Just Mr. & Mrs. – Chapter 1 – Jesus’ Cloak of Ascension

Note to my Readers:

In my meditations, I invoke various Masters to guide, direct and encourage me. Jesus and Mary are amongst these masters of various belief systems. Yesterday, I decided my focus would be on Jesus, the Christos Energy. During this meditation I sensed a challenge from Jesus – I was asked to share a story that I started last year. “Challenge” is my attempt to camouflage an outright “dare”. Can you believe that? The message was, “I dare you to share it.”

I cringed.

“I double dare you. I’ll help you all the way. Just ask.”

“But that was just for me; not for anyone else. It was a excuse to be writing.”

“Well, there just may be some people who want to hear it. We want to be brought into the 21st Century. Now have some fun and let Mary and me beam some love on a war torn humanity.”

I was stunned.

“In fact, I triple dare you.”

How do I ignore a Divine Triple Dare? It’ll come in Chapters and only Source knows where it’ll end!

Chapter One: A Cloak of Ascension

A husband’s familiar cry pierced through untold eras and ages, “Mary! Where’s my other sandal?”

“Aren’t they both out there?”

“No! There’s only one. Did you put them both right outside the door?”

Mary joined Jesus and peeked through the open door to the empty street, “Oh, oh. I saw some street dogs skulking around.” she said. “Surely they’re not hungry enough to steal a sandal!”

“I need it. I’ve got to get out for a walk now that my feet are healing. I need to keep building my strength so we can get back on the road as soon as possible. It’s been a perfect amount of time to let the Ascension story take root – we need to stay ahead of the stories that are probably running rampant.”

“I’m still concerned about you being recognized, Jesus. I’d rather leave here knowing we can make it to Egypt without so much of this hiding, but I know this stay is becoming risky. People are beginning to ask questions when I go to the market.” She paused to check the puncture wounds on his feet. “But we want to make certain you can travel without pain or infection.”

“We? Who’s we?” Jesus smiled. Standing behind Mary, he gently drew her to his chest and placed his hand on the tiny bulge forming on her stomach.

Mary wriggled away with a pleased grin, threw a shawl over her head and slipped outside into the narrow street. Head down, she feigned a casual demeanour as she cased openings and doorways hoping to find the sandal. She dreaded the thought of having to stay in Hebron long enough for a new sandal to be made for Jesus.

Suddenly a young man sped toward her, carrying a sandal. “Are you looking for this?” he asked. “My dog brought it home and I thought I’d seen a pair like this outside the Guest House.”

“Bless you, son! It’s the very Sandal I was hoping to find. How did you know it belonged to us?”

“The blood.”


“Yah. When you first came to our village, I saw sandals outside the Guest House and they had blood on them. I told my father…he makes sandals. He told me it’s sad when someone has to travel with sore feet so he told me to ask if you wanted them cleaned or repaired. But when I got back to your House, the sandals were cleaned and drying in the sun.”

Mary needed no more proof it was time to leave. She reached for the sandal, “Please thank your father for his kind thoughts. How did he know we are travelling through?”

“When I told him you were in the Guest House, Uncle Jacob spoke up and said he had stabled your donkey.” Mary felt the dread of familiarity closing in.

“Thank you for bringing this back to us…and what is your name?”

The lad stood tall and spoke with pride, “Levi bar Alpeus.”

“Well, Levi bar Alpeus, please tell your father he’s raised a very helpful young man.”

As they said their farewells, Mary discreetly checked the street, doorways and open windows to see if anyone had been listening to their conversation. She walked towards the Guest House wishing they were already in Egypt – or wherever they would settle. She was determined to be well settled with anonymity before their baby was born.

(Chapter 2 – Dining with Jesus

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