We Don’t Need No More Trouble

May I hear this message,

May I practice it in my daily life:



25 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No More Trouble

    • I’ll join you in that wish, Charles. From my vantage point, you do your share in the way you “expose” world issues in your writing and in your support to all sorts of different bloggers. And I bet there’s tons more behind those two offerings.

  1. The beginning versus of this song is from “War” by Bob Marley. It is one of my favorite Bob Marley songs. I listen to it all the time. So much truth in those versus. Beautiful song Amy. The underlying message here is: “We are all one”

    • Maybe. Someday. I’m just getting back into the guitar after a fairly lengthy absence.

      I got new steel strings this week and my fingers are screaming at me, “OUCH!” So, I have to take it slow and easy. 😀

      Maybe I’ll work on some Lennon, “All we are saying . . . is give Peace a chance.” Or some Cat, “Here comes the Peace Train!”

      • We are definitely of the same era, Nancy. Good for you, though. If I were to take up an instrument, it would be piano. Do you ever listen to Keith Jarrett? I’d play like him. Including the grunts and groans!

      • Don’t know Keith Jarrett. I enjoy rock with piano accompaniment ~ Al Stewart (Year of the Cat), Sarah McLachlan (tons of songs), etc.

        I played the piano for 8 years, but you wouldn’t know it to listen to me. Sight reading was a problem for me, so I had to memorize pieces for them to sound as they should.

        Then . . . I bought a $20 book, “How To Play Piano In 10 Easy Lessons.” It taught me to play chords (like on the guitar) with my left hand and just use my right to play the melody. Once I was no longer worrying about what my left hand had to be doing, I could sight read the melody and play it recognizably with my right hand. Success!

        And I could finally play fast enough to sing along. If you want to learn piano, go for it!

        • I drove my mother crazy as I slowly plunked out tunes as a kid waiting for her to finish marking papers at school. The classroom with the piano was next door to hers thankfully. Learning the piano is not a priority, but piano music is!

  2. Playing for Change is amazing.

    This is Doraline from ‘Riding the Quirk Bus.’ If you’d like to write with us about your icebergy tales, just send me an email from the address you use for WordPress, and I will add you to the family.


  3. Hi Amy .. that was an amazing video – I’ll probably ‘borrow’ it and use it in a post – and link it to another .. in due course .. must do other things first .. Wonderful to listen to ..

    Loved the music, the different countries and the range of instruments .. brilliant – and I’m not musical .. no sense of rhythm .. but I was ‘jogging’ along!! Cheers – what an important set of words just now … and always .. Hilary

    • Terrific how this blogging world takes us out of our tidy little comfort zones. If someone had predicted that I’d be posting a rap video on my blog, I would have hoped they didn’t pay for that information. Keep right on jogging about, Hilary. It’s far better than trudging the road to Happy Destiny. 😀

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