Here’s To Gaiam TV!

I have a long way to go before being a well-evolved spiritual being.

However, with the help of my beloved angels, I may eventually be able to have sporadic nanoseconds of humility.

But not at this moment, please!  First, I’m going to be very un-Canadian and use some blatant bragging rights:

Gaiam TV invited me to write about a daily spiritual practice.  I complied. Not only was my submission accepted, I’m in the company of another invited author – Neal Donald Walsh.   Nowhere near his calibre; just sharing a little electronic space for now.

Looking at the diversity of authorship within the offerings accepted by Gaiam, I’m overjoyed.  Sharing a blog spot with writers – especially as accomplished as Neal Donald Walsh – re-fires a familiar and penetrating motive.  I am going to keep asking my beloved guides to show me where to place the messages.  Words are terrific playmates and my beloved guides are welcome to use them.  I want messages to blow doors open – fueled by love and stoked with creativity.

Humble?  No.  But definitely enthusiastic.

Want a peek at the articles chosen by Gaiam TV?:


Joy unleashed - A hummingbird led the way.

Joy unleashed – A hummingbird leads the way.

16 thoughts on “Here’s To Gaiam TV!

    • Funny, isn’t it, Gin, both you and I have been busily unfolding. My passion is the soul and here came a perfect outlet for my purpose. (They even want me to write more. Imagine.) And your passion for your mountain home…so you write books – helping people THINK. You help them really see and reconsider how profound our natural world is. Purpose; it’s essential for people like you and me.

  1. So happy for you Amy, how wonderful that you get to share and perhaps impact even more people. I would be interested in the message you received also if you would care to e-mail me. Happy Canada Day!

    • It was a great class – has created change in every aspect of my life – not just writing. Harvard’s offering it again in the Fall if you’re interested. Seemingly so simple yet so powerful.

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