Just Mr & Mrs – Chapter 2 – Dining with Jesus

(See Chapter one – here

On his walk, Jesus found his strength much improved. Mary’s concern over being recognized ramped his determination to restore his health and leave Hebron as soon as possible. As news of the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension spread, he knew chaos would season misconstrued and misunderstood messages and events. He suspected shock and relief expressed by the Disciples would have spread over the land and caused countless others to be looking for their Teacher.

Jesus was reminded how this incarnation in human form was not over; however existence as a living, breathing Christ was. ‘It is done’ resonated through his flashback of the horrendous crucifixion experience. “Beloved Source of All, help us reach Alexandria soon. Help us create a home and begin a blessed life of ordinariness. Protect and maintain our much needed anonymity.”

When Jesus returned to the Guest House and walked through the door, he said, “It is done!” As he removed his sandals, he closed his eyes and inhaled the welcome aromas of their upcoming meal.

“What’s done?” Mary asked.

“Lots of things. I’ve fulfilled my Universal Contract to bring freedom to the human race. Not that the message was heard or understood correctly! But people heard what they could understand. The Crucifixion is done; the prophets are validated. The Ascension is done – everlasting life is assured for those who see. Now it’s up to the Disciples to carry the message and guide the masses. Now it’s our time, Mary.”

Jesus put his arm around her waist, “As you and I have observed in big and small ways, the Disciples don’t have the full grasp of their own, or even Divinity’s, power. But the Word will spread as it takes many forms. Humans need to know and claim their own divine power. They need to be ruthlessly honest about who they are so that power can become as much a part of their lives as breathing.

“The message has been delivered. Yes, it IS done.” Jesus kissed the top of Mary’s head, “And now? It’s up to humanity. Humans need to live in love, forgiveness and service. Their joy will fuel their rise in consciousness if they want to know freedom. No one is going to save them. They have to claim their own power.”

Mary put her hand on Jesus’ cheek, “Let’s enjoy our meal while it’s still hot. You can tell me how you plan to be an ordinary man. You’re not there yet.” She smiled and turned to fetch a serving bowl. She thought to herself, ‘…if you ever can be!”

Jesus took his seat at the table. “It’ll be hard hearing misconstrued messages – their depth missed and used inappropriately to gain control. Human beings are very keen to hear about love and goodness, but instead of acting accordingly, they allow themselves to be distracted and influenced by thrills and other pleasures that bring shallow and short-lived results.”

“What you’ve given the world is immense, Jesus. Be content for your incredible contribution. Look at how you even influenced other cultures.”

“Don’t forget – people from other lands taught me a great deal. Love’s message permeates their beliefs, too. I saw how we can learn so much from one another. Love, Forgiveness and Service. It’s woven into life, Mary! All cultures and belief systems. With Divinity fuelling physical beings into a higher level of consciousness, each of those virtues will reveal themselves and spread over the world. And they can be expressed so individually. Separateness is created by humanity’s insistence upon looking for these virtues outside themselves. Each person, faith or culture is free to give using its own form of expression and words. If Love is the root, all branches thrive with the tree.”

“However,” said Mary, “those so-called branches can become proud, thrust themselves outward and begin to believe they ARE the tree. It’s those branches that demand war on the rest of their tree and justify their ruthlessness in the name of defending ‘belief systems’. They are beyond seeing themselves as the aggressor; they believe they are just the defender.”

“Well, my love,” Jesus reached across the table and placed his hand on her arm, “how is it that you got the message? From the time I first knew you, I merely had to begin explaining and you would respond beyond expectation. At times, you added significantly to the message I planned to teach.”

“Don’t forget,” she said, “With Love, the message can live within each of us. I loved you the moment I first heard you speak. That love simply raised my vibratory level and blew open my ability to receive. When we’re not ready to receive, we are blocks of clay. But when ready and willing, we radiate with a divine spirit of artistry. Love fuels unlimited abilities.”

“Yes the message is really that simple. And your words are as delicious as this food.” As Jesus refilled their water vessels, he said, “You know…when I hear words with no feeling, it’s like holding un-molded clay – holding no form. What a difference when the words carry a message from the heart. Such beauty lies in one delivered with the essence of that individual.” Jesus snapped his fingers, “POP! The person exists in all its glory and can be heard properly. Love hears love.”

Mary said, “Before we met, I could not have found the words to ask for the kind of love I share with you. Words of the Divine flow freely through you, Jesus, but the rest of us struggle for self expression until we, too, grow courageous and allow Love to nudge us into our heart’s nudity.

“I’ve learned much while listening to you wrestle with your thoughts and feelings about being a Teacher. Your messages from the Divine deepen in meaning as the words become more familiar to me. So imagine, if you can, how difficult it is for the person who has never heard these words before. That’s why it’s a wonder how you use your creativity to pass on a message to people who are new to the insights given by the language of the heart. You are obviously aware that lectures alone don’t teach; words backed by experience create pictures for people.”

“It is about using words to show instead of tell. That’s why I use parables whenever possible. People may struggle to understand the true meaning of the message, but the struggle means there’s focus and attention. Even if clarity comes to only one… Or if clarity comes much later. Like centuries?” Jesus smiled sheepishly.

Mary grinned, “Yes, even I have suffered through faulty interpretations of your parables. I’m saddened when arguments prevail – veiled in feigned niceties. In spite of ego, each displays a beautiful soul and there’s no one to see it.”

Jesus stretched his legs enjoying the feeling of muscles responding without pain. “So do you think the message to build a higher level of consciousness will ever permeate the masses?”

“For those who ignore the message that freedom is available, life will likely keep bruising them. They’ll continue to dip their buckets into the spewing, foaming, rocky waters and believe the only refreshment is what’s left in a battered vessel full of holes and leakage. It takes time and wisdom to believe in the joy of effortless dipping into a calm, spring-fed pool just up the road.”

Elbows on the table, Jesus cradled his head in his hands. “And speaking of wisdom, Mary, will humanity see the difference between chaos and resistance? Chaos is often considered fun while resistance is seen by most as the enemy. How will they see that resistance is a welcome and opposite condition or force that helps people realize the goodness or peace… or joy… that they want? Even the Disciples still wrestle with resistance.”

As Mary finished tidying, Jesus continued, “How many times did we see them disagree with each other? Or argue about what I said or meant? Aha, my beloved! That brings us back to your comment before our meal. Therein lies my challenge of being an ordinary human. How do I live with misrepresentations of the Divine’s message and respond as an ordinary human being?”

“I have a feeling, my dear husband, that your ordinary is going to be anyone else’s extraordinary. You’ve taught me to avoid the trap of “efforting”. Our new life will unfold with the same intuitive clarity that now tells us it’s time to leave Hebron. For the moment, I’m going to rest and take delight in thoughts of our growing baby and the joy of experiencing an ordinary family life.”

(Chapter 3 – Preparing for the Road)

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    • When a friend asked what I was writing these days, I told her VERY BRIEFLY about this. She told me about the Book of Longings. I haven’t read it yet – I will when the time is right.

      My theology studies showed me how Jesus’ messages were too often so misconstrued and this NUDGE may be my Muse being determined to bring that into the light. Who knows? This is a week at a time!

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