The Beloveds – Resistance (and perfect popcorn)

Soul Dipper:  So, Beloveds, you’re suggesting we dedicate more Blog time and space to your messaging.   I’m more than willing.  Your guidance has been foolproof.  Well…wait a minute.  Except for the popcorn popper!  popcorn

Here’s my question:  I was so certain my desire to immediately run out and buy a popcorn popper was validated as your guidance.  You see, I found a “30% off” sale when I got to the store.  I decided that was proof that I was doing the right thing. 

Turns out, however, I don’t like the popper.  After popping fabulous kernels using no oil and a glass bowl with a holed cover in the microwave, I find the popper’s popcorn is tougher and tastes too oily.  What happened in that situation…besides me wasting $50.00? 

Beloveds:  What a good opening to talk about resistance.  First, a question.  What made you think you needed a popper?

SD:  A nutritionist published a warning about microwave cooking.  This person suggested food is modified by using the microwave.  I want all the nutritional value I can glean from food I consume.

B:  Microwaves agitate water molecules, create heat and cause the kernel to pop.  It is the same form of electromagnetic radiation that can be found in your computer, computer screen, the heater under your desk, your phone (even with the headset) and many other household electrical appliances you use.  You use these products for a longer period of time than you use the microwave.  Nutritional loss in food depends on the amount it is cooked or overcooked – no matter how it is cooked.

SD:  So microwaving my non-oiled, fresh kernels for 1 1/2 minutes would not be disturbing my health?

B:  Attitude certainly affects health.  Before the popper, you enjoyed your method and results.  You were enthusiastic about preparing it and savoured each fat, fluffy kernel.  In other words…here it is…you were resistance free.  No negativity.

The minute you read the suggestion from someone you deemed to be an expert, you began to suspect your delicious popcorn was bad for you and went into resistance mode.  You went from joyfulness and gratitude to a vibration called negativity.

Was that the approximate time when you began to notice a digestive response?

Negativity blocks the flow of goodness to body, mind and soul.  It readily contributes to unhealthiness.  All the health you want is available to you.  It means using your thoughts to keep you in good, positive feelings.

When you are thinking about positive things like happy memories, desires, dreams, gratitude, love, friendship, you feel good, live in a positive vibrational match to goodness and, therefore, receive downloads of goodness.

So many humans overlook the power of thought leading to good feelings.  Good feelings carry far more power than any microwave oven, yet souls allow themselves to be influenced by so much negativity planted by others. 

A worthy response to negativity is spotting it only for purposes of using your mind to go to the positive.  This can be done silently.  We are aware that practitioners can be accused of being pollyannas or trite or many other labels.  You can be alert to this and hold compassion for those not able to see their negativity.  They do not realize how it assures them of negative results. 

Like attracts like.  So simple; so overlooked.

SD:  As you’ve shown me, I can think I’m being positive, but am, in fact, camouflaging a big wallow in “why not me?” or “when is it my turn?” or “I don’t have”…. 

So now I realize, before I bought this silly popper, while I was eating my delicious organic, non-oiled popcorn, I was resisting it – thinking it was bad for me.  The joy was gone which means I impaired the Divine Giving that assures .  Resistance is N-e-g-a-t-i-v-i-t-y!

B:  Yes, once negative momentum is in place, it keeps growing until you replace it with good feelings. 

SD:  If someone had asked me, I would have claimed I was being very positive because I had made a decision to quit nuking my kernels.  I didn’t realize I’d doused my joy and entered a frequency I don’t want.

B:  And are you aware that talking about not liking the popper is putting you back into the negative zone?

SD:  Yah!  And to add to the negativity, I walk by the damned thing and wonder how I can get my money out of it.  I think, ‘Who wants to buy a brand new, but used popper at the going price?’.  How do I deal with that negativity?

B:  You’ve already thought about this.  Earlier you considered how good it will feel when just the right person shows up with a profound need for a popcorn popper.  That gave you a good feeling – even if you have to give it away.  Now, let it go – let the Universe bring the perfect situation to you.  By getting on with your life and keeping yourself in good feelings, you’ll exist in the vibrational frequency of goodness.  You’ll attract a person who’ll have some significant need for that very popper.  Picture how joyful you’ll be when you can hand over that popper with purpose and love.

SD:  This is how we are meant to live, isn’t it?

B:  Living in the light, the vortex, vibrational goodness, the right frequency…there are many names.  Yes.  And this way of living, giving and receiving is available to every person on the planet.  More and more are waking up to this realization.  Everything always works out and each of you has the power to bring all you want into your life.

More and more people talk about this approach.  They are realizing their ability to manifest what they want.  We celebrate each time the topic is shared and spread as it is discussed, recognized and appreciated amongst you.  It’s far more than serendipity, chance, luck or happenstance.

We will enjoy seeing how your $50. will bring great value to another.

SD:  And look how the outcome will keep me in the kind of thought pool I want!  Being with you is another form of prayer.  It’s like standing in the shower or a waterfall.  The glorious spray cleanses, rejuvenates and heals – inside out and outside in – physically and spiritually. 

Thank you for your masterful teachings.

B:  We thank you, as always, for the opportunity to reflect the magnificence in your ordinary.  We send love, comfort and healing to each one who has spent this time with us. 


Being not resisting.

5 thoughts on “The Beloveds – Resistance (and perfect popcorn)

  1. Hi Amy.

    ” What is that which is unwanted but persists, and sometimes runs our lives?”

    I have found the above a great inquiry and holding the potential to reveal many of the ‘Rackets’ we indulge in. In each of these rackets, there is always a pay-off that is available to us, which we may be aware of, but also a cost to our well-being which we usually do not recognise.

    Could your above post on Resistance and the way the Popper occurred for you, be falling in this category? As the saying goes, “The more we resist, the more things remain the same”.



    • Exactly, Shakti, but add to that: keep your thoughts positive. There’s the continual work. Amazing how negative we can be without realizing it. Judging others, especially, is so automatic and so detrimental.

  2. Ha. This is funny. Being the devil’s advocate that I am (note, not the negative person I am), you mean you’re gonna palm off that no good, lousy popper on some poor unsuspecting victim? (Just kidding of course, Amy!) Now, I want to know what is your tried and true magical popcorn popping method. I have an air popper and that somehow doesn’t cut the mustard. The popcorn is certainly not oily. It hasn’t been nuked. But it is just plain bland and neither salt nor cheese, nor curry stick to it.

    • Linda, I’m heading for more fun all the time it seems I’m not alone. Maybe those Beloveds are nudging me to LIGHTEN UP more because their humour is picking up! Much of their comedic response is about giving me a chance to laugh at myself and enjoy every minute of it.

      I love how I’m shown insights in such trivia – and am delighted to get your punchy response!

      I put the kernels in a glass bowl with a very loose cover that has holes in it so all the moisture has tons of room to escape. NO OIL. I nuke it for around 1 1/2 minutes then put melted coconut oil on it and a bit of salt. Friends tell me of all sorts of other condiments, but this is all I want. YUM!

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