Operation Blind Spot

You can stop stopping yourself.


One small blind spot is at the root of it.

But you can’t see it  –

It sits just out of sight.

It silently causes you

to stop yourself

from living the highest version of you.


It prevents full expression of your life’s purpose.


You’ve leaned, stretched and contorted

into many different shapes

– turned many directions –

trying to grasp it.


IMG_6704Now you can uncover that blind spot.

You’ll be amazed at the beauty.

You’ll find

an abundance of courage.



Operation Blind Spot


Unearth who you really are.

Find your storehouse of compassion and loving kindness.

Access it through your essential self.

Turn the key and authentically love yourself.

Walk the bridge from “no” to “yes”.


Transform a blind spot into a space of power

with this dynamite process

that’s been developed after studying three highly effective processes:

* 12 step programs.

Soul Integration©  at Ask Theo with Marcus and Sheila Gillette.

*  Harvard’s ‘Immunity to Change’ course developed by Drs. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.


These two psychologists asked one question:

“What would make you a better version of you?”

You can ask yourself the same question.

Your answer will let you live

 * more deeply,

* more fearlessly,

* and with a new freedom.


It’s not complicated.

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Operation Blind Spot

The program is available over the Net.

You work in your own time –

at a pace of breathing space.


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Amy is a professional facilitator who has presented workshops and courses in Business, Grief Recovery, Alcohol and Drug Recovery and The Virtues Project.  She is the author of Soul Dipper, is an avid student of Yoga and a lover of all things flora or fauna.  She lives amongst an abundance of spiritual flavouring on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.


4 thoughts on “Operation Blind Spot

  1. I’ve found that participating in poetry communities and other blogs opens me to so many new ways of seeing things. Even when I don’t agree, it’s so good to become more understanding of others’ points of view. Nice idea, for a blog such as yours, to have “confidential” commenting, Amy.

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