Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 8 – Mission Expanded

(Chapter 7 – Mission Disclosed – Click here.)

Hannah rose and served wine to Jesus and Simon. For Levi and herself, she poured freshly pressed grape juice. Then she went to the hearth and plucked out an earthen ewer of heated grape juice. She carefully skimmed lavender particles as she poured the fragrant beverage for Mary. As she bent to serve Mary, she whispered, “A little comfort for our new mother who is hearing all this startling news for the first time.”

“How long have you known about this, Hannah?” Mary cupped the warm mug in her hands.

“I learned about it during the last harvest when I began receiving messages,” Hannah said quickly. 

Jesus was ready to reconvene, “Mary, do you have any questions at this point?”

“I have many, but I’d rather hear from all of you before I ask them. Likely many questions will be answered as I listen to each of you. Oh…wait a minute, one overall question that may distract me if I don’t ask now…who has been responsible for getting this information to you?”

Alpha Centurians = High Vibration Love Beings

“As usual, it’s the All-Encompassing Divine Source. However, there’s a few messengers working together. So far, my contact has been with Metatron and, as you would expect, Mary, from our familiar friends – the Council of Alpha Centurians. What about the rest of you? Who are your contacts?” Jesus asked.

Simon said, “As we discussed, Jesus, it was the Alpha Centurians who contacted me, too.”

Agarthans = Divine Service

Hannah said, “I’m receiving mine from a Council of Agarthans. If you don’t know them, Mary, they are highly enlightened beings who specialize in a most divine level of service to humanity.”

Levi didn’t respond until nudged by Simon. He explained with a quilty expression, “I’m not sure who my contacts are! When a message comes to me, I try to listen really hard so I don’t miss anything. Was I supposed to ask?”

While the others chuckled, Mary said, “Levi! Is your family aware of this?!”

“Yes, Mary. When I received the first few messages, I was too scared to keep them to myself. I had to ask my parents about it. They told me that Uncle Jacob could tell me his experiences…so he knows, too.”

“So the whole time I was worried about being anonymous, your family and you knew?!”

“Yes!. But honestly Hebbie did help himself to that sandal!” Levi grinned as he held up one hand. “I was amazed how that dog ended up choosing one that belonged to Jesus! But I was glad ’cause I could hardly wait to meet both of you!”

Mary reached out and put her hand on Levi’s arm, “Well, young man, I’ll look forward to hearing what your role is in this masterful matrix!”

Jesus began the discussions again, “And it’s time to give you an overview, Mary. I’ll start with a few quick facts to help with your understanding. First, we won’t be the only ones bi-locating. I understand that all of us here will be experiencing this phenomenon throughout this mission. At first, through time travel, you, Levi and I will arrive in Canada and we’ll be met by a Canadian who’ll take us to the location where we make our home.”

Mary asked, “Do you mean we will have to build a home?”

“No, we’ll be arriving as if we were foreign refugees. People of the 21st century will have been given a download that we’ve come from a devastating situation in this part of the planet. There is a home waiting for us – full of all the 21stcentury items that are used daily in homes – and a great deal more. It will be a huge learning challenge for us. For example, we’ll all be given the language spoken there in a download and we’ll need lots of practice using it. We’ll be learning about technology…a new word that means new ways and means of living life. That’s where Levi will come in. But Levi can explain that later!”

Jesus continued, “Metatron will assist us with all that helps us fit in. if some of the Canadian people around us begin to ask too many questions, he’ll intervene. Apparently most will have a ‘live and let live’ attitude. I’m assured they’ll all have the impression we’re experiencing a great deal of hurt and confusion and don’t wish to talk about our previous existence.”

Mary shook her head, “Well, the confusion part will be true! Why this location?”

“This part of Canada offers our best chance of remaining anonymous.. And this place apparently attracts all sorts of different types of people so we won’t seem strange. When we arrive, there’ll be everything we need in our house – lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, cooking ingredients, clothing. I’m told we’ll have lots of time to acclimate before we need to leave our home, go into the community and actually experience life in this future timeline.  

“I’m relieved to tell you, Mary, that there has been a doctor assigned to us, a woman who knows all the modern medicines used for various conditions; including child birth. I’m questioning these manufactured medicines; there’s lots to consider there…but back to your concerns. They have a building called a ‘hospital’ where people go for healing and recovery. Babies are born there, too, but if people prefer to have their babies at home, there is a midwife who has managed hundreds of home deliveries.”

“I’ll have to take all this one step at a time, Jesus. Phew!” Mary sipped her drink.

“There’s much, much more. I’ve remote-viewed our new location and we certainly have lots of Divinely fascinating times ahead of us. Thankfully, we have Archangel Metatron in the lead – at our beckon and call – ready to call on the Alpha Centurions when it’s necessary to deal with planetary issues.

“Keep in mind, our anonymity is crucial to the survival of the human race. Humans have to save themselves from their evil imprisonment by opening their understanding to the truth of what’s been done to them over the centuries. And learning how to raise their consciousness. There is a war of consciousness happening right now in that future – it’s called the 2020s. A massive undoing is necessary; followed by a very positive re-doing. If these beautiful, innocent and abused souls learn we’re amongst them in that 21st Century, they’ll assume we’re there to save them. No, we’ll be there as guideposts – finding all sorts of ways to encourage an openness beyond any of their imaginings. Many will be shocked, crushed, angry and ready to wage war when they hear the dire truths. Thankfully, there are also many who have faced that truth already. They’re aware of humanity’s enslavement and are ready to stand strong in the new timeline we want to help them secure. But dependence on us or any off-planet beings must never happen. That’s what they’ve been conditioned to do – to rely on others instead of going within to use the power and strength that has fallen aside. It’s time to learn interdependence. No one can free slaves who hangs on to their chains.”

“We’ll stand with them through Disclosure. We’ll hear their needs and demonstrate the attitude of higher consciousness. We’ll encourage them to use their divine gifts long obscured by darkness and greed. They’ll learn the necessity for steadfast discernment delivered with love and forgiveness. We’ll help humanity recognize and claim their beauty and their power to live in harmony. We won’t be able help them with words. We’ll help them have the experience that will establish their hearts’ vibrations.”

Jesus paused and sat momentarily with his head lowered; his face shadowed in sadness. He took a deep breath, “That’s enough detail for now, Mary. Simon, let’s start with you. Please describe your role in this master plan.” Jesus sipped his wine and, with a hint of tiredness, leaned back against the wall.

Simon cleared his throat, looked at Mary and said, “This is the greatest honour of my life – being asked to support Jesus and you in this incredibly important Mission. I’m told you will innately understand much about the future. My messages have stressed the seriousness of what’s happening in the 21st century and that your level of consciousness will help you understand with a heart full of compassion. You’ll find a world experiencing the ultimate battle between good and evil; the dark and the light; control and freedom; abuse and love. My role is to be by Jesus’ and your sides when you need logistical support and a salesman to help encourage any other humans who may need help in the 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensions.”

He went on, “I don’t know how the results will look at the end of this massive manoeuvre EXCEPT I know that Love wins. The human race will continue and it will continue with the freedom intended for humankind. As of this very time of Jesus’ crucifixion, yes, right now, humankind will be silently, sneakily and cruelly put under an invisible spell of imprisonment. The evil will be indescribable. It will be so shocking, many will not believe it. They’ll accuse people who talk about it with being possessed of demons or having no intelligence. The descriptions I’ve received in my messages have been very difficult to hear. Yes, this is an honour, Mary. I’m going to help Jesus and you help humankind to reclaim its sovereignty. “

Mary wrapped the shawl tighter around her shoulders, “I’m beginning to see the brevity of this call from God. Hannah, what on earth is your role?”

Hannah looked to Jesus who nodded; then she said, “Is it any surprise I’m going to companion you throughout this undertaking? I’ll be bi-locating or teleporting whenever you need my help. How much help? That will be determined by you. I’ve made arrangements with my sister and her husband if we need help here. I don’t know what bi-locating or teleporting will do to my energy level. I don’t even know much about how to do it yet! The Agarthans assure me they will guide me through the learning stages. So far, I’ve learned that we are all vibration and we have to vibrate at a level that allows this type of travel. All of us are assured of having the highest level of protection available throughout these transmissions. I think Metatron will be making certain of that…correct, Jesus?”

Jesus nodded and Mary said, “Oh what relief! This means I can have you by my side while the baby is being born?!”

Hannah smiled, “It certainly does and I would create a terrible fuss if I had to miss out on that!” She added, “There’s more detail, Mary, but supporting you is the main reason I’ve been called upon.”

Jesus looked at the eager and expectant face of Levi, “Your turn, young man!”

“I’m so excited, Mary! I’ve been given views of the new location and there are all sorts of incredible things that I’m not allowed to call magic. But it’s incredible. You’ll have a thing about the size of that rock on Hannah’s hearth that you talk into and you’ll hear someone talk back to you! There’s another thing that would cover that wall behind Jesus and it will show scenes of people telling us about the rest of the world. It’ll show other parts of the world as if we were there! It’ll tell stories of every description and even show people playing music and dancing! It’s amazing and I’m the one who’ll learn how it all works so I can teach Jesus and you. Mary, wait ’til you see how people cook in the 21st century. You push on something with your finger or twist something and POOF, there’s heat for cooking. Apparently, they sometimes cook the way we do when they have some sort of special occasion.”  

He stood up and pulled on his sleeve, “They wear such different clothing and wait til you see what they wear on their feet! They do have some sandals, but when I described the footwear to my father, I thought his eyes would pop out. And they seem to have clothes for summer and different ones for winter. And wait until you see how they have their hair. Some have streaked hair with all sorts of different colours! I can hardly wait to try it!”

Mary laughed, “Levi, why would your mother and father be willing to let you go through this with us?”

Levi quickly replied, “Maybe you ask because you don’t yet understand bi-location yet. We have the ability to be in two locations at once. I’m not entirely certain, but I think I was in that Canadian home in one of my practice sessions. I think I saw the awesome room that is going to be my very own. So, anyway, I’ll be with my parents regularly…they know I’m not leaving them.” He added with a grin, “Yet.”

Jesus yawned and smiled at Mary. “I’m afraid it’s time for my rest. Does everyone think we can resume this tomorrow? Do we still have to be on a warp speed schedule after hearing all this, Mary?”

She smiled back and said, “After hearing all this, I see no need to bother Darda one more cubit! And that reminds me, what about Darda? Can she come with us?”

Jesus didn’t answer her question, Instead, he said, “Come, my beloved, let’s say goodnight to these incredible friends of such divine vibrancy and go tuck in Darda.”

(Chapter Nine – A Journey into Acceptance)

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    • It’s more like writing about surroundings I know, Michael. God know where this is going!

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