Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 10 – Pillow Talk on an Israeli Morn

(Chapter 9 – A Journey into Acceptance – Click here)

Mary felt Jesus shift onto his side. She raised her head to see if he was awake and found an arm raised, inviting her to move in for a welcoming cuddle. He said, “Must be time to get up. Listen to those goats – they want out of their pen. I think I heard Simon and Levi walking in their direction. How did you and our little one sleep, my love?”

“Much better than I expected even with reminders of a whole new life fluttering and bubbling inside me. But I had a great experience last night. Know why? I remote-viewed our new home; then zapped back to fall into one of the most contented sleeps I’ve had since we left our home.”

“You did? What did you see?”

Mary related her previous night’s experience and answered as many questions as she could. He stumped her when he asked, “Did you see something that looked like an enclosed chariot with 4 wheels?”

“No, I didn’t see anything like that in the dwelling.”

He chuckled, “No, no. It wouldn’t be in the home, Mary. Did you see anything like that somewhere outside?”

“Well, there was another structure by the trees that had a very strange, big door. I think there was a small see-through in the wall if I remember correctly, but I didn’t view it.”

“I was asking Metatron about Darda. He assured me we wouldn’t need our faithful friend because we’ll have 21st century transportation – a ‘vehicle’, he called it. This is something I’ll learn to maneuver because we’ll need it to go to the market and the doctor. I asked if we could just have Darda with us, but he said we’ll need a ‘vehicle’. Apparently, everyone has at least one of these things – and they’re all different shapes and colours.”

Mary shook her head, “There is so much to learn…all the strange things I saw in the viewing.” She paused, “However, I’m so glad I took a look. It showed me a very important fact. No matter which century we’re in, we’ll have the same basic marvel around us – the human element. I’ve been reassured it is alive and well in the 2000s. I saw the faces of those women in the baby’s room. I heard their voices – lilting and full of enthusiasm as they looked at all they have organized for us. Language and technology didn’t matter, their humanity was obviously at its best. They could have been any women from any nation at any time. If this is what the world needs right now, my husband, I know we’ll be given all we need to see this mission through. Have you been given an actual plan for us?”

“First, we’ll learn the essentials so we can be ready for the baby and just make sure we can manage every day life. Levi will be a tremendous help with many technical details. When we were tending the animals last night, he told me about his remote-view of the place and he can’t get there fast enough. He’s so excited by the few things he saw, it’s hard to imagine his reaction when he sees the full scope.”

“How long will he be able to be with us? Won’t his parents be worried?”

“Metatron has made certain Levi’s parents will be well-informed of his activities and well-being. In fact, I’m told they aren’t sure whether to be horribly worried about him or just indescribably proud. They always knew he was destined to be someone different. They knew he was gifted with other abilities and would have been quite worried if it wasn’t for Uncle Jacob. Jacob recognized a kindred soul, another evolved being, when Levi was an infant. So he’s been coaching and preparing Levi, his brother and sister-in-law – who was the most challenging to comfort.

“You know, Mary, it’s beyond glorious. Look how the Divine Universe works. It’s so adept at putting together every detail that would prepare all of us, filling us with our various gifts and talents, so we can assist humanity – in the future – who are all a part of one of the largest battles in our Universe. Every one of those future humans chose to be on this planet at the time of this crescendo – the time we’ve all been groomed to face. Who knew a simple keeper of a stable would play such a pivotal role in this magnificent mission? Or a fish salesman and his devoted wife? Or this keen young man who is going to be our bridge between now and the future?”

“Only Universal Source knows who our poor child will be,” Mary said with a laugh. “Now, it’s time for me to get up and help Hannah prepare some breakfast. Can we now be completely open about our consciousness levels?”

“You’re entirely free to share whatever you wish, Mary. Like a good bottle of wine, it’s time for the cork to be removed so the bouquet of Divine Power can permeate the land. Throughout this past ministry, I had to remember to be grateful if only a handful of people were willing to discover, accept and use their Divine powers. I know you will share my joy as we witness more and more people hearing the Message; not mine – the one from Divine Source: Love, Forgive and Be of Service. Some are awed by seeing this Message manifest in their lives. Hopefully we will be able to influence and encourage the many who are awakened – those who still struggle with accepting their God-given power. 

“Being with the Masters in the East was a healing balm. To be in the presence of evolved human beings gave me the evidence, memories and compassion I needed to return and continue encouraging the unseeing. Unfortunately too many missed the part of the message about sovereignty. They neglected the power that resides within themselves. They continued looking for someone else to save them. Apparently this hasn’t changed. A few major religions will have formed in which the human ego runs rampant. Egoists will have seen the opportunity to take control of the lives of the masses. We’ll see they have done this to the extent that, like sheep, the people allowed themselves to be led right into slavery.

“This time around, with you beside me, we’ll simply be living our power and letting matters unfold – as Jay and Mary Kristopaxis. In fact, we’ll all be teaching each other. We are already gleening some practice right here, right now, with Simon, Levi and Hannah.  

“Your insights into higher densities and connections will be of great interest to others. It’ll be good for us to more openly share the Divinity of our personal power in everyday life so those who want to see will be attracted enough to question. They’ll come to see and accept their unique personal power through their own experiences and insights. When we get to Canada, we’ll be sharing our consciousness in the same manner we shared with the 12 disciples. Our discernment will show us how much to share with whom and when. Throughout our time there, we’ll demonstrate how no one is superior to the other.”

Mary said, “I wonder if the 21st century humans will be better at believing AND living the truth. How could Judas live with himself – full on betrayal while being aware of the consequences?”

“It was his role and blessedly, I knew it. There’s really nothing to forgive when he was fulfilling his mission. Life will be a challenge for him. He’ll be his own judge. We’ll discover even darker Judases where we’re going. These beautiful human souls of the 21st have been under a most evil kind of control for centuries; yet they’ve sustained a most incredible level of basic goodness. They’ve had the power squeezed out them to such a degree that layers of submissiveness have almost become impenetrable; yet out of the malignant morass has risen some of the most diligent and caring leaders. Some are well known and others live quietly serving their community without fanfare. The human spirit longs for the closeness of Divinity though many haven’t recognized that relentless attraction. They search for relief outside of themselves. These people who we are blessed to be joining have demonstrated a steadfast appreciation for the virtues in spite of being under horrific controls. You and I will see the tentacles of the same negative forces in action as we’ve just experienced through the crucifixion. We’ll also see these dignified people determinedly seeking and living a reverence for truth and justice. Yes, we’ll be able to empathize after the consequences of our non-compliance. Holding our sovereignty in tact meant a crucifixion for us, yes. However, these souls are living through an endless number of different forms of crucifixions no less torturous than mine. As promised, Love embraces us from every aspect of existence – seen and unseen – and it will be so for the 21st Century beloveds who want the Light.“

Mary slipped out from the warm comfort of Jesus’ embrace and rose from the bed. He said, “We made it through that crucifixion and I know those who are awake in the 21st century think this has only been going on for decades or a century. However, it’s been fouling Divinity for millenia.”

“Before this baby decides its mother is negligent, I’m going to finish dressing and manifest some breakfast. Are you ready to greet this world? Now?”

Jesus stretched. took a deep breath and raised himself from the bed. “I feel stronger than I have for days. It’s time to test it! I have a deep sense we’ll be leaving soon.” 

Mary raised an eyebrow, “Well, surely not on an empty stomach.’ 

Each of them moved on to finish their morning ablutions.

When they came down the ladder expecting to feed and free Darda, they found an empty stall. Jesus reached for a tall, curved stick leaning against the walll, “I wondered why she wasn’t braying while we talked. Levi’s been here – here’s the knobby staff he found in the orchard last night. He’s obviously fed her and taken her to be with the goats. I hear them out there now. I’ll go help them. See you at breakfast.”

“Don’t undo all the healing that’s nicely taking hold.”

Jesus reached for her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze; his silent transfer of Love. “A few nail punctures won’t stop this Mission, Mary! Especially with you by my side.” 

(Chapter 11 – The Orbs – Click here.)

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