Co-Creating with Prayer

Hello my Beloved Guides.

We greet everyone with Love and blessings from all involved with this connection.

Thank you.  I want to ask about something the Dalai Lama said last night in his talk in Bangalore, India.  I was tired – it started at 1:00 a.m. (my time).  The question period ended at 3:30 a.m.  So perhaps I missed a key point.

We are very pleased that you were able to listen.  His reminders of connectivity and Oneness are of great import.

Yes, he talked about our being One in many different ways – especially with reference to Buddhism, of course.  I liked his emphasis on how we can learn from each other.  He spoke of Christians as major contributors toward improved Education and Health conditions in the world.  He spoke of India being an example of a nation having many religions living peaceably with one another.  There were other examples.

Religions are wise to remember that, while membership may be dwindling, attention is ever upon them.  The reason? Souls on your planet are longing for loving, authentic, trustworthy and modern examples from those deemed religious. As one of the great teachers, Jesus gifted the planet with solutions for living on a higher realm.  However, mankind has not lived within the true essence of Universal Love.  Even those still willing to attend and support various religions question the doctrines that prolong repetition and non-growth.  Others cling to those doctrines as though life lines.  Many religions have become paternal while sustaining themselves on the backs of female souls.  A society that does not recognize the contribution of the both genders is a society that has not experienced evolutionary maturity.   Wisdom was demonstrated through the Dalai Lama’s talk of appreciation of gifts bestowed by other religions.  This is an example of stepping forward, capturing human attention and improving human conditions.

The Dalai Lama readily recognized the gifts of other religions!  Here’s what surprised me, though.  He highlighted the need for us to question our reliance on prayer.

Raise the veil and greet abundance.

Upholding the concept of co-creation,  there is great value in taking action.  Humans who pray with an expectation that a higher energy form will take responsibility are forgetting co-creation.  You were being reminded that each of you are co-creators.  You have the power to initiate the veil opening for Creative Energy to co-join with you and co-effect results with impact.

Do we poke a hole in the veil with our willingness?

The veil has to be lifted by you.

How do I do that?

You access your belief systems as co-creators.

Okay.  So when I pray, I ask for knowledge of what I am to do – if I am to do any thing.  Does that lift the veil?

You have our blessing in using your belief system. Accompany prayer with meditation. As you act with Love, you will have all the guidance you need.

Please accept our gratitude in having this opportunity to serve each and all.  It is in providing Loving support to you, and all who abide here, that our Purpose is fulfilled.

Thank you, my Friends.

25 thoughts on “Co-Creating with Prayer

  1. I am always very interested in what your Guides tell you. That is my daily prayer for this year: to know my Guide(s) and have a relationship and a correspondence and to know and truly hear what they tell me. This post reminds me of the book I’m reading and have really blazed through called “The Expected One” by Kathleen McGowan. It’s written in novel form but she is taking liberties with the Jesus and Mary Magdaleen speculation. Parts of it put you right in the middle of what days might have been like in that period. I am enjoying it so much. Hey, keep your Guides busy this year of 2011 – I am way interested!

    • I hadn’t heard of that book so thank you. I do sit with Jesus in many of my meditations – a point which I neither discussed nor disclosed for years because of concerns for ego. Some of the messages and guidance I received were so far from any of my wishes or streams of logic that I had to pay attention. I have been reading The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bougeault (I read her books very slowly) and she also makes some profound suggestions about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdaleen. And why not? Was he not here to live the human experience? However, the reason Cynthia goes into that is due to evidence that Mary understood and shared, with Jesus, the concept of being in the presence of God at all times.

  2. I love this post Amy. I love the part about co-creation. While belonging to a certain establishment years ago, I often felt prayer wasn’t enough or wasn’t working. If it only required praying alone then we would’ve solved world peace, world hunger, genocides and so on in this world. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi said, not just pray about it. If you want peace then be peaceful, not just talk about it. So much confirmations for me here. Tell your guides that I love them and the insights they give us everyday. WordPress needs a love button along with a like button. I would’ve pressed the love button.

    • You are a living love button, Kadian. As I read your words of love for my Guides, I sensed the party starting! Why would anyone fear moving beyond the physical form into that realm of ‘joy frequency’ – don’t know what else to call it? 😀

  3. Pray AND row.
    I appreciate being reminded of that.
    And I enjoyed the Cooper book–a very affirming read for me.

    I do appreciate the messages your Guides gift us with. I know they’ve made a difference in my actions–and attitudes.
    Funny that, huh?



    That’s just how it’s been arranged for me over and over and over.
    As soon as I stop shaking my fists and open my hands to receive….guess what?!

    I’m soooo graced.

  4. For years, I dodged accepting responsibilities as often as possible. It sound like nothing but hardship and boredom to me. Little did I know. This whole thing of accepting responsibility for my own sh*t is sooo freeing. And empowering. And when I also remember to accept the support of the Universe… wow.

    • Hey, Sally, that sounds like a great subject for a post. You are so bang on – it is freeing to take responsibility for ourselves. Often once that step is taken, one learns how everyone saw through the avoidance dance the whole time. Wiggling and writhing doesn’t fool anyone.

    • Jamie, if you are on Face Book, you can become a “Fan” of his by calling up his page and hitting the “Like” button. Then you’ll be apprised of his activities and whereabouts.

  5. I once heard it said, by Gurinder Singh, a Master in India: “Prayer is for inspiration and putting you in touch with the Divine, and meditation is about experience.” He also said about prayer that: “The Giver is also the Knower, so why doubt or have to ask?” Apparently a few years ago, the Dalai Lama visited Gurinder Singh’s Science of the Soul Research Centre in Beas, India, and they got along quite well. 🙂

  6. There are some powerful thoughts here. About how much has come to us on the backs of women. About co-creating. We create miracles. I think we might even create God, from the divine within us.

  7. fantastic wisdom. Thanks for visiting me on “Quirk Bus”. 🙂
    it was a great joy to see you there.

    I truly admire Dalai Lama, most of his words touch my heart. I too believe that we have to act as per our prayers, then only can we get enlightened.

  8. Oh wow… this made me rethink my prayer… to meditate on Him. Thank you for this post Amy… you always have a way of awakening the eyes… the eyes that may be open… but not seeing.

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