A World Hero Holds The Key to Planetary Survival

You haven’t asked, but if you did…  Who would I like to emulate?

Simon Anholt – the man who built the Good Country Index.

(Caution:  Your mindset will be affected!  Please pass this on to your leaders.)

7 thoughts on “A World Hero Holds The Key to Planetary Survival

  1. I think he’s so right… but I also feel that that old fashioned word ‘patriotism’ blinds people into thinking that their country is good – whether it is or not, – right or wrong !!!!

  2. ” start a global discussion about how countries can balance their duty to their own citizens with their responsibility to the wider world, because this is essential for the future of humanity and the health of our planet.” You have to admire a man who sees the true value and importance in this and is doing something about it!

    • Yes, Joss, and we can “let him” or join him. My conscience won’t allow me to ignore his simple request. He’s a good man doing good work that needs exposure. Imagine if it also fostered compliance. Ma Dieu!

  3. Four letter words, good and fair. If you are doing things that are fair to all sides involved, then good must be the result. An interesting post

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