Canada’s Birthday Party: Served with Ice Cream

Our island is an Artist Colony.

Creativity spills abundantly over our general populace.

No matter what age, islander or visitor, we need ice cream at a birthday party.

– HAPPY 144th, CANADA –

(With respect to the earliest nations –
no matter where we stand on our planet, all lands are the same age.)

Let’s see what’s happening at the party!

                  An 8′ Mermaid guards our Harbour: “Service Above Self”.  Let’s hope they practice this at the Ice Cream Parlour!

Join me on my perch for a bird’s eye view:

A Maple Leaf is added to the glow.
Ezy had a very high White Balloon with a Red Maple Leaf.  Ezy was adamant that I spell her name correctly.
Oh Good…A Green Pole to Swing Around!
Hiding from Mommy
Helping Mom Get Her Exercise.
I could eat two at once on this thing.
“Don’t Maple Leaf me!” growled Grumpy.
Yah, but I’ve got red in my dress!
Whatever! I’m cool!
Where’s Mom? Let’s taste hers!
They don’t serve chickens. No, I didn’t say they don’t serve chicken…I said ‘Chickens’!
Just settin’ & doin’ some inner child work!

Keep growing strong and free

O Canada!

45 thoughts on “Canada’s Birthday Party: Served with Ice Cream

    • I resisted the temptation of having an ice cream…I discipline my intake of fatty foods. I came home and had a large, delicious salad made from varieties of lettuce grown locally. The chicken is a mystery. I was not close to the girls as I was using a telephoto. I will swing by your link, thanks, Rosie.

  1. Hi,
    Happy Canada Day, and what great photo’s. everyone looks relaxed and having fun as well. I couldn’t imagine even trying to get on the bike with one wheel, I certainly can imagine how I would look falling off it. 😆

    • Thanks, Mags. Yeah – I’ve never tried a unicycle either. This young woman rode it as though it was an extension to her body. Then I watched her boyfriend…she finally took it away from him when she became worried that he’d hurt someone.

  2. Hi Amy .. lovely .. and as it’s hot here .. could you send over one of your waffle cones .. perhaps a mocha one – still early (ish!) here.

    Enjoy the weekend .. I see you have some Royal visitors .. probably not to your island – though I’m sure they’d love the lake and hiking … I was in Lake Louise about 15 years ago for Canada Day .. it snowed on the way up to Jasper on the 4th .. guess telling me I was in the wrong country ..

    Loved your tour .. seems a lovely place to live .. enjoy – Happy Canada day .. Hilary

    • I used to ski in the Lake Louise area when I was a rugged teen ready to shush down fresh powder without a fear in the world! Yes, Will and Kate have dazzled the Canadians who have been part of their tour. Their schedule is a killer. As one of our CBC announcers said, “Maybe next time they’ll include some down time.” However, they are young and full of enthusiasm. I have such a strong feeling that Kate is carrying an extension to the Royal family. Let’s see if that is just fluff…

      Snow in July? My goodness, that was unusual – or you were at very high altitudes. Hope you weren’t turned off dear ol’ “Canader”

  3. Happy Birthday Canada! Oh Canada, terre de nos aieux…My birth father was born in Sashkatchawan although I never knew him…he was KIA WWII–US Army Air Corps.

    Love to you, my friend and all our wonderful neighbors who live in your beautiful country.

    • Hey Poch – always good to hear from you. Did you see the people who were praying for you to grow something? That was in the earlier post where I included your comment. about missing the chance to grow things. You touched a few hearts!

  4. Great photos, Amy. Looks like you celebrated Canada Day in wonderful fashion. At least you seem to have had nice weather. Here it was a bit cool-ish and the mossies were unbearable. We were going to take in some fireworks, but opted to sit at home and toast the nation with a beer in the backyard.

    • Yes, we actually had some sunshine, but it wasn’t overly warm. Most of us had light jackets. Oh yes, the mossies! One of the blessings of living with off-shore winds is the absence of the little mites! Hope you toasted all your memories of Canadian history! 😀 I did a History quiz on Mental Floss. I’m afraid there wasn’t much about Canada!!

  5. Hi Amy, I so enjoyed your photo’s, Glad you had fun celebrating. My Mom loved the queen, and Diana and I know she would be so proud of Prince William. She would love Kate and her fascinators, I liked her red one with the maple leaf. My Mom was born in Ashford – Kent in England

    • Good grief – thanks to your comment, Dee, I just corrected my past comment to “Will”. I haven’t watched any of the news reports of the visit yet – I’ll soon take the time to check out the reports. This Royal pair must give the Queen a warm and welcome “grandmotherly” moment! My mother was a huge fan of the Queen Mother. When I watched the recent movie about her, I know my mom would have loved it. They presented her realistically.

  6. That’s my kind of celebrating. Happy Birthday to Canada a few days late. It was so hot for our nation’s birthday that the ice cream melted down my fingers before I got it into my mouth. Summer is here!

  7. Oh, they ALL have the right idea! Bring on the ice cream and FUN! I so coulda sat with the old farts and enjoyed that moment. (I detest shopping!)

    What a fun day–and what evidence of that through the photos. We hug chickens and show ’em off around here. LOL So I rather enjoyed finding out that we’re not alone. (the kiddos show ’em at the fair every year and they’re just priceless–the chickens and their owners)

    I think I’m on the other side of horribly sick — just trying to do some catch up. I do NOT like falling out of routine or out of touch with the people who’ve touched my life through this medium.
    I’ve missed crossing your path!
    Just sayin’……

    Happy (albeit belated) Canada Day, Amy!!

    • I did have a good day, Tok. One thing that could have added to it would be sharing that campsite you had in the Kananaskis! That would have gone really well with ice cream. 😀

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