Give Me Peace, Dear Microsoft

Soul Dipper was designed to build spirits.

Sadly, tonight, it is a stand-in for Email

– a step aside from soul –

A letter to Microsoft:

  • My Microsoft Outlook 2007 will not open on Vista.

  • Your (canned) suggested  solution – Scanpst.exe – cannot fix it because it also will not open.  The “olmap132.dll” cannot be found.  Whatever does that mean?


Please do a wee inventory:

  • Check out all the links from technicians on your supposed “Microsoft” sites?  One, named Omni, assured me of 15 minutes free service, then came on board to fix the problem, assuring me it was a popular problem.  Then they clicked on my NOTEPAD to write me an invoice!  They assured me the problem is fixable for a mere $139.99.

  • Check out “olmap132.dll” on the Internet.  You’ll see pages of links where honest people try unsuccessfully to help one another through this problem.   None are successful.

These are all your customers.

Microsoft.  Shame on you!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may do all sorts of good works, but charity begins at home.

Put service back into your sales transactions.

Give me back my Email program.

My good works are measly, but I need Email to do them.

I did not derail this program.

Did you?

Return my Peace.  No questions asked!

(Dear readers…I will not know when you have posted.  I can cruise through old and new comments to look for you.  I hoe to have this remedied quickly and easily.  –  Amy)

39 thoughts on “Give Me Peace, Dear Microsoft

  1. It’s beastly, I’ve been trying for hours to send you a Facebook message with no joy. Seems there’s a bug there too. Please can you let me know the name of the South African wine you mentioned some time back, I think I may have found a source for it.

  2. Amy…sorry you’re having such difficulty with Microsoft…I think that some times it requires intervention from a higher source to the things resolved…hope things get fixed soon for you.

  3. LOL I haven’t seen you mad as now Amy!
    You just reminded me how I hate customer service especially Microsoft’s. I really bashed Windows on my first year in WP. I suggest you use Libre Office. It’s my primary word processor. Don’t ever trust customer service. It should be called customer hell.

    • Poch – I goofed – and have corrected the blog. I ought to have been more specific and said “Outlook” instead of “office”. My nephew saw my FB message, phoned, and we went through a SCANPST. We tried a couple of different restore dates. Nothing worked. So – I will reinstall Outlook and see if that does it. He’s telling me to get off Vista and onto Windows 7.

      I tried to “friend” you, too – and found the same thing as you…where did the INVITE button go? A blogger friend in South Africa has tried to message me and couldn’t. When I sent a message to her, she could not open it. So something is running amok. Let’s be patient. This will pass. Then we’ll “friend”!

  4. Hi Amy .. sorry you’ve lost your email account with microsoft .. that’s a great nuisance to put it mildly ..

    I’m not sure what’s going on .. I know my posts which get sent to FB are now garbled .. as I haven’t been on FB for ages .. and certainly haven’t altered anything ..

    But losing something as important as email .. is a real pain.

    I hope perhaps you can find some Samaritan locally to help you fix the problem .. I find I just can’t do these things myself …

    many thoughts and thanks for posting on my blog – finally .. I changed that setting to allow anyone – I’d hoped to eliminate the spammer type bloggers ..

    Cheers – Hilary

  5. Hi souldipper,
    I couldn’t think of anything more frustrating, have you thought about getting an e-mail account on-line till things are sorted out?

    I wish you luck with Microsoft, trying to get answers to a problem is another problem on top unfortunately, I also have Microsoft and every now and then browse the forums, and there are a fair few problems out there, they really need to look at their so called customer service. But I also noticed there are a lot of very smart people as well, who come up with different ways of fixing things and letting others know. I often wonder if Microsoft even knows how to fix some problems, either way they don’t seem to worry too much about the customer.

    • I can access my emails through “webmail”, but I don’t receive any of the RSS Feeds which is what I have used for most of my subscriptions to blogs. I have a gmail account, but not with my blogging affairs. This will resolve one step at a time. Thanks for your commiserations! It does help to know I am not alone!

  6. Sorry to hear about your frustration, Amy! This techno world can turn everything on his head at times, in such an all-consuming way…hope it’s all resolved SOON for you!

  7. aargh. things like that make me want to scream. I have little use for Vista and waited for windows 7 to come out before buying a new laptop. Hope someone can help you solve this without too much anguish or money.

    • Hi Joss…yes, my nephew has been helping me – albeit long distance. Just did a diagnostic. The report supposedly means I have to take it to someone here. It could be only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, I think 2007 is a good plan!

    • Too sweet, Sally!! Many thanks. Besides looking at my obsession with habits, I’m exercising my resiliency by using Webmail and Gmail. It’s the Address Book and the RSS Feeds that are hard to give up.

      • Frustrating that even having a backup wouldn’t help. I’d known for awhile that running Mac MS Office 2004 was pushing it, but this spring, it began screwing with the smooth operation of my computer. It was a choice between upgrading or switching to something else. After a 30 day free trial of Apple’s iWork suite, I decided to kick MS to the curb and with iWork.

        Good thing, too! Apple newest OS, released a couple of weeks ago, no longer supports the PowerPC platform my ancient MS suite used. If I hadn’t already been through the decision process and made a choice, I might have panicked.

        May you find your way through with the bare minimum of teeth gnashing.

        • Yes, my nephew was saying that with a new OS, Windows 7, in place, MS attempts to upgrade older systems and creates all sorts of challenges. I’ve been wondering about going with Apple. However, I have a great laptop and the Neph says that reports claim that Windows 7 is like working with a Mac.

  8. Amen on this. Righteous anger.

    I no longer have to use Windows now that I am “retired.” Phew! I live on my Mac and love it.

    I hope they will see you message and take it to heart ….Good luck, Amy.

    • I strongly suspect that my next purchase will be a Mac. However, through the help of two young men (two stages), my old Toshiba thinks it’s a teenager in spring! I’m soooo grateful.

  9. Pffffffffft to Microsoft’s 139.99 answer and the lack of responsibility to their customers.

    JUST sayin’.


    Whatever happened to pride in workmanship anyway?!

    k…some folks still embrace that.
    I’m just whining cuz I KNOW this one sucks.


  10. I’m glad it’s fixed. I have windows xp and am at a loss when anything happens and can’t use my computer. I am a registered nurse by trade and came into the computer world just a year or so ago. took key boarding at an adult class in the evenings and I ‘m still weak at it. Thanks for posting this blog post.

    • Hi Clarbojahn – I’m sure happy to be back in full swing. Being so used to being connected, it’s no fun feeling cut off! Good for you – these computers certainly keep us in a good learning curve.

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