A Gift of Manna – Sustenance

On Thursday morning, my meditation session seemed profoundly deep.

Was I more intent?  Was I more peaceful?  Had all but “now” actually washed away?

I had begun with my prayer: “I am open and receptive to receiving Unconditional Love and receiving the clarity of messaging now.”

The familiar warmth spread over my chest – my cue that the connection was complete.  I asked questions, listened to messages “sensed” and wallowed in healing silence.  When the session ended, I felt overwhelmingly loved and loving.

The phone rang.  I wanted to sustain my afterglow so ignored it.  Then I heard Marcus Gillette’s voice on the answering machine.  I knew I wanted to talk to him!

He’s the husband and main supporter of Sheila Gillette who is the direct voice channel for Theo (a group of Archangels).  Who’s Sheila and Theo?  Take a peek at Ask Theo.com.  They trained Esther Hicks who now channels Abraham.  And on a broad scale, Sheila’s been passing on messages for the world for 45 years.  They’ve even been tested by scientists who had to wait/catch up before being able to validate the scientific material they’d been fed by Theo. Decades before the big hype about 2012, Theo coached on the upcoming changes to world thinking and events that have been underway the past two years especially.

In a nutshell, Marcus told me he was calling to invite me to join one of their courses. It ended up being their Premier Master Coaching program – a course that would last 12 months in 2015.  It would mean access to a profound depth of information, guidance and answers.  Only 10 people were being invited to participate.  It sounded as though any of the 10 could be groomed to be trainers of trainers.  Theo has expressed repeatedly that a big year is coming and Sheila will need to hand over some training reins.  She’ll be needed for the next focus that Theo is giving the world.

After a solid and endearing exchange, Marcus gave me two days to think about my decision.  A past personal practice has been to “wear decisions”.  I needed to make the decision and go about my life to see how it fits in, dovetails and feels.

Left?  Right?

Left? Right?

A huge consideration was my new program, Operation Blind Spot, that is now underway,  I knew my focus would be fully on its growth and well-being.  The participants of OBS have discovered a vital and vibrant key – their blind spot. They’ve uncovered what’s been invisibly preventing them from living their Highest Selves and from becoming who they’ve always wanted to be.  Sometimes that higher self is more successful in love.  Sometimes it’s in business.  Others want to be able to speak up – or lose weight.  No matter what has been stopping them, it’s been hidden and OBS shows them how to lift the veils.

For some input, I phoned my Power Circle – the local women who are now finishing Operation Blind Spot.  As a group, we speak a mutual language that’s filled with insight and trust.  I told them about the invitation.  Each one uniquely responded with a similar theme:  “The offer is the world you love.  It’s where your Purpose lies.”

Power Circle = Wings

Power Circle = Wings

I wore the decision to accept for the rest of the day.

The next morning, I rolled out of bed and enthusiastically went to my meditation.  I began with the same prayer (given to me by Theo) and asked for clarity about what to do.

The results surprised me to the core.  I was reminded that I already am a Coach.  I am intuitive.  I am working on a program that gives freedom to those who participate.  I have a network of like-minded people.  I am able to connect with Theo personally and with Sheila.  I have been given direction for OBS that works with profound success.  I have been told in numerous sessions how my Beloveds “have my back”.

I remembered how, in July, I asked Theo if they would stick with me through the birth and presentation of Operation Blind Spot.  Here’s Theo’s response:

“In your asking, it is given.  Energy is constant, you see.  We are aware of you.  And it is continuous in your asking that we be present.”

Then, in September, I asked how Operation Blind Spot was doing.  What more could I do?  Theo responded:

“It’s evolving as it should.  Interesting terminology – ‘blind spot’.  It is excellent and less off-putting to many because each knows when one is in a vehicle and moving forward and wants to change, there is a spot of blindness where you cannot see what is coming from behind you.  So that is what your reference is – to be able to see what is coming from behind.

But it has always been there.  So it is a matter of recognizing and looking at it.  Some are very resistant to that of what it is that is the pattern that is limiting and blocking them from full realization.

Do what you are doing and it will evolve.”

It would have been a GREAT experience to join the Premier Master Coaching program and be with a soul family.  However, I had to let Marcus know my decision was to NOT sign up.  My work is here, now, and I trust  my connectness in coming to this decision. 

I believe my link and ties to Marcus, Sheila and Theo are solid.  I’ll continue to share Theo’s teachings in OBS with any participant who will thrive thanks to the comfort, love and wisdom of their message(s).  I’ll continue giving credit to Source and to the other sources like Harvard, Sheila and Theo.

(If you feel compelled to test the validity of Theo – please do.  Tune into their weekly radio show (Ask Theo Live) on Tuesday at noon.  Call the 800 number and, if you do so early enough, you’ll be in line to ask whatever question is on your heart.  http://www.voiceamerica.com/Show/1554)

The chestful of warm love from two days ago is still with me.  You see, the whole exercise proved my Power Circle is right: “The offer is the world you love.  It’s where your Purpose lies.”  It opened my eyes to see that I already have the world I love. I can help it grow. I’m here in Purpose now and it can be even more fulfilled.

Special thanks to Marcus.  His call was timely.  Sheila’s and his invitation will serve, like manna, to sustain authentic Purpose and Love.

12 thoughts on “A Gift of Manna – Sustenance

    • Sure appreciate meditating on choices. Hard to imagine that years ago I thought making a decision meant sticking with it. “Hell or high water” kind of stuff. Yuk! Somewhere, thankfully, I found “wearing the decision” and what a difference. It leaves a welcome opening to listen to others.

  1. I love this description of your decision~making process, Amy ~ I thought I was just putting off answering important queries due to laziness but now I realise that I like to ‘wear’ it too for a while, to listen to my intuition. I know when the right answer appears, even if it seems contrary to what I expected, just like you have explained. Lovely, affirming post! 🙂

    • Aha, Jacqueline. Yes, doesn’t it help to wear it?! One of my secrets…I love being completely fooled. Not in a hurtful way, of course, but when it gives me a surprising and welcome wake-up. So I don’t feel resistance when the evidence weighs 180 degrees from what I thought. Plus, I suspect it gives the impetus to be more willing to TAKE TIME to meditate with the intent and dedication of which I’m capable.

    • The key is to feel all the feelings of your decision. Our help certainly slips in through our feelings. Boy, I spent a lot of years in my head, turning my poor heart into an orphan.

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