Intuition – It’s On The Rise

Are you noticing how more people are turning to their intuitive skills?

It’s not your imagination.  People are more willing to talk about it – with more respect and even with a modicum of awe.

People are willing to embrace certain “unseen” aspects of life.   Why not intuition?

We can’t see time – yet it can rule our lives.  Intuition is just as ‘present’ as time.  Its effects are often denied because, unless we pay attention, it’s on automatic pilot.  It’s within our control – it’s our decision to switch it on.  But its naturalness is easily overlooked and to our own detriment.

You see, it means missing out on a huge piece of being alive.  Folks who pooh-pooh the reality of intuition are also pooh-poohing the fact that they co-create life themselves.

Did you get that?  We co-create our lives ourselves.  Humankind created time and look at the power it has today.  We can also create, manifest and control our lives with the help of our intuitive abilities.

Well…I decided to stop denying my intuition.  I wanted to exist in a higher dimension by trusting my unseen abilities.  It was time to hone my intuitive muscle like I do any other muscle, skill or talent.

I turned towards Sheila Gillette.  Sheila intuitively and masterfully presents Theo, a group of archangels whose messages range from personal themes to vast explanations about the Universe.  Theo shares refreshingly positive messages about the destiny of our incredible planet.

Sheila’s been sharing these messages for 45 years.  Information Theo gave about world conditions have since come to fruition.  Theo’s scientific predictions have been validated by scientists who tested and verified the information as scientifically sound and accurate.

Sheila, through Ask Theo, has helped countless numbers of people get on with life.  One well-known person, Esther Hicks, received her kick start from Theo.  She now shares the Abraham teachings.

I signed up for the Thrive program offered by Sheila at Ask Theo.  I chose Thrive because it focuses on a Soul Integration ProcessTM that is a blueprint toward capturing the wholeness needed for a soul to fully live its Purpose.

From the first Thrive session, it seemed I’d landed with family.  Right from the start, intuitive skills were on the agenda and clarity to see what was preventing me from achieving my spiritual goals.

Individual sessions with Theo gave me what I needed: soul validation.   Sometimes the message was a soothing confirmation and sometimes it felt like a profoundly loving parent leading me to an awakening.  Whatever degree of insight I possessed or needed, Theo met me there and gently brought me to the next stage that required attention.

From day one, I felt I’d come home.  This continued throughout my time with the Thrive Group.  The love with which the intimate messages are delivered – with no judgement, only guidance – satisfied my deep need for confirmation that all of “this” was valid.

While providing the customized direction needed to become the highest version of who I am, Theo also mentored my intuitive abilities by demonstrating how to deliver these messages unconditionally.

A gift has been laid at my feet with my name on it.  I’ve opened it!  The message in the card?  It’s clearly up to me to stay connected, to continue healing my humanity and to share my bounty with humankind – to the delight of my soul.

After Thrive and other recent courses, I’ve developed a process (see the Operations Blind Spot tab at the top of this post.)  It will give others the opportunity to determine what stops them from being the highest version of who they want to be.

Through my meditations, the Theo group continues to guide and direct my efforts.   It’s my delight to share a process that will help others fulfill their souls’ desires.

The world’s ready for it.  Are you?


Questions?  Click here:  Operation Blind Spot 

7 thoughts on “Intuition – It’s On The Rise

  1. I’ve always functioned strongly in the intuitive world. Even in business, if I hired someone, for example, on the basis of “data” but my gut was warning me against it, it would not turn out well. But intuition in the world of spirit is an on-going process of development.

  2. The time/intuition analogy is great. Air, too, is invisible. Without air, we wouldn’t be here. I do believe intuition is real, and a strong force within each of us. My mother taught me to listen to my intuition, but to be wary, to never act on first impressions but to observe and let time test the validity of early intuitive feelings. This policy has served me well. When I’ve made mistakes in life, I already suspected I may have taken a wrong turn, but took the turn anyway, just to see what was around the corner. And my beloved intuition has surely prevented me from stepping off any insurmountable cliffs.

    Amy, you speak of your spiritual goals. I am curious what those goals are.I’m not sure I have any such goals. I’m such a goallesss person. I just enjoy muddling along in life, smelling the perfumes along the way.

    Great post.

    • Something happened to my response, Linda! This is a second go…

      Yes, my mother also pointed out my intuitive skills, but I pooh-poohed her until I was well on my way in life. I learned to tread carefully, however, since I know things can be misread. It used to baffle me how I’d know or see “stuff” so much before others. It would take a while for things to reveal themselves and I’d wonder why everyone else took so long. It used to be hard being “alone” with these insights. Now I just lay then aside and wait.

      My spiritual goals all aim in one direction…to help people know themselves better. My passions are writing, teaching and intuiting. Each of those interests provide ample opportunity to share my gifts. And I’m in constant touch with my Guides asking for insights, clarity, guidance and recalibration.

      Recently, I was told by my Guides that I was to explore contributing to Huffington Post. I nearly croaked. It’s so full of topics that do not interest me AND it’s all delivered in a manner that is definitely not my preference. I asked a friend who had been on the Soul Safari with me to South Africa what he thought of that “recommendation”. The stinker…he replied, “A teacher of mine once told me, “be a breath of fresh air!”. You will give people a chance to read your work who otherwise will never see it. What’s to lose by giving it a try?”

      Well, I’m also encouraged to exercise my leadership and offer this course. So I’ll put my attention and energy in that direction and if I’m really supposed to consider the Huff, an opportunity will appear.

      I’ll probably trip over it, however! 😍

      • You’re a hoot.An intuitive hoot, but still a hoot. I actually like the Huff. But I confess, I only read the articles that FB or Twitter lead me to. I’m not a subscriber. I find the reporting to be quite in depth.

        Good luck with the course.

  3. Hi, Amy! ~

    Very interesting stuff! I’ve never heard of the Theo Group before — I will follow your links to learn more about it.

    I’m also intrigued by your ideas about ‘blind spots’ — interesting synchronicity in that they are addressed in my current blog post as well!

    I’m truly enjoying getting to know you and your work — Thank you for all that you are!

    • This whole process just thrills me to bits, Linda. I can’t believe what I learned about myself…and I can’t imagine NOT offering so others – who want it – can have the same experience. I still shake my head over the ease of the program and the results I got. And I’ve done lots of work with a variety of approaches – as a facilitator and a participant.

      I’m delighted to have Operation Blind Spot underway. My first “over the Internet” participant is doing a whizz-bang job and she’s loving it. She’s just half way and has already made some very significant inroads. Next, there’ll be lots of supported opportunities to apply her new behaviour.

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