, eh?
    Simple as it is, I struggle to keep it that way (guess that’s my humanness coming into action AGAIN!).

    (Lemme nod.) *nod*
    (And thank you and your Guides.) Thank you..and The Guides.
    (And assure you that I do hear.) I DO hear.


    • Seems to me, Mel, that the message I keep getting is to do exactly what you are doing – getting out of the head and going to the heart. Your comment is a beautiful example of just that. Many thanks.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful post! My son has autism and this story is one we live nearly every day… He is so frankly perceptive (especially in his drawings) and his POV is so often glossed over…

  8. A lovely post Amy. The part about throwing adults away was particularly poignant to me. We none of us want to be ‘thrown away’. So important to remember that we are all one and that we have been/are here so many times, until we have learned what we came to learn. Thank you.

    • As you and I share, it is time for all of us to see how we so subtly reject, throw away, betray or abandon with a look, a gesture, a thought or an action. The Universe is demonstrating its incredibly Loving support more and more. I want my eyes to be open so I can follow suit.

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