The Beloveds – Hoping is Wishing

“Faith, in its broadest sense, is about far more than belief in the existence of God or the disregard of scientific evidence. Faith is the willingness to give ourselves over, at times, to things we do not fully understand. Faith is the belief in things larger than ourselves. Faith is the ability to honor stillness at some moments and at others to ride the passion and exuberance that is the artistic impulse, the flight of the imagination, the full engagement with this strange and shimmering world.”     –  Physicist Alan Lightman from his book The Accidental Universe:  The World You Thought You Knew.

Soul Dipper:  My Beloveds, you recently disclosed a couple of concepts that became close company: Hope and Faith.  They moved into my head because your “take” grabbed my attention. This compartment’s door only works one way – in.  The only exiting is through cracks I discover.  The cracks are mine – not yours.  The cracks are the explosions of recognition.  They come with the two-by-four called insight.  With a blinding flash, they escape and ooze and spread throughout my being.  They infiltrate everything I thought was safely pegged, filed and labelled “default”.

Beloveds:  We are appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to growth and spiritual seasoning.



The last time we spoke of these, we were addressing the need for clarity in asking for what is wanted.  Whether a soul is meditating, thinking, praying, imagining or contemplating, we are aware of requests sitting in hearts.  Once clarity is reached and a decision has been made, we, and all aspects of the Universe, are free to respond.  With clarity, we begin to orchestrate the fulfillment of the request.

SD:  So we shortchange ourselves when we don’t make the effort to be clear within ourselves – and to Source – when we ask in specific terms?

Beloveds:  The Universe cannot align with hoping or wishing.  Hoping IS wishing.  To give an example, if someone says, “please make things better tomorrow”, although spoken in a spirit of hope, it is not solid enough to help in the co-creation of a Universal response.  There is so little for the Universe to grab, build on or support.  On the other hand, if the person asks for “the willingness and courage to speak my truth – now” the Universe can immediately begin its conspiracy to fulfill the request.  In this engagement, the petitioner will be stimulated and take action in a deliberate direction toward the outcome.

Being definitive allows the Universe to begin drawing and designing the outcome wanted and thereby bring it to the person who wants to move toward it.

SD:  Directions for seeking help have been all over the place.  It’s confusing.  Some say to ask for exactly what you want.  Others say, “if you ask for specific things, you’ll shortchange yourself”.  Yet others claim asking for specifics is selfish and self-centered.  I remember one woman who, out of frustration, made her morning prayer, “Whatever” and her evening prayer, “Oh well”.

Beloveds:  Her heart surely did more of the talking for her.

SD:  So with the topic of Hope, I loved receiving your explanation that hoping is wishing.  One time I told an ex-monk who had been a student of the Jesuits that hoping can be sitting in a stagnant pool.  It may feel comfortable to be wallowing, but what’s the action?  The ex-monk responded emphatically with quotes from scripture and various theological academics.  I didn’t have the words to respond at the time.  All I could claim was my personal deep, inexplicable sense that hope can be fools gold.  He may have thought I was an uneducated heathen bordering on being an antichrist.

IMG_2809Beloveds:  With an understanding, you can see your “sense” held validity.  No soul wants to lose hope, but it is not meant to replace action fueled by Faith.  The action does not have to be outwardly expressed; it could simply be a shift in understanding or thinking.

SD:  Is Hope a lifeline to Faith?

Beloveds:  With willingness, Hope gives rise to feelings that ignite the fuel we know as Faith.  Then begins action, movement and healing.  Observing ones state of being/feeling creates the surface on which to strike the match that ignites the fuel.   Hope, like any feeling, needs partnering to be transformed more smoothly.

SD:  So do we need to throw out a life raft when someone says , “I’m losing hope”?

Beloveds:  A lovingly worded question could be a raft if it serves with a focus on Faith.  When a soul seems stuck in Hope, listening – which includes good questions – can begin movement or healing.

SD: You teach that Faith keeps us going.  The quote I included at the beginning of this post was like a poke from you.

Beloveds:  We are appreciative of Alan Lightman’s point of view.  Different language stimulates deeper consideration – each at his or her own level. 

Yes, Faith is an all-powerful tool – enhanced when it is accompanied by Trust.  When Faith seems absent, rather than distrust, consider the Be-Do-Have blueprint needed to align appropriately for manifestation to occur as wanted.

SD:   Let’s see if I noted Be-Do-Have correctly:

Be is:  Being in alignment with my soul – know who I am i.e. my true self, a part of the Divine Spiritual Source.  Do is:  Doing the envisioning along with feeling the feelings as though I already have “it”.  Have is:  Having what I want.

As you have taught, we’re often out of whack because we believe we need to Have in order to Be.  In fact, we need to Be in order to Have.

Beloveds:  “Being” means being in relationship with your own wholeness and holiness. It is accepting your Divine Essence so you manifest with decision, precision and clarity.  You are the Divine Essence choosing to be present in body form now in order to be the soul that you are. 

Arrogance, not humility, occurs when a soul discounts the Divine within.  Claim your Essence and continue living in Trust and Faith.

Thank you for calling on us.  Know that in serving you, we are emerging.  We learn compassion for the emotions you experience.  There is no need to hesitate in asking for our help.  As you can see, we delight in serving you.

Thank you, incredible Beloveds!

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