Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 12 – Orientation Bathed in Awe

(Chapter 11 – The Orbs – Click here.)

As deftly and gracefully as waking up from a deep, satisfying sleep, Jesus, Mary, Simon, Hannah and Levi found themselves standing on a small mountaintop looking at their 21st century abode. Levi ran to the door, studied the latch quickly and swung the door open wide. He turned and with a rascally grin, bowed to the others, “Please enter. Our mission begins.”

Everyone laughed and Hannah walked towards the deck that wrapped itself around two-thirds of the top floor of the home. “Look how we can see for miles! That must be the Pacific Ocean down there. It’s so lush…trees everywhere. And listen to the birdsong!”  

Mary joined her and gingerly stepped onto the glassed-in deck. “Wait ’til you see the inside. I don’t know how I’ll ever learn everything.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve been well prepped and, you’ll see, Levi will be able to show us how to use all the strange devices – like the one apparatus that answers all our questions. Come on, we’ll have lots of time to soak in the surroundings. Let’s have a good look inside the house.”

Meanwhile, Jesus was still standing where he had landed; then he began to slowly turn and pause in each direction, “And so it is. It’s just as I was shown.” 

Simon pointed towards the huge garage. “I’m going to explore this other structure. I want to find this vehicle, Jesus.”

“Carry on – we’ll certainly need your expertise. I see there’s only one way out of here and it’s only a two-track road. You go ahead. I’ll join you in a bit. I’m going to explore the house and the rest of the property. Oh, and by the way, it’s time to use my new name.”

“That’ll be more difficult than teaching us both to drive that piece of equipment.”  

Mary spotted a door off the deck. “Let’s go through the house, Hannah.” Taking a moment to figure out the latch, the door opened without a key. They found themselves in the kitchen. They opened cupboards and puzzled over packages, jars, cans, and boxes of food. “Hope we don’t starve before finding some vegetables.”  

Hannah stood in front of the refrigerator with its large door on top and a smaller door on the bottom. “This is where we’ll find some. It’s called a fridge and it’s cold inside. The top will be a little cold and the bottom is VERY cold and that’s where food can be kept frozen for ages.” Both women quickly stepped back as the fridge suddenly began its cooling cycle.

“What’s that? Did you do something, Hannah?”

“No. Not a thing. I understand it automatically works to keep food from spoiling. This is one of the kitchen appliances I was shown and it’s an essential part of this lifetime. I’ll show you the inside.” She swung open the door and both women stared with disbelief. Trays and bins were fully filled. Hannah explained, “We’ll have different cooking appliances, I was told, and if I’ve forgotten how to use them, we can call on Levi. Until then, we’ll have a replicator that will produce whatever kind of meal we want. For sure I know how to make that work. This appliance will be disguised because people in the 21st century, here in 3D, don’t have replicators. But we need one for now. Wait’ll you see what it can do. I’m hoping this is its permanent home. But it must remain camouflaged. Here it is.” Hannah pointed at a microwave set into the wall near the stove. ”To the 21st people, this looks another appliance – a microwave – which is standard equipment in homes here. If the people saw this, Mary, it would blow our cover. And their minds.”

“How on earth does this give us meals? Obviously our Beloved Beings wouldn’t give it to us unless the food was nutritious, but really…?!”

“Yes, I questioned the nutrition as well and have been assured it is even more nutritious than most food we could buy. The world’s soil has been depleted, large negative entities have been manipulating food so that it’s making people ill and spraying crops with poison under the guise of helping it grow bigger and faster.  

The people here have been fighting back. They’re supporting little farms and gardens by buying produce directly from the growers instead of going to the markets. Some food in the markets are from countries all over the planet. So they cover the food with preservatives so it will keep and that’s creating horrible health problems. Yes, I’m very relieved we have this replicator until we can find locally produced food. The food in that fridge is locally grown – called ‘organic’- and if we can manage the other appliances, it’ll be nutritious and safe for us to eat.”

“This is unbelievable. I’m beginning to suspect I only see a very small part of the complexity of our mission. How abominably cruel. Who are these people who have done this to our planet? Okay, Hannah, how does this work?” 

”Here, I’ll show you. First you have to pick what you want to eat or drink.” Hannah opened the false front of the microwave to reveal a screen. “See these buttons? You can build your meal bit by bit. Here’s the button for meat. When I push that…there, see? This screen shows you the kinds of meat you can choose and asks how you want it cooked – yes there’s several ways meat can be cooked. Then this button is for vegetables. You can choose as many as you like. Here’s whatever you want to drink. Honest, Mary, the choices are endless. We’ll have so much fun trying all these choices. We may not ever let this thing out of our hands!”

“But how does it work?”

“I haven’t a clue. I only know the food is delicious. Let’s try it. Want to order something to drink?”

“Alright. How about a cup of milk?”

The buttons beeped with each selection. Mary gasped, “Wait. Where will it appear?”

“You’ll see in a moment.” After the replicator whirred, there were three successive beeps and Hannah pushed another button and the screen rolled upwards to reveal an oven-like space where a medium-sized cup of cool cow’s milk stood waiting. Hannah retrieved it and handed it to Mary, “There you go. It’s even cooled to a refreshing temperature – as ordered.”

“You mean I can have warm milk, say for my babe?”

“In a heartbeat. It will even produce any baby food you’ll need.”

“Hannah! This is beyond anything I could possibly imagine! This alone makes this mission more interesting than I dared consider.”

“In a while, I’ll show you the appliance called a ‘stove’. This will really surprise you.”

“Where are the men? Where’s Levi?”

“Just a moment ago, when I looked out the glass window, I saw Jesus…I mean Jay…and Simon out there at that garage.”  

Mary reached over and felt the window. “This is ‘glass’? It’s cool to the touch. I wonder how that is made.”

“From the earth somehow – silica, I think – and it’s all over the planet. It’s clear, coloured, smooth, rough, practical, decorative…But in this home it keeps out the insects while we are free to look through it and see nature. 

She continued, “And Levi? I saw him go downstairs. I was told that’s where the three of us will have our sleeping quarters, bathing and toiletry services and extra space for whatever. I suspect he’s down there working on the technical equipment that’ll be keeping us informed in unimaginable ways.”

“Now I’m beginning to get a glimpse into the incredible planning and work of the divine beings who chose the five of us and trained all of you so well. I feel as though I’m such a newcomer. What am I bringing to the Mission?”

“Like Jesus – I can’t call him Jay when we’re here alone – you bring your heart, your soul and your incredible consciousness level. You’re the steadying factor amongst us – you’ll keep us from succumbing to 3rd Dimension reactions when we are faced with dark energy. My Being explained how you live mostly beyond 5th, 6th or 7th densities. Look at how you’ve accepted this whole concept in a matter of days. The rest of us have been coached, guided and trained for some time. And look at me.. All I bring is help with domestic matters. Think of the job Jesus has! Look at what he’ll be doing!”

“What indeed. But Hannah, I’m scared to ask how long you’ll be here. I really need you – especially when the baby arrives. I can’t bear the thought of you going back.”

“Our Source Beings thought of that, too. We’ll all be together. Travelling with the blue Orbs means if I went back right now, my family would think I had just been napping, out in the courtyard or outside picking figs. It would seem no time had passed in their minds. If I was there for days, weeks or months, I could be back here and you’d think I was just down in our chambers for a short time. I’m not a scientist so if I’d asked how this works, I would not have understood the explanation. This is why Levi’s family has been so accepting of Levi being part of this Mission. To them, he’ll be away for shorter periods of time than when Hebbie and he wandered the streets of Hebron.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Will Jesus be doing this kind of traveling do you think?”

“I know he will. Do you remember you asked me about being alone so much while Simon travelled?”

Mary nodded, “I do. When you said you were never alone, I assumed you were declaring your faith in the Source of All.

“That, too. However, Simon has been trained by the Interplanetary Beings to travel whichever way is most needed – astrally, by-location, blue Orb – whatever he choses. If I was under any sort of threat or needed help, I only had to think him home.”

“And that’s what I need to be able to do with my husband,” Mary said trying to hide yet another sharp pain in her groin. “Before we do another thing, Hannah, please tell me that tending to bodily functions is nice and simple. And quick.”

(Chapter 13 – Coming Soon)

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