Spiritual Earthquake Kit

The nudge to write messages like this makes me uncomfortable. Then I remember my readers are on their own inward journeys and carry the divine clarity needed in all aspects of living – especially now. Here goes –

An earthquake happened in our area last night – a deep unsettling within our planet transferred a deep unsettling within my soul.

Did the earth actually growl? Did the ground really reverberate and shake my house? Impossible! The ground is firm, un-moving and predictable. How did one medium tremor so deftly uproot and destroy my solid assumptions about stability and security?

Not wanting to disturb the return of stillness, I sat in bed wishing I’d freshened the water in my Earthquake kits.

The experience brings me to a parallel – on a more spiritual scale. We’ve been hearing about the ramped-up energy that now surrounds our planet. Words like “transformation”, “shift”, “disclosure”, “we’re not alone”, etc. have been pouring onto our screens.

Various sources with insider information have come forward to expose what has been whitewashed, pooh-poohed and camouflaged by governments of all types.

Several people are risking their lives by sharing scientific facts, derived from personal experiences, that provide evidence of there being so much more going on than even the most outlandish Sci-fi artists could conjure.

The folks-who’ve-been-royalty-while-we-have-laboured-in-ignorance have taken every ego-ic opportunity to assure us that all these leaks are conspiracy theories or simply embarrassing and uninformed madness.

Thanks to technology, however, the truth comes to the fore – more and more. There’s going to be some rough energetic rides through this tide-turning time. But the tide will be turning.

Are your assumptions telling you that your belief systems are as reliable as solid ground and soil? Have you bought into the thought that our governments in power?

Here’s the antidote – just a suggestion: Get your Spiritual Kit together. *Who you are* is going to be challenged. Know firmly who you are. All of us will have our meddle exposed and challenged due to confusion and indecisiveness.

Choose love and trust. Ask for CLARITY in meditation. Hold firm to your Higher Self (Source, God, Higher Power, Creator) and question all else. You’ll be shown what’s right.

Therein lies your spiritual Earthquake Kit.



14 thoughts on “Spiritual Earthquake Kit

    • And as we face forces physically, we will likewise need to hold fast to our own basic goodness and truth so as to face forces spiritually. It’s not complicated…sort of like skiing through all the mogels and whiteouts on the beautiful mountain slopes. Just like you’ve been doing…one mogel at a time.

      (Sorry you had to read through poor spacing of paragraphs. I fixed it – something changed and I’m not sure – yet – how to have it appear properly without extra steps.)

    • Virginia, you intrepid adventuress! It’s so easy to imagine you being in awe as the land claimed its new positioning. I bow to the love you claim and demonstrate for our planet. Mother Earth is certainly not the enemy and, thankfully, unwilling to fall fully prey to lusts and greediness of humankind.

  1. We have had many this year, too many for my liking. Most are 3.0 to 4.1 but our last one was 4.7. That was scary, would hate to experience one bigger. I never thought about you guys having one, but I guess it makes sense with you being on the west coast. I live your advice to us, thanks

  2. Wow! What a stunning image Amy and your message certainly resonates with me. Now that we’re entering the fifth month of this transformational year, I look back at all the amazing shifts ~ on every level ~ that have occurred since that earthquake. Personally I’m clearer and can look at national and global dramas from a secure perspective of knowing all is occurring as it should to bring about the end of the old paradigm. It’s still a rollercoaster ride but I’m getting used to the peaks and troughs and am encouraged that all those so~called ‘conspiracy theories’ are being proved correct. Onward and upward, dear friend! 🙂

  3. I am so happy to see you, Amy…it’s been too long. I spend my life between 2 earthquake-prone parts of the world–NV and California. Every year they are a part of my experience, including a few 7.0’s and higher. A few years ago we had swarms in Reno with up to 100 or more a day. I was spiritually and emotionally rattled until I found peace and clarity actually working the earth–gardening. And that has become part of my practice although my old back isn’t especially happy with me at times. Love to you, friend.

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