A Day Dedicated To The Beloveds

My Beloveds have been busy.  They’ve been trumping my ability to be more receptive.  What brought this on,  I asked.  That’ll teach me… they show me in such uncanny ways.

For example, this morning in meditation, I sensed a request.  “We would appreciate a dedication of your day to us.” 

Yowsers…a direct request?  Well, for them, that’s direct.

I said, “You want me to give this day to you?  Of course!  What a great concept!”

I sensed the nudge to get on with testing the content of Operation Blind Spot.

Beloveds:  Thank you for testing Operation Blind Spot as an Internet process.  You have the ability to combine technology and soul.  Operation Blind Spot is a perfect forum for blending the two.  Keeping it simple will help those who crave, but sabotage, their chance to fully express their soul’s purpose.  Many in this planetary incarnation too easily stop themselves from taking the steps leading to fulfillment. Their hearts cry for action while their inner voice talks them into inactivity. 

You told me I needed time.  Thank you – it stopped me from old habits.  I would have been pushing the river to make it happen.  Now I know to ask for help and wait for the opportunities to show up.  Tasks fall into place and I am assured I’m on the right track.  If I get any more excited about this, I may need a harness. Thanks for the support – promised and consistently provided.  How often I forget to ask for help.  So simple!

And on to the message you wanted to give today.

As people become more accepting of the endlessness of existence, it’s easier to remember the endless importance of Love and its significance to your planet.  It’s no coincidence that Love is a pleasurable experience for physical beings sharing the earthly incarnation.  Giving and receiving hold equal importance.

We encourage its use.  As significant as Love is, it is opposite in complexity to the Universe.  Love is simplicity holding the vastness of the Universal Experience. 

Put aside distractions from Love and Loving.  Make this your priority.

Are you highlighting the need to watch for opportunities to receive as well as give?

It’s difficult to have one without the other, don’t you think?  Yesterday, you spoke to a man who writes children’s book about elves.  Write about his expression of Love.

He built an elf door and set it up in the store where his elf book is sold.  At the end of the book, children are invited to write a note to the elves – about anything they want to say or ask.  They open the elf door and place the note inside.  Roger, the author, collects the notes faithfully and answers every letter. 

He showed me some of the notes!  One little girl with cancer feels less scared now that she knows she can write to the elves.  Another can’t decide what to be when she grows up.  The writing and spelling is a form of child art.  Then Roger told about a phone call from a grandmother.  Her granddaughter was transformed when she received his “elf response”.  Through sobs the grandmother told Roger he had no idea what he has done for this child.

As you listened, you felt Love throughout his stories You recognized its presence and impact on each child receiving a reply.

For sure.  And he’s not doing it for profit. He doesn’t rely on book sales to live.  He often sits outside a local coffee house wearing his elf t-shirt while working on his computer.  Children often spot the elf on his shirt and stare at him.  Occasionally he hears them asking parents, “Is that the elf man?” 

Humans feeling Love have great impact on your planet.  Many are aware of the effect Love has on others as they feel it.  Yet, they underplay Love’s effects throughout the world.

I say this with humour – but while I was listening to Roger and while tears watered the Love I was feeling, there was a 72 hour truce developed for the Gaza situation.

Humour is another form of Love, especially when it shows the recipient they are seen and appreciated.  Love, in whatever form, lights up far more than the hearts in close proximity. 

I adore humour that is custom built for one person.  It IS a form of Love!  I feel loved when someone jests about something very personal.

You recently asked about humour being available in the higher dimensions of existence.  As we explained, there is no laughter as experienced by incarnate souls.  However, there is much Loving merriment and mirth demonstrated as light and with much colour.  Though it is not possible to explain the physics of this event, perhaps you now have a stronger sense of its possibility.

Thank you, Beloveds, I do.  I wish we could experience it here.  Now.  Is there anything else you want to add?  I have more to do for you today!

We appreciate your willingness.  We are ever with you in Love – in all its forms.  We embrace each of you fully and support you in all attempts to give and receive the Love that fuels humankind into peace and fulfillment.  Remember to receive.  Others around you deserve opportunities to give Love as well.  Blessings and Love from Source and all other beings in service. 

The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever

8 thoughts on “A Day Dedicated To The Beloveds

    • And I’ve been distracted, too, Joss! I’ve been bogged down by the enormity of nothingness. I’ve had little free time while fussing over the marvels of minutiae. Think I’m getting a clue as to why a spiritual tap was felt on my shoulder!

  1. I wish the love had been stronger in Gaza and the truce had held. Whatever the true opposite of Love is must have been there in abundance. I feel Love for the world but that the world does not Love itself so much is demoralising..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Yes, David, I was so disappointed to hear the Hamas broke the truce. All the more reason to keep Love in your life…we have to trust the effect our two little hearts can have.

    • Oh Granny, I’m so sorry to hear that…thanks BE that you are there for the lad AND that you are the Mistress of Loving Humour. Lots of Loving thoughts to Mary-Lou and her son.

    • For a house pet, Roger has a Holland Blue Lop bunny. Her name is Big Horse and she’s very social. So she goes to a lot of places with Roger. Since she’s a big ball of love, you can imagine how kids melt over her!

      I was amazed to see how many kids from all over N. America write to him. I guess they must be here on a holiday…amazing they find his book and the Elves’ door.

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