Just Mr. & Mrs – Chapter 11 – The Orbs

(Chapter 10 – Pillow Talk on an Israeli Morn – Click here)

After Mary gathered the laundry from the courtyard and revelled in its fresh outdoorsy scent, she took the garments back to the loft. She wondered what clothing would be waiting for them in Canada. How would they arrive – teleporting? Star gates? Bi-locating? How would they be anonymous and ordinary when their clothing was so obviously different? If she is destined to wear the garments she saw when she remote-viewed, it will be an enormous adjustment. Would she feel more free in the garments with legs? What about the trousers that showed bare legs from the thigh down. Would women be dressed in that fashion with men around?

So many questions rolled through Mary’s mind. In spite of a strong pull to be helping Hannah prepare breakfast, she straightened the bed covers and settled in for a short, but soul-strengthening meditation.

Having raised her vibration to match and greet the love and support awaiting her, Mary felt the worrisome questions slip from her consciousness into the 3rd dimension’s dense ethers where they belonged. She was reminded of the human practice of falling prey to the lethal trickeries of fear. She thought of the child growing and announcing itself within her body and let its joy carry her into the serenity of higher consciousness. She succumbed to a familiar sense of bliss and let herself be absorbed into its embrace. Her breathing deepened as Divine Light washed through her. Joy rose within as if she were a blossom welcoming sunlight. Tears slipped down her cheeks as her appreciation and awe flooded her heart. She sat in the lap of the Divine.

She finished her mediation, “And thank you for keeping your promise that I would have my beloved husband through many more years. I am ready.”

Now refreshed, Mary climbed down from the loft and headed for the dwelling, “Morning Hannah! Has the day greeted you well?”

“Good morning, Mary. Yes, it’s amazing how everything is coming together today. I’ll be ready to start making cheese whenever those men finish milking. I’ll get it going but my sister and her husband, who are due here today, are the expert cheese makers. Did you rest well? How was your sleep? “

“We had a wonderful sleep, thanks. Both of us feel very good this morning. Your family is arriving?”

“Yes and in case you are wondering, we’ve lots of space where they can make their bed. They love this farm and would enjoy being here all the time. When they look after it for us, it’s as if it’s their own.”

“Okay, glad to know that Hannah. Before they arrive, I’ll tell you about my experience last night when I remote-viewed the house in Canada.” As she talked, Mary pitched in and began preparing the fruit they would have with their bread. She saw the fish were ready to be cooked over the coals once the men arrived.

“Oh Hannah…what we are going to experience!” Mary described the scene and tried to explain the unfamiliar, “And one of the women opened the door on a huge silver box, standing on its end, and put vegetable, fruits and many other things inside. But the most amazing thing…there is an entire room for the baby! Those women were so happy as they looked through the clothes they had gathered for our babe.”

“I can hardly wait, Mary! The more I learn from my sources, the more excited I get. My meditation this morning was full of encouragement and assurances. What an honour to be a part of this incredible mission. My heart is so in touch with those 21st century souls somehow. Really! Imagine us having this incredible experience! Do you find yourself waffling between dire fear and total joy?”

“Just this morning. I, too, had a beautiful meditation. I’m still feeling the divine and overwhelming sense of so much abundance. Yet we’re heading into a star storm, Hannah. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

“Simon and Levi can hardly wait. This morning as they were heading out to the goats, I heard Levi say, ‘If I really like it there, do you think I’ll be able to just stay there?’ And Simon, so typically focussed and steady, said to him, ‘Whoa, young man, you haven’t even figured out yet what comes first in this century – the chicken or the egg.’ Poor Levi said, ‘I don’t understand.’ and Simon responded, ‘That’s pretty much what I’m saying.’

The women were laughing heartily when the men appeared; washed from their morning labours. Levi looked over Hannah’s work bench and said, “Those goats gave me an appetite. Yum, look at that bread! Hope I’ll be able to leave some for the rest of you.”

A sharp pain cut through Mary’s abdominal area. She gripped the workbench and silently waited for it to pass. Her heart sank as she remembered hearing womenfolk tell stories of an embryo not coming to full term. She focussed on taking deep breaths as discretely as possible and slowly settled her heart after time passed with no further cramps.

Breakfast was served once the fish was finished cooking over the hot coals. Five people who had only come together in 3rd density, previous strangers, communed together with the joviality and harmony of a half-century friendship.

Simon said, “When Mica and Elizabeth arrive, we’ll have enough manpower to move that rock so the fence can go straight across in front of it. Otherwise, we’ll forever have escaping goats.”

“Darda will help!” Levi said.

Jesus smiled, “Darda can smell work four cubits away. But you seem to have her under your spell. Maybe she’d tolerate a harness from you.”

Suddenly something caught Jesus’ eye. He took his last bite of food and discretely looked upwards to the corner opposite from him where the walls met the ceiling. Conversation continued as the others finished their meal. Jesus watched a small blue orb pulsate in the dark and high corner. Two more blue orbs silently appeared beside the first one; then parked just above it. All three were motionless. Two more arrived. They parked below the threesome. Jesus nodded and said, “Looks like it’s time. I suspect we’ve just made history.”

“What do you mean?” asked Simon as he followed Jesus’ point of focus. He spotted the now pulsating blue lights and jumped up and protectively stood by Hannah. Everyone was in freeze-frame as the blue orbs hovered in position. Jesus said, “Yes, I believe we’ve just had the Last Breakfast.” No one laughed.

Slowly, the blue orbs began to move. While they shifted position, each had an inner stream of light swirling as though striving to be free of boundaries. Just as the lights seemed to bulge outside the orbs they were pulled back into containment; softly and gracefully. There was no wobble, only steady movement. Hannah gasped, Simon put his hand on Jesus’ shoulder, Mary said, “So…it won’t be bi-locating after all.” and Levi said, “Okay! Let’s go!”

Each orb floated towards one of the five courageous and trusting individuals. In a matter of a few 3D minutes they arrived in Canada with only a vague memory of being calmly enveloped by a state they would call “Divine Source’s signature” – a womb-like sense of unconditional love so empowering that fear had no ability to fester, dilute or diminish the glory of this sacred mission.

(Chapter 12 – Orientation Bathed in Awe)

One thought on “Just Mr. & Mrs – Chapter 11 – The Orbs

  1. Incredible! Such a Biblical science-fiction tale. Each chapter builds onto the next one offering a glimpse at more enlightening movements.

    I was particularly taken with the comment “. . . trousers that showed bare legs from the thigh down . . .”

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