Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 7 – Mission Disclosed

(Chapter 6 – Click here)

Everyone had been focussed on the various end-of-day chores with urgent respect for the waning light. The overcast skies held little promise of significant moonlight.  

All evidence of the wholesome meal had been cleared. Mary and Hannah had finished laying the laundered garments to dry in the courtyard. The men had taken care of the animals with Darda’s help. After joining the men for a welcome tour of the farm and a successful introduction to the goats, she nudged Jesus. “Well, Simon and Levi, what do you think about animals doing some time-travelling?  

Simon held out an overly ripe fig for Darda who immediately plucked it from his hand with expert lips. “No need to be concerned about Darda. From what I saw, we have a potential shepherd for the goats. And how I would welcome the help!”

Once Darda was back in the stable, everyone reconvened inside the home. Oil lamps were lit and spaces were personally prepared. It was time to see how everyone’s messages fit together and see if the Divine purpose was clear and complete. They knew it would be a long night.  

Mary spoke first, “Could I please learn why I don’t know what’s going on and all of you do?”

“I take full responsibility, Mary. Because our baby announced itself just before the impending crucifixion, I was concerned about the impact of this incredible news. I wanted nothing to harm you or our child.”  

“Thank you for your concern, my husband. I’m glad to be halfway through my time…obviously this is big news. I appreciate not knowing about it along with my pregnancy and the dire dread of the crucifixion. However, it’s been difficult sensing something important lurked underfoot – patience has not come easily these past few hours.”

Jesus nodded. “Ironically, this news became my rod and my staff in helping me through the crucifixion. Experiencing it was one thing; the anticipation has been quite another. When I received the messages about this new undertaking, I was adamant that you be fully protected in all ways. No matter how I spoke of eternal life to comfort you, I knew doubt would likely prevail until it was over.”

“Yes, I did doubt and I appreciate being able to admit it now. When you were wrapped and cast into the tomb, I held the concept of eternity close in my heart, but without you beside me, my faith and trust faltered I’m ashamed to say. I have a feeling I’ll need to hold eternity close to my heart again tonight. Okay. I’m eager to hear..” Mary waved an open palm in the direction of Simon, Hannah and Levi, “Especially if it means getting to know you three even better.” She smiled and wrapped herself in the extra shawl Hannah handed her.

Simon said, “Jesus, we welcome your information first. Our messages seem to be mostly about our roles. We probably have a lot of gaps in our understanding of the overall mission.”

“Thank you, Simon. Mary will need to hear the full plan so hopefully while we bring her understanding to match ours, gaps will be filled for everyone. First, let’s pray together so we can synchronize our hearts.” Everyone bowed their heads.

“Beloved Source of All, thank you for the Love you hold for each of us – such that we are asked to assist you in piercing, draining and healing an age old Universal wound. Thank you for giving us all that we need to bring our planet out of slavery and into the freedom so necessary for human beings to once again understand and live with the power that is theirs. Shine your glory over each of us, fill us with renewed strength at every step and let us manifest all that we need to fulfill this holy and overdue mission. In all our actions, assure our hearts’ coherence – let love, clarity, wisdom and forgiveness prevail. Amen.”

Jesus took a deep breath before continuing, “Overall, here’s the situation. Darkness has spread deeper, wider and more cruelly over the two millennia ahead of us. The force with which the planet has been taken hostage is significant. The deepest concern is the compliance of humans; borne out of slow, clever and powerful deceit. The Dark Force is determined to sit in the Throne of Divinity which obviates the reality that not only this planet is at risk. This travesty is affecting many other beings – on and off our planet.” 

“Because humans on Earth were given the power to exercise their own will, the Dark Force has manipulated every aspect of life in such a way that it attempts to say to our Divine Source, ‘See, we told them and they complied.’ However, manipulation is not compliance.”

“Respecting Universal Law, Light Beings from various dimensions have been encouraging humans to see this travesty. Humans receiving and sharing the proffered clarity and encouragement are made to look like fools. Consequently, many now ignore their intuition and therefore the guidance this is so available to them. They doubt themselves and live in fear.”

“In two thousand years, my teachings to help humans realize their power and freedom have been misconstrued and manipulated into negative power parcels. A small number of humans have thwarted the gifts and talents of those beings who want to live in righteousness and goodness. Especially In the years of 1900 CE, this has spread uncannily and thrived through the efforts of the heads of governments, religious organizations, education, media and business. These dark beings have been amassing wealth beyond imagination. Their cruelty and devastating deceit has cast a pall beyond description.”

“What is needed? To have humankind awake, alert and living its true power. Beings of other dimensions who live in the light of Love are aware of this tragedy; yet are bound to respect the will of those of us on this planet. They know that humankind must raise its consciousness on its own; each and every human needs to understand the critical need to raise themselves from the depths of negativity to the freedom of joy, love and peace. No one can interfere. These loyal and patient Light Beings and groups of extraterrestrial support are cheering every victory along. However, only a small number of humans acknowledge hearing that support and trust that it’s real.”

“Thankfully more and more of humankind has begun to awaken to the reality of this dastardly matrix built out of a dark determination to control all beings. Those stalwart souls who are awake and who have the determination to bring light to those asleep are thwarted, muzzled, censored, threatened, stripped of dignity, kidnapped, abused, denigrated, murdered – on and on the stories go.”

“Humans need to awaken to their own gifts and put them to full use. Too many still don’t or won’t believe they have the power to overcome forces of evil. Religions have convinced them that any claims to this power is egotism. They have been taught that meekness means submission rather than the quiet inner strength to claim sovereignty over evil. Apparently after the Holy Bible included the New Testament and was distributed throughout the lands, only religious leaders were allowed to have access to the readings. Religious leaders decided it was folly for a human to dare believe they could interpret my words and teachings according to what was in their hearts.”

“I am much relieved that Divine Power, our God of Love, made it clear that my entrance into the 21st century will not be a repeat of the experience we’ve just come through. Upon hearing that, I was hopeful that humans were at least much more awake. Unfortunately, I’m told, the Dark Forces have fought diligently to keep humans from being awake – with the help of off-planetary dark fleets and forces.”

Jesus sat silent as he let the information permeate the hearts of these four loving beings who, he knew, would be standing beside him on this next, most critical immersion into a powerful and effective anonymity.

(Chapter 8 – Mission Expanded – Click Here)

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