Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 9 – A Journey into Acceptance

(Chapter 8 – Mission Expanded – Click here.)

As Jesus and Mary stepped out into the courtyard, Mary welcomed the light of a full moon, quickly checked their clothes and was relieved to find them damp enough to leave overnight. Having so much to think about, she looked forward to no more distractions, to bedding down into an opportunity to quietly sort through the myriad of startling facts presented this evening. She needed to meditate so she could plunge deep into her soul and discover her feelings. She would welcome the unconditional love always available from her own divine sources and ask to be given her own insights, clarity, and guidance. 

As they walked toward the stable, Mary said, “Jesus, I know you’re tired. But I have a question that I wanted to ask privately. Is it really necessary for us to physically go into the 21st century?”  

Jesus took her arm, “I asked the same question – especially since this whole amazing battle is under the influence and care of those of the higher realms and dimensions. The people who are on this planet in the years of 2000 chose to be there. They agreed to be Lightworkers, live through the 3rd dimension and help raise the level of consciousness of the entire planet. Failing to do so would mean the Dark Forces would win and continue wielding its negative powers throughout the universe.  

“Planet Earth’s success will be a triumphant victory over Evil for more than Planet Earth, Mary. This is to be a victory throughout the Cosmos. You’ll soon see why the evil that has been done to our planetary home over the next two thousand years is too horrendous for most humans to imagine. It is so dark that many are unable to let its reality come into their consciousness. Consequently they are attacking the Lightworkers who have the courage to look at the truth of the denigration and enslavement; the horrific acts done to children that go even beyond sexual abuse. In spite of being harangued by those who will not – or cannot – consider the truth, those Lightworkers are steadfastly holding the light and raising consciousness in every way possible. 

“The victory belongs to the Light. Beings like the Agarthans, for example – living far beyond the 21st century – are proof of the victory that assures humanity’s continuance. But since the Dark Forces are fighting to change that timeline, our consciousness is needed there now. Being amongst them means we will inject the most powerful doses of Light in whatever way we can to support them. And, yes, we will remain Just Mr. & Mrs. I had to chose 21st century names so we’ll be Jay and Mary Kristopaxis. That should keep us free from assumed origins.” 

“I’ll be pleased to continue as Mary! But back to the wars, why wouldn’t the Source of All – the God who encompasses all life – simply put an end to the suffering…the ugliness…all of it?”

“Ah, see? There it is, Mary. There’s that conundrum that baffles so many. Love means love for all. Our existence is full of opposites. Resistance has to exist in order for the opposite to exist. Would we know and cherish love if hate didn’t exist?” They paused and Jesus swept his arm over the rural property. “Look at this amazing planet. Look at how the trees are shadows in the moonlight. If everything was one colour, how would we see anything? Contrast is essential in every aspect of life.” 

Jesus continued, “Those on the side of the Dark are beings who succumbed to a life of negativity – for whatever reason. They’ve given in to egoistic demands. Since Source wants to lose no part of Itself the darkness is continuously invited to turn back to the Light. These Dark lifeforms – both human and interplanetary beings – recoil from even a mention of Light or Love. They rebuke any hint of goodness unless it’s a tool to manipulate or coerce. Thus the rest of us are called to compassion, forgiveness and service. Even if we struggle to see only a hint of love in the monstrous activities these beings and humans undertake, we can remember that Source loves us all. If the Dark are given the opportunity to turn back – yes, back – to the light and accept the invitation, they are the proverbial ‘prodigal sons’. If not, they will be returned to Source for an overhaul and a completely new beginning.”

They continued towards the stable where Darda began her welcoming bray. They walked over to her and stroked her face and neck. Mary said, “Yes, Darda! We know it’s late. But you won’t have to leave here tomorrow either. We’ll see you in the morning, sweet beastie!”

As they climbed the ladder to their accommodation, Mary chuckled, “When we started out this morning, I thought I’d be placing my heartfelt and determined plea about having our baby in Gaul.” 

She’d heard about Gaul’s natural beauty from travellers whose past family members had been there when it was seized by Julius Caesar nearly a hundred years before. Jesus and she both liked the idea of being on the other side of the Great Sea to be free to begin their new, anonymous life together. Getting through Egypt was going to be their first challenge. They had no idea how long it would take to find passage or how long the trip would take across the waters of the Great Sea. 

Jesus was ready for sleep. He knew his energy would soon wane. He needed to introduce one more major point before he could offer his comfort to Mary and fall into a healing sleep. “I received this final download today while you were at the well. That’s when I was given a glimpse of the roles to be filled by Simon, Levi and Hannah. That’s also when I learned of the specific location we are destined to go to in this place called Canada.  

“It’s not Canada yet. While we both know that time is a human construct, it’s difficult to communicate preparatory information without using the concept of linear time. There is a situation that is currently being disclosed in Canada. Apparently the people who live there now – at this time – call the land Turtle Island. These are very spiritual people who live simply – off the land. However, I’m told the tribes, like all nations, will fight each other for survival up to the 20thcentury. But those wars no longer happen in the 21st century so we are completely safe with these people.  

“Unfortunately these beautiful souls, called ‘First Nations’, have been the early recipients of this Dark plague we’ll encounter. After the suffering and all the losses these people endure, with no one listening to their truth, they demonstrate the epitome of forgiveness. Determined to retain their culture, their language and their spiritual lives, many of the elders of these people have carried the knowledge similar to what we have, Mary. In the face of non-indigenous ridicule, they’ve gallantly and steadfastly shared all of the spiritual values with their young. The ordinary people of Canada fell under the leadership of dark politicians and religious leaders. These non-indigenous citizens were conditioned to only see a surface-y good motive that hid the dark and vile abuse the indigenous children endured.”

“Mary, I know your mother’s heart. This will be a most difficult challenge for you.”

Silence punctuated their thoughts now energized by a deep dismay that spread throughout the tiny room and into the hearts of two potential parents. Mary said, “I may need your help – along with Divine Source – in shielding my heart so I can hear the full truth of these beloved souls. But no, let me change that. I don’t want to shield my heart. I want the strength to face the bare truth with a full and open heart.”

“The humans who choose to be aware because they choose to be fully awake will be given the courage to face the truth when they hear it. Those who won’t or can’t listen are the ones not fully awake. Their paths will be entirely different from the ones who hold each other and walk through the painful facts together.” 

Jesus could not resist a deep yawn. He lowered himself onto the bed and laid on his side. After a moment he said, “I wondered how I was going to bear disappointing you with all this news, my love. I know how much you wanted to get to a gentile life in Gaul as quickly as possible.” Suddenly his brow furled, “Wait a minute! If we’re bi-locating, will we have our child there as well?” Seeing no reaction from Mary who distractedly stood combing her hair, he continued, “So many mysteries…I guess we just have to experience this whole mission one step at a time and abandon ourselves to trusting our unending, ever-present connection with Source.”

Jesus propped his head up with a bent arm, “Perhaps we’ve both had enough of these mysteries for now. Come here. I need to tell you something very important.”

Mary sat on the edge of the bed, comb in hand. Jesus took her other hand, “Once again you’ve amazed me with your incredible ability to suffer through being my wife. Look how you’ve responded to the horrors of a crucifixion – only to be met with this incredible blast of information that has turned your life inside out AGAIN. Your courage puts me in awe – it could only have been Divine Intervention that brought us together. My gratitude soars with all that we’ve been given, Mary, and I cannot think of a thing that gives me greater joy than having you by my side.”

“Oh, my beloved, I haven’t been disclosing the depths of my weak times,” Mary said as she leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Her heart swelled as the flame from the tiny oil lamp reflected in Jesus’ tear-filled eyes. He turned away from the light. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and said, “Come to bed soon. Lie by me and forgive me my weariness.” 

“In a minute, Jesus” she said as she tucked the bed covers snugly over his back. “Let yourself go and rest deeply. Good health is not only the absence of symptoms. It’s also the presence of peace.”

By the time Mary finished her preparations, she was relieved to see Jesus fast asleep. She wondered if she’d be able to settle into any amount of sleep herself. First, she needed to follow her plan. This was her opportunity to practice more of the remote-viewing skills she’d learned from Archangel Michael.  

Before Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary had sought the strength and wisdom of her Higher Self, along with all other sources, to alleviate the terror that would suddenly grip her like a cruel torturer. During one of those powerful meditation sessions, Michael gave her instructions for viewing into the future. Her soul rested considerably after that experience because she had seen Jesus and herself in their Guest House in Hebron – post crucifixion – both alive and beginning their new life. She had viewed his injured feet inside bloodied sandals. At the time of that viewing, the only response she could muster was, “Now help me believe.”

She gently positioned herself in the bed beside Jesus and wondered if she could manage to raise her vibration sufficiently to invoke divine help for this distant peek into her new home. She imagined holding her baby, feeling the soft hairs of its tiny head on her cheek and smelling the sweet signature ‘babyness’ of her newborn. With the joy her thoughts elicited, her vibratory level rose and she directed herself across an expansive ocean, over a large continent and directly to their new home. She was seeing a location with a spectacular view – in three directions. The fourth direction was a wall of huge evergreens. A home was sitting on the top of this small mountain that seemed to be entirely without neighbours. The strange house either had no walls or they were transparent. She could look right into one part of the house where two women were placing food and other items into different storage areas. Another woman was holding a tube that she pushed around the floor. A fourth woman seemed to be cleaning the transparent walls.

She moved her attention closer hoping to hear them speak. Had she been given any download for language yet? The noisy hose suddenly went quiet and Mary could hear the two women who had finished putting away food items. She understood two words from them: crib and baby. Her excitement soared. The two women motioned to the hose lady and the three of them headed towards a different part of this incredible dwelling. Mary quickly turned her attention to that end of the house that had another transparent wall. When she looked in, she was awed by the view. A white crib was against one wall and the entire room was furnished to accommodate both babe and parent though she could see no bed for adults. A colourful painting on the wall surprised Mary…buildings foreign to her, but somehow joyful and inviting. Indescribably soft looking baby animals were sitting in various parts of the room. Part of the ceiling had little moons and stars of some strange off-white colour. She wondered what she’d learn about their purpose. In one corner, pastel coloured padded animals hung from the ceiling.

The two “food women” were showing the other two what was inside cabinets and and cubbyholes. One held up a bright yellow baby-sized garment with attached feet. Another held up a bed cover with a dazzling rainbow design. Though their words were indecipherable to Mary, she saw the identical joy and delight she’d witnessed and experienced with women in her family. Suddenly time held no relevance.

Mary, overcome with emotion, let out a sob and suddenly found herself back in bed beside Jesus. She laid in the dark marvelling over every detail she had just viewed. She saw the care with which these women prepared for both their life and the new one she carried. She saw the love and excitement they felt over their opportunity to give to a family fresh from a traumatic situation. 

And her confidence was greatly lifted. She had understood two words: crib and baby. Yes, she could sleep after all.

(Chapter 10 – Coming soon)  

5 thoughts on “Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 9 – A Journey into Acceptance

  1. Jay and Mary.

    It took me a while to figure out that “Jay” represented Jesus’ first initial. The last name sounds Greek to me and then it dawned on me that the word “Christ” is actually Greek and not Hebrew.

    Look forward to the next one and the new crib dweller!

    • I thought I already replied to you, but I don’t see my comment here – so here goes another response, Michael. (I’m really having to relearn WordPress after so many years away. And why don’t I receive email notices of your on-going blog??!!). As I mentioned before – somewhere – I don’t know where this will end up; it’s a gradual unfolding that takes turns I don’t expect! Kind of fun and kind of creepy! Writers…we’re a bunch of borrowers! One teacher actually claimed we’re a bunch of thieves. 😀

  2. Michael – Contoveros! Pease forgive my blindness…I cannot see a “follow” or “subscribe” button on your blog! So I can’t even leave a comment. Does it discriminate against Canadian women who know the secret about your chickens? 😀

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