What’s Going To Happen To Old Blogs?

So...What Do We Do With This?

So…What Do We Do With This?

We created our blogs with purpose.  They carry our soul.  What’s going to happen when they are old and nobody visits them anymore?  Will Old Blogs fade away?

Maybe WordPress or other platforms will craft a policy:

“In order to assure availability of space on the “‘Netosphere”, Blogs posted later than XX years will be deleted unless Preservation Payments have been received in full.”

How would you like your Old Blog handled?

28 thoughts on “What’s Going To Happen To Old Blogs?

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    • And instead of trusting a “cloud”, it’s probably better to download the posts on thumb or external drives. Wonder if there’s a way to download in categories or months – all at once.

  2. Since I assume I won’t be working on it any more, I’ll be quite happy for my blog to be laid to rest too. Perhaps a year or two after my own demise so people still have chance to see the work that went into it would be nice.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • You never know, David…this may be like the experience of the Old Masters – like Van Gogh. You may be discovered postmortem and your words selling for billions. Who gets the money – do we have to put them in our Wills just in case?

  3. This is a huge issue in some regards. When my former husband died unexpectedly, he left tons of work, ideas, and amazing talent flapping in the cyber-breeze. (Along with a disorganized library of amazing photographic prints & negatives.) His dearest friend in the world has more or less stepped in to archive those items. But it raises a whole batch of questions. Who owns our intellectual property if we die w/o having included that in a will? What IS intellectual property? What of FB and LinkedIn accounts…it boggles the mind to think of what is left when a body steps out of this realm.

    Frankly I don’t much care what happens to whatever is left after I’m gone. I have no heirs so I can’t embarass anyone or make anyone rich and famous. It will become cyber-junk. 404 pages! lol. Far less worrisome than the tangible detritus.

    • Yes, Linda, I just commented to David that we may have to add mention of blogs in our Wills – just in case. I discovered something about FB…I don’t know if you’ve ever gone back on your Wall to try and find something from a previous time. I couldn’t find what I wanted (about a year old) and was wondering what was going on. Yet when I go to past years, there’s lots of “dribble” there. Also I passed over a comment someone made about FB declaring it will not be keeping our stuff – but I have no idea where to find that info.

      So true – it really is new turf. Like you, having no children, mine can become cyber-junk, but I do wonder if the nieces and nephews (greats and great-greats) will want their offspring to know the stuff about the generations I’ve portrayed.

    • I’d have to think through priorities and organize lots in order to have it put in book form. My first task would be culling, deleting, trashing. Then I’d probably find a thumb drive that I’d label – “Deletions”. I have far too many categories and I’m surprised at the results when I click on any one category. But that would have to be cleaned up on my Blog.

      Oh, Ms. Kimmins…you have my head spinning. 😀

        • That I will, Brenda. In the ’70s when I was the Corporate watchdog making sure that women had all the same doors available as men (and carried equivalent qualifications), men would tease me because I was using the “liberated” handle – Ms.

          One day, as the facilitator of a management training program, one young “peacock” spoke up, “Exactly what does ‘Ms.” stand for?”

          “Miserable!” I quipped. “Especially toward libertines.”

          Loved your post that visited Shakespeare’s home turf.

    • I think WP has already devised a way. I’m still getting used to the new dashboard format, but I could swear I saw, “Turn your site into a book” as an option. Since it would be helpful to my work, I got excited, but haven’t had a chance to explore further.

    • You’re very welcome, Maggie. Isn’t life fun as we find ourselves forever stepping up with technology? Unless I want to wear a perpetual “handicapped” sticker, in my aging process there will be no sitting back on my laurels watching the sun set on my comfort zone! 😀

  4. I export my blog at least once a year and save it on my computer as a back-up.
    I few years ago I used a free version of Blurb, which turned my blog into a PDF document. I know it can also be printed in a book.
    I have just looked at their website and it seems that they don’t support WordPress anymore, but I think you can import your blog to another platform like Blogger.

    I have not tried Blogbooker, but it seems very similar to Blurb.

    I have added our son as admin to all my blogs, Facebook pages, etc.

    Here is an interesting article, I saw a while back.

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