Mosaic of Special Preserves

I haven’t moved my house to the vacant lot next door.  But I’ve been doing everything else.

Studying, exercising, healing, giving intuitive sessions, watering, weeding, socializing and wondering which love will capture me each day.

Help me out – take a quick peek at this link.  Out of respect for copyright, I’m not free to post the photo. Being creative, you’ll understand.  Here’s some of the stuff on my walls:

Dallying over Dogwood during Walks

Dallying over Nature’s extravaganza during Walks

Summer's workout = Winter's gold.

Summer’s workout = Winter’s gold.

Angel reminding of Abundance.

Angel reminding of Abundance.

Mystery Garden - the gift from winter composting.

Mystery Garden – the gift from winter composting.

A classic - The Norton - loved back into operation by Robert.

A classic – The Norton – loved back into operation by Robert.














In daily meditation, I’m given a rich selection of topics to write about – ones to wow the world and soothe the soul.  By the time I’ve finished breakfast, watered the angel’s bouquet if the deer haven’t devoured the blooms, checked the tomato plants and tidied the kitchen,

I’ve decided nobody’s really interested.

 Some canned topics:

  1. How it feels to receive messages from the Beloveds.
  2. Do the Beloveds have a sense of humour?
  3. Is there uproarious laughter in the dimensions beyond?
  4. Have you ever brought the house down with unintentional comedy?
  5. Observed changes during a visit with a past partner?
  6. What’s stopping you?
  7. Waking up with a crystal clear exchange with someone who’s on the other side.
  8. Fat, fabulous and fulfilling passions: writing, teaching, intuiting and photography.
  9. Weird, obvious habits friends have that are never discussed.

Since I canned them, they must be preserved. So let’s open some jars:

1.  Feelings while Receiving:  In meditation, I sense words, phrases, concepts and even sentences.  It becomes a conversation since I ask a lot of questions.  Outside of a sitting meditation, the Beloveds get my attention by other means.  Sometimes I smell my mother’s talcum powder.  Sometimes I see those proverbial numbers, 11:11 or 4:44 or 3223, etc.  Another nudge is very personal, but after discovering a contemplative and mystical writer having the same experience, I’ll share it:  sexual arousal.

2.  Spiritual Humour:  My Beloveds do have a sense of humour.  Our guides are so tuned into us that they cater to what we appreciate and how we operate.  I sense joy when my Guides tease me and they do it with utmost love.  It’s their way of telling me they “see” me.  They mirror my folly with palatable humour that says, “Time to clear the clutter.”

3.  Humour in Higher Dimensions?:  Yes!  Spiritual humour is loving and wonderfully intimate – never diminishing.  It’s not shared vocally with other spirit/souls.  Humour and mirth are expressed in “light shows”.  It is a brand of joy we will have to be patient to understand.  Our physical brains are not equipped to understand the physics.  We’ll marvel at it once we pass over.  (I’ve been told there are far more colours available to us in spirit.)

4.  Unintentionally funny?:  Not sure why, but I’m supposed to pay attention to humour.  The Beloveds really gave me a nudge recently.

Towards the end of a recent comedy show at our local theater, audience members were invited to rant about any local matter with which they’ve had an issue.  The rants were moving pretty slow – it was hard work for these two local comedians who are dear to our theatrical hearts.  I wanted to help them out.  I said a prayer, “Help.  If they pick me, you’re on duty.”  And I put up my hand.

My heart somersaulted as they pointed at me. I began my tale of woe – about trying to buy a cucumber one hot morning after Yoga, except I didn’t have any money with me.  I wanted to cool down by eating half of it and smearing the rest on my face and limbs.  I decided to purchase a cuc by using my accumulated points at the local grocery store.

The entire theater was in hysterics.  Why, I wondered, but kept going… The laughter was so loud, I couldn’t hear the comedians comments to me – so I just continued.  I told how the cashier wouldn’t sell me the cucumber because they only redeem points in $5 increments.

So I apologized to the people behind me and went for a bigger cucumber to bring the price closer to $5.00.

More hilarity!

I thought, “I know this was a nutty event, but it’s not THIS funny!”

My second cucumber was too big.  Having reached a total of $5.97, the cashier told me I owed $.97.  Looking at the line-up, I threw up my arms, declared, “I give up!” and left her with both of my cucumbers.

The comedians were doubled over with laughter on the stage while clusters of audience members would spontaneously break out in fresh hoots and gaffaws.

Rocking back and forth beside me, my friend didn’t stop laughing throughout the whole story.  She finally said, “Where in hell did that come from, Amy?!”

Well..they ended the show.  That was it…

As my friend and I walked out of the theater, strangers were shouting, “Hey, cucumber lady!”  It was scary.  I didn’t know what was so funny.  I wondered if they were laughing AT me.  Was I just a silly ol’ lady talking about buying stupid cucumbers?

When we were safely in my car, I asked my friend, “What just happened in there?  Seriously…!”

“You stole the show, Girl!” she said and fell into giggles again.  “Your bit was funnier that the whole rest of the show!”

Her description matched ones from other friends over the next few days.  I insisted that if I’d tried to be that funny, it would have fallen flat.  One person responded, “That’s the whole point.  You were so innocent and those comedians turned it into a very sensuous production.  The fact you stayed so innocent was the delight!”

7. Waking up with a crystal clear exchange:  My wise, down-to-earth father and I shared a sense of humour.  He and I have roared with delight, wiping tears from our eyes until I’d have to remove myself.  And it would be over some small thing like my saying, “What kind is it?”   Not having his hearing aid installed in his ear, he’d tell me the time…

So I awakened to my Dad’s blue eyes – full of Irish mischief.  A smile overtook his weathered, outdoorsy face and he said, “So…you think you’ve got it all figured out, do ya?”

We were in stitches – in technicolour.

Happy beginnings to you, too, beloved reader.  Thanks for letting me share some preserves.



4 thoughts on “Mosaic of Special Preserves

  1. I liked the picture in your link. It was very good. I very much enjoyed your photographs, especially the very clever play of light on the logpile, I can see why you stole the show, I think I’d have enjoyed seeing that. Such an innocent story told with a straight face would have been hilarious.
    Your post has been very eye-opening, Thank you.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • Yes, the light of a waning day does great work for a photographer. Thanks for your ever reliable hugs, David. It’s the only one I’ve had today. Better check my emails!

      Re the humour – Some people asked if I was a plant. I tried to tell them it would have fallen flat if I’d tried to be so humourous. I was much soothed by a trusted, close friend who confirmed it really was funny without denigrating. She suggested the comedians ought to have sent a thank you card. Or, at least a complimentary pair of tickets to their next show. I haven’t run into them yet so it’ll be fun to see what they say about it.

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