Create a Journey of Life

Dear Reader:

Since I know you are a creative and spiritual lot, I can’t resist sharing a fabulous challenge.  How would you fulfill this request?:

A glass artist friend, well experienced in creating and restoring ecumenical windows, has been asked to design a huge window for an unremarkable and even “drab” – but much loved – little church.

The elderly, gentle parishioners came up with an incredible theme – an invitation to look at our lives – individually and collectively:

“Journey of Life. The spiritual journey towards God fulfillment, enlightenment, wholeness, peace, harmony both at an individual and communal level.”

These wise people have asked my artist friend to embrace the magnanimity of creation…the essence of each of our lives.

What visual popped out at you?

A Canadian Camellia blooming in February.

A Canadian Camellia blooming in February.

7 thoughts on “Create a Journey of Life

  1. I’ve seen images of…the cosmos? I can’t even really describe this, but I think it is images of our solar system as seen from within? A dark background with infinitesimal tiny bursts of light and color. That speaks to me of enlightenment, spirituality, wholeness, and endless beginnings.

    • That’s the first thing I said to my friend, Linda. I told him NASA has a site for great daily photos. Sometimes the colors and swirls amaze and awe! I’m totally in tune with your take on the theme!

  2. Ordinary things. It was C.S. Lewis who said something like: Each of our actions push each other toward eternal damnation or immortal glory. When I think of it like that, I realize that there are so ;many of us on this journey and most of us consider our lives ordinary…but we make such a difference with even the smallest of kindness and love. A meal together. A kind word, a smile, helping raise a child, build a house, write a book., plant a garden. Pray.

    • And helping an artist get past his block when faced with creating 2 glorious stained glass windows that are each 4’x 20′ and meet in a “v”. A support beam holds the “v” Lots of challenge – artistically, structurally and spatially. I’ve been passing on visualizations to the artist and yesterday, he was percolating. He was greatly relieved. You see, he’s also in the middle of restoring a huge number of stained glass windows surrounding a large communal space in an apartment building which requires crane work, etc, etc for removal and replacing. Plus he’s the contractor who tends the Veteran’s Cemetery in our Capital city and Spring has come very early this year. So the Min. of Vet. Affairs is hot on his tail to get a new sit-down mower and get crackin’. So, yes, Barb, ordinary things…life. As he said, “Thankfully I’ve learned it’s okay to ask for help.” So one little congregation has no idea how many hearts have contributed energetically to their window already!

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