Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you, Abraham,

(channeled through Esther Hicks)


The Missing Piece

Each one of us can use a little reminding most of the time!


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36 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, September 20, 2012

      • Thank you. “Amy, I haven’t used this blog for some time. And, new formatting hit me the last time you commented/could’t comment … so I could not fix the problem. I could not navigate the system yet. Now I believe that I have fixed it. ;)”

        This is the reply to the comment that I pasted for you. (this is going to get confusing. ‘)

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    • I certainly want to catch myself when I start to go into that man’s space. I respect him for being tenacious about being heard. Hope he “gets it” and frees himself. I suspect he did.

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  3. Wow..had to come back and watch the video…didn’t have time earlier. I know exactly how he feels because I’ve been there myself (still am at times)…it’s so hard not to get caught up in the horrors going on in the world. It’s imperative to keep reminding ourselves of a more positive perspective. Thanks, Amy…I love Abraham..and Esther!

    • Our welcome and beloved Bodhirose… My goal is to catch myself as quickly as possible when (not if! 🙂 ) I go there. You are on the nose when you say it’s imperative to be vigilant.

      • Thanks so much for your kind words here … Positive words help keep us happy and stress free. I try to follow the 1st agreement in the book by Don Miguel Ruiz ( The Four Agreements) …. be impeccable with your word. We could save ourselves so many hardships if we could think and then speak without harm to another.
        namaste …..

  4. Three times I’ve tried to watch this–three times it’s become broken. Interestingly, it becomes broken after he’s finished his say and declined removing his hat.
    Perhaps I’m being called to look for my own response in ‘the missing piece’.

    We all get choices. We all own our personal power. I get the perspective because I lived it in my limitedness, in my need to validate my own ‘rightness’ about the world at large. I hope he gets to hear that it’s okay that’s where he is–and that he gets the hope of a broader vision, a different perspective…a wider one, yaknow?
    And I hope NEXT time I go to have a listen it’s not broken……LOLOL

      • *laughing* Oh, how amazing is that?! And one more time I went to watch….and for the 4th time–he’s declined his hat being removed and the screen tells me to come back later cuz it’s broken!

        Oh my….. and once again, I’d own that I’ve been there, done that–looked for everything to validate how RIGHT I was and turned my back on anything that might mean I could be wrong. I’m so glad I got shoved past my own limitedness to see the good and true and loving things that surround me, every day. Miserable existence to live in that other choice. And ya know, it took me getting good and tired of being miserable to get willing to see that there WAS another side to the coin that, in my ego filled way, I wasn’t willing to even look at.

        I think the bigger message here was for ME to locate the missing piece that’s threatening to end up missing in my own world if I don’t reconsider my own focus and choices.
        Must be that ‘word for the month’ that’s been dropped in my lap over and over again.


        I love how The Big Guy works! LOL Broken video streams—what a hoot!!

  5. This is amazing, Amy. I haven’t really followed any of the Law of Attraction programmes but it is something that I’ve always believed in. This video totally answered a question about someone else, that has been troubling me for a number of weeks. I love the way Esther tells the guy that he is not wrong…..however…. It saves so much debate and argument, while putting her point across succinctly. I’m not prepared to defend my beliefs to doubters and pessimists, as they can always come up with counter~arguments and diversionary tactics. But watching this has shown me how to respond firmly but with love. Thank you so much for posting it.

    My contribution this week is here: http://wightrabbit.wordpress.com/2012/09/20

    • When the “click” happens, it’s like gaining x-ray vision. We don’t have to be in the negative vortex and we don’t need to allow the negative vortex of others to affect us.

      Now…if only I could count on myself remembering this… 😀

  6. Wow. I believe this is one of the best discussions on this topic that I’ve heard. I felt heavy and sad listening to him; like burdened, so I could actually finally feel what many of us do to ourselves when we focus on the negative. I think ,having seen this, will help some when I momentarily get in a funk about “stuff”. Thank you.

    • When we get into a funk, Leslie, the important thing is to recognize it, then simply change to a positive though. Don’t analyze it or yourself. Don’t react. That means no beating up or chastising self. Just get on with a positive note. Forget the slip. Slips are inevitable and they are manageable.

      Learning that from the Sufis and having it reinforced by various other spiritual teachers took me to my first step in self love.

      Big hug to you today, my special friend.

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  8. Haven’t thought about Abraham-Hicks, Napolean Hill, and Seth in a long time. Nice to listen to this piece and I enjoyed the post Liz created out of it. Thanks for posting.

    Happy days, dear Amy. 🙂

    • And the wheel goes round… Until I met you through blogging, I didn’t know another person who had read the Seth material. The oversoul concept has seen me through many questions. That material gave me a way to conceive of everything happening now.

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